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Correspondence with www.ItStartsRightNow.ca
(Alissa Golob and Scott Hayward)

Alissa Golob and Scott Hayward, co-founders.
Alissa Golob and Scott Hayward, co-founders.

Table of contents

1) S. Hayward (2018-Feb-07)
2) S. Jetchick (2018-Feb-13)
3) S. Hayward (2018-Feb-15)
4) S. Jetchick (2018-Feb-16)
5) What's wrong with their approach, again (2018-Oct-01)

1) S. Hayward (2018-Feb-07)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: RightNow in Quebec City
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 14:55:44 -0500
From: Scott Hayward

To: @proviequebec.ca

Hi Stefan,

My name is Scott Hayward and I'm the co-founder of a political pro-life
organization called RightNow (www.itstartsrightnow.ca). I'm heading out to
Halifax this weekend and would like to stop by in Quebec City on my way
back to talk with pro-lifers about what we do, what we have accomplished,
and what we can accomplish in Quebec. Do you think you can help me connect
with pro-lifers in Quebec City?

Thank you.

Kindest regards,

*Scott Hayward, BBA, CA, CPA*
Co-founder, RightNow
204-573-0296 (c)

2) S. Jetchick (2018-Feb-13)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Correspondence with www.ItStartsRightNow.ca
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 10:20:24 -0500
From: Stefan Jetchick
To: @itstartsrightnow.ca,
CC: @endthekilling.ca, Taylor, Rod, @campaignlifecoalition.com, @cqv.qc.ca

Hello again Mr. Scott Hayward,

Terribly sorry I gave you a rather cold reception this past
Thursday. I was banging my head on a translation contract at
the Château Frontenac for the National Judicial Institute,
I had no idea who you were, and I didn't have time to give
your e-mail the attention it deserved.

Now I'm back to being unemployed, so I have time to think
and write.

First of all, I wanted to congratulate both Alissa Golob
and yourself for your efforts to protect children still
in their Mother's womb. (Actually, we're getting so satanic
here in Canada, that even outside the Mother's womb babies
are being threatened!) We do need pro-lifers to stop the

Second, I wanted to congratulate you for getting involved
in Politics. I've been pounding that drum for many years,
rather unsuccessfully, so I can only rejoice at the sight
of people who don't just pray the Rosary in the dark, behind
the closed door of their bedroom closet. (Please don't
take that as mocking the power of prayer; I'm just mocking
a heresy that disfigures the power of prayer.)

That being said (and I'm sure I could find many more
good things to say about your effort, among others your web
site which I find rather pleasing to the eye, etc.), I do
have some questions.

First, I'm getting a bit confused, with all the different
pro-life organizations out there. If I try to wrap my head
around "The Pro-Life Movement", it seems like it could be
divided into at least 5 categories (I'm making up their names
as I go along, sorry):

	1) "Rusks and nappies". (Baby cookies and diapers, in
	British-speak.) These groups stay very far away from
	politics and religion, and just concentrate on helping
	women who decide to give birth instead of killing
	their baby;

	2) Purely religious. These groups approach the problem
	squarely from the religious angle (e.g. any FSSP Parish);

	3) Educational. These groups try to wake people up and
	teach them about abortion
	(e.g. the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform)

	4) Purely political. These groups attack the genocide from
	the Political angle, but more specifically with a political
	party (e.g. the CHP, the only pro-life political party
	at the federal level in Canada, as far as I know);

	5) "Non-Partisan" Political. These groups also take the political
	approach, but without being a political party, normally by encouraging
	pro-life candidates, whatever their political party affiliation.

This last category, to the best of my understanding, includes
groups such as:

	5.1) Campaign Life Coalition
	(the group you seem to be a spin-off of)

	5.2) We Need A Law

	5.3) Right Now
	(your group)

	- (Dear other visitors of this web site: If I'm missing
	your group here, please send me an e-mail and I'll add

Since my donation dollars and spare time are limited, I'd like
to know which one of these groups I should be supporting with
my time and money (or at least by directing toward them the
visitors of my web site, i.e. by giving them good publicity).

The only information I currently have is a rumor about a painful
falling-out with the CLC, apparently revolving around proposing
"gestational legislation".

Is there a page on your web site where you list all organizations
in Canada that roughly attempt to do what you do, and what are
their advantages and disadvantages compared to your organization?

And while we are thinking out loud, why limit ourselves to
"intra-category" reflexions? In other words, why should we be
in "Category 5" here above? Why not 4, or 3, etc.?

I ask these questions, because like you I observe that the
Pro-Life Movement has basically lost all its battles in
Canada. I'm not saying we should surrender! Or that all
Pro-Life warriors are stupid and lazy! I'm just observing
that we are getting our butts kicked by the sickest, most
corrupt leaders in the History of Canada (see for
example here, here, here, etc.)

Either God is Pro-Choice, or we are doing something wrong.
(And of course I don't think God is in favor of baby-killing!)

So what are we doing wrong? What should we be doing instead?
What are the good things we are currently doing that we must
do even more, and what are the dumb things we need to stop

I ask all these questions because I myself am trying to
"strategize" (to use a fashionable term). I've tried many
things over the years, including trying to get myself
elected 5 times as a Canadian MP, helping organize the
Life Chain in my city every year since 2006,
handing out over 4000 "kamikaze" flyers in my city,
almost founding a new political party, and even trying
to become a Catholic Priest, etc.

If you have a brilliant solution, or even a partial
solution, or even just some insights as to what we
should be doing, I'd love to hear them! I will post your
ideas here on my web site, so all Pro-Life warriors in
Canada can benefit from them.

Thank you very much!


3) S. Hayward (2018-Feb-15)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: Correspondence with www.ItStartsRightNow.ca
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 08:43:08 -0500
From: Scott Hayward
To: Stefan Jetchick

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful response.

I don't think I would disagree with your various categories of
the pro-life movement that you provide. Both Alissa and myself
used to work at Campaign Life Coalition and we left because we
felt that their strategy and direction was not leading to
political success for pro-life candidates (and thus pro-life
legislation) across Canada. Our organization is focused
*solely* on nominating and electing pro-life politicians, both
federally and provincially, across Canada. We work closely
with other organizations such as the Canadian Centre for
Bioethical Reform (focused on changing hearts and minds) and
WeNeedALaw (focused on creating and lobbying for pro-life

We have a systematic method of identifying and creating pro-
lifer voters in key polls within key ridings across Canada. I
will be in Quebec City for a working breakfast tomorrow
morning and I'd be more than happy to meet with you afterward
before I head to Montreal. Please let me know if you are able
to get together.

Thank you.

Kindest regards,

4) S. Jetchick (2018-Feb-16)

Hello again Mr. Scott Hayward,

Following your invitation which I got last night, I showed up
at 10h00 this morning at the Second Cup at 3400 Quatre-Bourgeois
for a meeting with you. Since my initial e-mail clearly stated
that I wanted to keep our conversation public, and that I wanted
to post your answers on my web site, I assumed that was the
object of our meeting today.

So I was rather taken aback when at the end of our meeting you
told me: "This conversation is private", and that you did not
grant me permission to reveal what had been discussed (in a very
public place, on top of following my very clear request for
transparency and openness).

Talk about censorship!

But just from studying your website, it's pretty clear the
specific approach of Ms. Alissa Golob and yourself can be
described with:


Notice that article has been on my web site for a very long time,
and I have not touched it in years. I fairly regularly bump
into overt or covert members of the Conservative Party of Canada
who, faced with the difficult task of educating Canadians,
simply give up the Eight Commandment of God and marvel at how
much easier things are, when you don't tell people the truth!

If I didn't have to tell the truth, I would be a pretty good
"pro-life" salesman too!



5) What's wrong with their approach, again (2018-Oct-01)

I'm not sure if you're a shill, or just a sucker for propaganda.

There is nothing wrong with eliminating abortion by supporting candidates who are pro-life. As far as I know, it's the only approach. Our laws are made by the Parliament, so we need a majority of Members of Parliament who are pro-life, so we can make our abortion laws consistent with Natural Law.

If the approach chosen by Golob and Hayward did this, I would give them my money and recommend them to everybody I know.

The problem is that Golob and Hayward want mostly to elect candidates. They want to win elections. So the "pro-life" aspect of candidates, in practice, is far less important than what they tell you. What is far more important to them is: are these candidates rich, do they belong to a big party, and do they have a good chance of being elected?


I know because Scott Hayward told me in person that, in practice, the only party they encouraged people to vote for was the Conservative Party of Canada. The Christian Heritage Party of Canada was out of the question (they are small and poor).

The Conservative Party of Canada once again has made its will explicit at its National Convention in Halifax, NS, around 2018-Aug-25. The will of the Party is to accept abortion and "gay marriage". Nobody can claim the Conservative Party is pro-life and pro-real marriage; it's in writing, in their own official policies.

Many Canadian political parties have explicit, written policies forbidding candidates from being pro-life (like the Liberal Party of Canada, currently in power). The Conservative Party of Canada doesn't yet have such explicit, written policies. But there are implicit, unwritten policies forbidding truly conservative candidates, as my good buddy François Labrecque found out the hard way.

What makes things even worse is that there is already a mechanism in Canada whereby good Christians are encouraged to vote for pro-life candidates: The CLC Questionnaire. In theory, you just ask your candidates to fill out that questionnaire, and you can find out which ones are pro-life. Except there is a standing order in the Conservative Party of Canada telling candidates not to fill out such questionnaires. I found out when I tried to get my local Conservative candidate to fill it out many years ago. Compare this with a Canadian party that Golob and Hayward refuse to encourage people to vote for:

SJJ Integrity Analysis for CHP.

Look carefully at that document. If you are not pro-life, you are forbidden to be a CHP candidate... Now that is pro-life! And you cannot accuse me of trying to force people to vote for the CHP. I myself would much rather be a member of another Canadian political party, the Christ-The-King Party of Canada!

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