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The Directory of Sheep and Wolves


Table of contents

1) Introduction
2) Clergy
3) Lay persons
4) Anonymous persons
5) Various Quixotic battles against large organizations
6) People who threatened me so I would remove our correspondence
7) Clergy who were sent my original request in 2004

1) Introduction

This page could have been called "List of people with whom I have corresponded in writing (or tried to correspond), as well as hyperlinks to our letters (when they didn't threaten to sue me if I posted them on my web site). But that is a bit long for a title! Hence "Directory of Sheep and Wolves".

Note there are not two directories! Please see the Legal Considerations, which explain that I have neither the intention, nor the authority of separating the sheep from the wolves.

2) Clergy

Berg, Father John, Superior of the FSSP. E-Mails.
Berniquez, Monsignor Daniel (giant spider on Ottawa cathedral to promote pagan myth) E-Mails (French Only).
Blais, Mgr. Jean-Pierre, Diocese of Québec. E-mails (French Only).
Dumont, Brother Marcel, O.P. E-mails (French Only).
Gingras, Fr. Benoît. Profession of Faith.
Goring, Father Mark (The nature of religious obedience). E-Mails.
Gouy, abbé Pierre-Henri, FSSP. E-Mails.
Gravel, «Father» Raymond. E-Mails (French only).
World Day of the Poor ("Journée" in French; Assembly of Quebec Bishops). E-Mails (French only).
Lajeunesse, Fr. Gérald, OMV. E-Mails (French only).
McCaffree, Dom Benedict, OSB (Is Jorge Mario Bergoglio the Pope?) E-Mails.
Pouliot, Fr. François, O.P. Profession of Faith.
Pagès, Fr. Guy. E-Mails (French only).
Reisbeck, Monsignor Christian (Ottawa Diocese; Love Tubes Imprimatur). E-Mails.
Sarrasin, Père Claude E-Mails (French only).
Tailleur, Jean (Chancelor and Legal Services Director, Quebec Diocese). E-Mails.
Zuhlsdorf, Fr. John, (www. wdtprs.com). E-Mails

3) Lay persons

Alcock, Eric. Profession of Faith.
Alcoholics Anonymous. E-Mails in English for AA Grapevine, in French for La Vigne AA.
Allaire, Georges E-Mails (French only).
Alliance Arc-En-Ciel (Quebec City Pride Parade 2016) E-Mails (French only).
Anderson, Mia (St-Michael's of Sillery). E-Mails.
Anderson, Thomas (OdinText, comparaison of Koran and Bible) E-Mails
Archambault, Héloïse (Journal de Montréal) E-Mails (French only).
Archet, Anne (Pornographer with an uncertain professional status) E-Mails (French only).
Asselin, Pierre (Le Soleil newspaper). E-Mails (French only).
Baribeau, Gilles. Profession of Faith.
Barnhardt, Ann. E-Mails.
Bastien, Richard and Gagnon, Luc (Égards Magazine) E-mails (French Only)
Bayle, Rémy. E-Mails (French only).
Beaudry, Bernhardt (SDC Maguire) E-Mails (French only).
Bédard, Daniel. E-Mails (French only).
Bernier, Maxime (Formation of a new really conservative political party) E-Mails (French only).
Berrada, Ali (Islam). E-Mails (French only).
Blais, Stéphane; Pilon, Daniel; Pitre, André; Cossette-Trudel, Alexis (Alternative Media; Covid-19; Police-State) E-Mails (French only).
Blanchard, Solange. Profession of Faith.
Blanchette, Denis. federal MP for the NDP in Louis-Hébert. E-Mails.
Bloedow, Timothy (Book review for "State vs. Church"). E-Mails.
Boily, Jean. (www.ethiquepolitique.blogspot.ca) E-Mails (French only).
Bolduc, Don; Martin, Andy; Messner, Corky; Beloin, Gerard (NH State Primary Election 2020) E-Mails.
Bonnette, Élise. E-Mails (French only).
Boucher, Marco (Intimidation attempt by the QCPD). Audio file (French only).
Bouffard, Jean-François. E-Mails (French only).
Bourgault, Michel. E-Mails (French only).
Bussières, Ian (Leftist henchman for Le Soleil newspaper) E-Mails (French only).
B., Hélène («Hélène Avatar»). E-Mails (French only).
Canada Family Action (www.familyaction.ca). E-mails
Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms (C3RF, www.canadiancitizens.org, M-103, Islamophobia, etc.). E-mails
Carrier, Constance (Army of Mary). E-Mails (French only).
«Catholic Tradition Watch Dogs» E-Mails (French only; Yeah, I know, why did they give themselves an English name?)
Catholics United to Peter E-mails
Chevalier Karfis, Camille. E-Mails (French only).
Chabot, Monique T. Profession of Faith.
CKIA-FM (www.ckiafm.org) E-Mails (French only).
Chrétien, Marie (Organization Lead, Orientation Convention for the Future of Christian Communities). E-mails (French Only).
Clare, Sheldon (NFA). E-Mails.
The Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience. E-Mails.
Coalition pour la Liberté en Education (CLÉ). E-Mails (French only).
Canadian Anti-Islamophobia Collective. E-Mails (French only).
Condo, Richard Paul, (Christian Democratic Party of Canada). E-Mails.
Cote, Albert. E-Mails (French only).
Côté, Aubert. E-Mails (French only).
Couture, Daniel. (Army of Mary) E-Mails (French only).
Couture, David. (Supposed heresies of Saint John Paul II) E-Mails (French only).
Dallaire, Glenn. E-mails.
Dallaire, Isabelle. E-mails (Chancellor, Diocese of Chicoutimi; French Only)
Dansereau, Nicole. Profession of Faith.
Dantec, Maurice. E-mails (French only).
Delplanque, Françoise. (CLÉ) E-mails (French only).
de Maupeou, François. Profession of Faith.
Denis, Francis. Profession of Faith.
DeSerres, Louis. E-mails (French only).
Deslauriers, Bianca; Ouellet, Noémie (Cégep de Limoilou; research on abortion). E-mails (French only).
Devaux, Alain. E-mails (French only).
Doherty, Henry A. Profession of Faith
Doucet, Marie-Hélène (Falun Gong) E-mails (French only).
Duchesne, Christian. E-mails (French only).
Duclos, Jean-Yves (Liberal Party of Canada). E-mails.
Dumais, Gabriel. E-mails (French only).
Dufour, Jacqueline. E-mails (French only).
Dupré, Steeve. E-mails (French only).
Elliott, Douglas (Gay Zombie lawsuit). E-mails
Entelecheia, The Malignant Doctor. E-mails (French only).
Escouades (ou Brigades) de l'Amour (Flyer against the Ste-Foy Mosque) E-mails (French only).
Evans, Simon. Profession of Faith.
Évrard, Thierry. E-mails (French only).
Fall, Nancy (FaceBook complaint against Love Tubes). E-mails (French only).
Ferenc, Jason (Massachusetts University, Previously "Mister X11"). E-mails.
Gagnon, Mme Doris (née Germain). Profession of Faith.
Goldy, Faith E-mails.
Gosselin, Paul (Samizdat) E-mails (French only).
Gervais, Marie E-mails (French only).
Grenier, Frédéric. E-mails (French only).
Gravel, Roger. E-mails (French Only).
Groguhé, Marissa (La Presse -- Pro-abortion propaganda). E-mails (French only)
Grondin, Marie-Renée (Georges Buscemi at CHOI Radio X). E-mails (French Only).
Groeschel, Benedict J., C.F.R. E-mails
Guidal, Philippe (French typography for this site). E-mails (French Only).
Heresy Hunter. E-mails.
Harvey, Luc. E-mails (French only).
Hnatiuk, Jim (CHP Leadership Race). E-mails.
Holy League. E-mails.
Huemer, Michael (University of Colorado). E-mails.
Islamic Party Of Ontario. E-mails.
Ishaq, Nadia (OTC Corporation in Pakistan) E-mails.
It's A Person.com E-mails.
www.ItStartsRightNow.ca (Alissa Golob and Scott Hayward; What pro-life strategy for Canada?) E-mails.
Jacques, David E-mails (French only; Festival des musiques sacrées de Québec).
Jalsevac, Steve. E-mails.
Janssens, Mike. E-mails.
Jean-Mairet, Alain. E-mails (Outlawing of Islam in Switzerland; French only).
Jobin, Claude and Dubois, Dany (Québec IXTHUS) E-mails. (French Only).
Kaczala, Katrina (Raising of the Pride Flag at St. Jerome's University) E-mails.
Kammoun, Mohamed (My supposedly out-of-context Koran quotes). E-mails. (French Only).
Katimavik (Stéfany Fortier, Cécile April-Dussault, Josiane Mélançon, etc.). E-mails (French only).
Kelly, Matthew (www.dynamiccatholic.com). E-mails.
Kirchner, Lauren (www.ProPublica.com; "Documenting Hate" Project). E-mails.
Labrecque, François. Profession of Faith.
Lacroix, Marc Bruno. E-mails (French only).
Ladouceur, Micheline (www.mondialisation.ca). E-mails (French only).
LaFinDuCovid.com (fight against the Global Police State). E-mails (French only).
Lagacé, Bruno. E-mails (French only).
Lagacé, Patrick (cyberpresse.ca). E-mails (French only).
Larochelle, Simone (Jehovah's Witness). E-mails (French only).
Lavallée, Gabrielle. E-mails (French only).
Lavoie, Carl (OpenMedia.org). E-mails (French only).
Lavoie, Pierre ("Grand Défi", greenhouse gases, eugenism, abortion). E-mails (French only).
LeClown, Bozo. E-mails (French only).
Lécuyer, Yannick. E-mails (French only).
Lefebvre, Pierre. E-mails (French only).
Lefevre, Amaury. E-mails (French only).
Lemieux-Lefebvre, Jasmin (Communications Director, Quebec Diocese). E-mails.
Le Pacte pour la transition (Climage Change). E-mails (French only).
Lepage, Olivier. E-mails (French only).
Lespérance, Jean. E-mails (French only).
Lessard, Michaël. E-mails (French only).
Létourneau, Alain. Profession of Faith.
Létourneau, Émy. Profession of Faith.
Létourneau, Robin. Profession of Faith.
Lightbound, Joël (Federal MP, Liberal Party of Canada). E-mails (French only).
Lison, Jacques (Director of "Prions en Église"). E-mails.
Ta Vie Ton Choix.org. E-mails (French only).
Loignon, Guillaume. E-mails (French only).
Ludwig, Harold E-mails. (CHP Leadership Race)
Marsot, Frédéric E-mails. ("Love Atheists" flyer; French only)
Martenson, Chris E-mails ("The Crash Course")
Martineau, François (New Democratic Party) E-Mails (French only).
Martineau, Richard (Journal de Québec; "Cardinal" McCarrick) E-Mails (French only).
Mathieu, Annie (Journal Le Soleil) E-Mails (French only).
McCandless, Kevin and Diane. E-mails (French only).
McGarry, Joanne (CCRL) E-mails
McKeen, Scott. E-mails.
Messier, Hélène (Copiebe©). E-mails (French only).
Messier, Pierre. E-mails (French only).
Meute, La Meute E-mails (French Only).
Mirus, Kristina (Site reviewer for CatholicCulture; about CatholicDoors.com). E-mails.
Morin, Claude (Marche chrétienne) E-mails (French Only).
Morse-Chevrier, Ms. Jean (Association des parents catholiques du Québec) E-mails (French Only)
Morse, Jennifer Roback (Bergoglian Red Herring) E-mails
Momo, Aumaury. E-mails (French Only).
Moreau, Olivier. E-mails (French Only).
Moussa-Lloret, Bastien (Fresh convert to Islam). E-mails (French Only).
Murphy, Brian (www.godsplanforlife.org). E-mails.
Nicodemus, Jacob (Sarah's Case, Amoris Laetitia). E-mails.
Noël, Gilles. E-mails (French Only).
North, Brad. E-mails.
Novak, Conrad (survivorsfortress.com). E-mails
Noyelle, Jean-Marc. E-mails (French Only).
Oger and Bushfield (Whatcott, homophobia, etc.). E-mails
Ouellet, Pier-Luc (www.urbania.ca; abortion). E-mails (French only).
Oullereau, Eric. E-mails (French only).
Pagé, Jean-Sébastien. E-mails (French only).
Paquette, Martin E-mails (French Only).
Paul, Nirmal Savio E-mails.
Pauzé, Chantal. Profession of Faith.
Payeur-Renaud, Sylvie. E-mails (French Only).
Pelchat, Cécilien. Profession of Faith and e-mails (French Only).
Pelletier, Benoît. E-mails (Legion of Mary; French only)
Pelluchon, Corine. E-mails (Medical Ethics; French only)
Pernak, Ghislaine (Army of Mary). E-mails (French only).
Piché, Kenny (FSSPX, Christ-Roi). E-mails (French only).
Pinard, Philippe. E-mails (French only).
Plex Think (Masked Atheist). E-mails (French only).
Plouffe, Lucie (www.maranathajesus.net). E-mails (French only).
Poirier, Liane. E-mails (French only).
Pouliche, Gabadrielle. E-mails (French only).
Provost, Patrick E-mails (French only; Lack of real political debates in the Province of Quebec)
Praxis, Christopho. E-mails (French only).
Québec Espoir 2008 E-mails (French Only).
Rancourt, Gaétan (QC Dept. of Justice, Love Tubes) E-mails (French Only).
Rebel.Media (Alternative news site in Canada) E-mails.
Roberge-Dion, Myriam (TeenSTAR) E-mails (French Only).
Samara Canada (Voter education) E-mails
Shaidle, Kathy E-mails
Shiab, Nael (Journalism student at UQAM) E-mails.
Shouldice, Mark (a.k.a. Mark Dice) E-mails.
Sinke, Major "Fox", USMC (Ret.) E-mails
S.O.S. Grossesse E-mails (French Only).
Sullivan, Leigh Patrick E-mails.
Thieulloy, Guillaume de (Le Salon beige) E-mails (French Only).
Trabelsi, Emna (Islam) E-mails (French Only).
Tremblay, Catherine (Love Tubes) E-mails (French Only).
www.reactionismwatch.wordpress.com E-mails (French Only).
www.studyquran.org E-mails
Taylor, Rod E-mails. (CHP Leadership Race)
Thys, Michel. E-mails (French Only).
The Three "Grands Clercs" of Saint-Zéphirin-de-Stadacona. E-mails (French Only).
Trudel, Jean-Sébastien. E-mails (French Only).
Vadeboncoeur, Maxiane (Sedevacantist). E-mails (French Only).
Veilleux, Cassandra. E-mails (French Only).
Veilleux, Marc. E-mails (French Only).
Veritatis Splendor (Christians trying to regroup in Texas) E-mails.
Verschuur, Alain. E-mails (French Only).
Vikander, Tessa. Mann, Arshy. Mui, Michael. (Bill Whatcott Arrest Warrant) E-mails.
Voix de faits (voixdefaits.blogspot.com). E-mails (French Only).
Whatcott, Bill. E-mails.
Zapato, Lyle. E-mails
Zwingli, Pierre. E-mails (French only)

4) Anonymous persons

X1, Madame (Coalition CLÉ). E-Mails (French only).
X2, Madame (Point de Bascule) E-mails (French Only).
X2, Monsieur (Oblates of Mary Immaculate and Fr. Raymond Gravel) E-mails (French Only).
X3, Monsieur (CoSoDo). E-mails (French only).
X4, Monsieur (Thonnard). E-mails (French only).
X6, Monsieur (Québec-Solidaire). E-mails (French only).
X7, Monsieur (about Richard Dawkins). E-mails (French only).
X8, Monsieur (about condoms and AIDS). E-mails (French only).
X9, Mister (contraception, death penalty, etc.). E-mails.
X10, Monsieur (about Balthazar). E-mails (French only).
X12, Monsieur (Jehovah's Witness) E-mails (French only).
X14, Madame E-mails (French only).
X15, Monsieur E-mails (French only).
X16, Monsieur (concerning The Velvet Hand In The Iron Glove) E-mails (French only).
X17, Madame (concerning how many details we must give during Confession) E-mails (French only).
X18, Monsieur. E-mails (French Only).
X20, Monsieur. E-mails (French Only).
X21, Monsieur. E-mails (French Only).
X22, Monsieur. E-mails (French Only).
X23, Monsieur. E-mails (French Only).
X24, Monsieur. E-mails (French Only).
X26, Mister. E-mails.
X28, Mademoiselle (Cégep St-Jérôme sociology course abortion questions). E-mails (French Only).
X30, Madame (debate on abortion). E-mails (French Only).
X31, Madame. E-mails (French Only).
X32, Monsieur (Laval University student, political research). E-mails (French Only).
X33, Madame (God and Mathematics). E-mails (French Only).
X34, Madame (Collège de Maisonneuve, abortion questions). E-mails (French Only).
X35, Miss and
X36, Doctor (University research on [censored social pathology]). E-mails (French Only).
X37, Monsieur (Book called "Elohim" by Roger Vigneron). E-mails (French Only).
X38, Monsieur (Student, Senior High School, Rochebelle PÉI; Ethics course). E-mails (French Only).
X39, Monsieur (student at the Montreal Seminary). E-mails (French Only).
X40, Monsieur (production of videos to teach the Faith). E-mails (French Only).

5) Various Quixotic battles against large organizations

Barreau du Québec (Bar Association's Code of Ethics) E-Mails (French only).
Nanny-State Bingo ("Bullshit Bingo" for Soviet Quebekistan) Clic here to play! (French Only)
CADEUL and AELIÉS (Laval University student associations; attempt to get invited to political debate). E-Mails (French only).
CTRV (Valcartier Recreational Shooting Club) E-Mails (French only).
Centres d'achats (Shopping Centers in French) in Louis-Hébert (Place Laurier, Place de la Cité, Place Sainte-Foy) E-Mails (French only).
Déontologie policière (Quebec Police Ethics Commissionner, complaint against police harassment) E-mails (French only)
DSM (Développement St-Michael) E-mails (French only)
Econo Lodge (Choice Hotels International) E-mails
Elections Canada (Electoral Financing) E-mails
Elections Quebec E-mails (French Only)
Gai Écoute (Registry of "Homophobic" Acts) E-mails
Google (YouTube video age-restricted for nudity at parade where Google participated!) E-mails.
G.R.I.S. - Québec. E-mails (French only).
Guilbault, Geneviève (Quebec Firearms Registry). E-mails (French only).
Health Canada (Ivermectin package blocked by Police State) E-mails
IRS (Internal Revenue Service, USA) E-mails
Le Devoir (Leftist newspaper in Montreal; French only) E-mails
Lenovo (ThinkPad T430) E-mails
MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) E-mails
Nous-Voulons-Un-Debat.com (We-Want-A-Debate.com) E-mails (French Only)
PayPal (Complaint about www.Flixzone.net Scam) E-mails
Projet Quorum (Mood of the population during Covid-19) E-mails (French Only)
Revenu Québec E-mails (French Only).
Robert, Petit (French Dictionary on CD-ROM "Le Petit Robert"). E-mails (French Only).
Rouleaux d'Amour (i.e. "Love Tubes"). E-mails (French mostly).
Valcartier, Canadian Forces Base (Permission to hand out flyer against Islam). E-mails
Ville de Québec (Web site www.jihadwatch.org blocked by the City). E-mails (French Only).
Weil, Kathleen, Quebec Justice Minister (flyer against sodomy). E-mails.
Williams Sound Inc (Interpretation consoles) E-mails.
Chief Firearms Officers (RCMP and QPP). E-mails.
Perpetual battle against my waistline. Report (French Only).

6) People who threatened me so I would remove our correspondence

Bugnolo, Br. Alexis (Ordo Militaris) E-Mails
Côté, Fr Mario. Director of the Quebec City Seminary. He sent an e-mail on 2004-Feb-11, but refused to give us permission to post it.
Pedantic, S. (mentally ill and perhaps even dangerous). E-mails (French only)
X1, Monsieur (Institut du Nouveau Monde) E-mails (French Only).
X13, Deacon E-mails (This Deacon threatened me with a lawsuit if I posted his e-mails!)

7) Clergy who were sent my original request in 2004

On January 27th, 2004, the following Bishops were sent this letter. None replied.

Mgr Gérard Drainville, Diocese of Amos.
Mgr Pierre Morissette, Diocese of Baie-Comeau.
Mgr Jean-Guy COUTURE, Diocese of Chicoutimi.
Mgr Donald Thériault, Diocèse militaire du Canada.
Mgr Jean Gagnon, Diocese of Gaspé.
Mgr Roger Ébacher, Diocese of Gatineau-Hull.
Mgr Gilles Lussier, Diocese of Joliette.
Mgr Douglas Crosby, Diocese of Labrador City-Schefferville.
Mgr Vital Massé, Diocese of Mont-Laurier.
Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, Diocese of Montréal.
Mgr P. Ibrahim Ibrahim, Éparchie pour les Grecs-Melkites.
Mgr Joseph Khoury, Éparchie pour les Maronites.
Mgr Vincent Cadieux, Diocese of Moosonee.
Mgr Raymond Saint-Gelais, Diocese of Nicolet.
Mgr Richard Smith, Diocese of Pembroke.
Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Diocese of Québec.
Mgr Bertrand Blanchet, Diocese of Rimouski.
Mgr Dorylas Moreau, Diocese of Rouyn-Noranda.
Mgr François Lapierre, Diocese of Saint-Hyacinthe.
Mgr Jacques Berthelet, Diocese of St-Jean/Longueuil.
Mgr Gilles Cazabon, Diocese of St-Jérôme.
Mgr Clément Fecteau, Diocese of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière.
Mgr André Gaumond, Diocese of Sherbrooke.
Mgr Martin Veillette, Diocese of Trois-Rivières.
Mgr Luc Cyr, Diocese of Valleyfield.

Along the same lines and roughly at the same time, these priests were sent an e-mail asking them what they thought of this web site.

Fr André Gagné, Maison François-de-Laval. He sent a long and very courteous e-mail on 2004-Feb-20.
P. Benoît Bigard, Montmartre Canadien. (2004-Feb-17).
P. Christian Blanc, Montmartre Canadien. (2004-Feb-17).
Father Jacques Arguin, s.m., Campus Ministry at Laval University. (2004-Feb-20).
Père Isidoro Tomasoni, Neo-Catechumenal Way. (2004-Feb-20).
Mr. Raynald Boily, Regional Facilitator. (2004-Feb-17).
Mr. Jean-Bernard Rousseau, Campus Ministry at Laval University. (2004-Feb-20).

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