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Correspondence with Gai Écoute (Registry of "Homophobic" Acts)

Poster for the denounciation campaign.

Table of contents

1) S. Jetchick (2012-June-20)

1) S. Jetchick (2012-June-20)

-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Jetchick
Sent: 20 juin 2012 10:32
To: rah__gaiecoute.org; courrier__gaiecoute.org
Subject: Correspondance avec Gai Écoute (Registre des actes

Quebec City, Wednesday June 20th, 2012,

Gai Écoute inc.
C.P. 1006, succursale C
Montréal (Québec)
514 866-6788

Good day Ms. Monique Giroux,
Good day Messrs. Éric Bernier, Alex Perron, Daniel Pinard, Dany Turcotte,

A few days ago, a buddy brought to my attention the launching of your
Registry of "Homophobic" Acts. I have a few questions about it,
questions which I've already asked to the Quebec Minister of Justice
on 2010-April-6 (and I quote):

We need your advice. We have the intention this summer of
distributing flyers into Quebec mailboxes. Copies of these
flyers are included in this registered mail, but electronic copies
are available on the Internet (in English and in French):

	Publicity Insert: Invitation To An Electronic Debate
	www.inquisition.ca/en/serm/encart.htm (English)
	www.inquisition.ca/fr/serm/encart.htm (French)

	Flyer on your new policy against "homophobia":
	www.inquisition.ca/en/polit/artic/aimons_sodomites.htm (English)
	www.inquisition.ca/fr/polit/artic/aimons_sodomites.htm (French)

We have questions about the interactions between your new
Policy against "homophobia", and things like freedom of
expression and freedom of scientific research.

Our questions:

	1) Is it now illegal in Quebec to do scientific research on
	the medical consequences of anal coitus (also known as "sodomy")?

	2) Is it now illegal in Quebec to disseminate the results of
	such research?

	3) Is it now illegal in Quebec to invite citizens to a democratic
	and rational debate on sodomy?

	4) Is it now illegal in Quebec to publicly disseminate
	the official teachings of the Church on same-sex attractions?

	5) Are there illegal passages in the flyers here above, and
	if so, what are they and which laws to they contravene?

We would much appreciate your clear answers to those and other
questions, so we could post them on the Internet.

(End of quote. Original letter here.)

The Minister never answered my questions, so I assume there is nothing
"homophobic" about everything on my web site! If you disagree, I am
gaily listening!

Thank you, and have a nice day,

Stefan Jetchick

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