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Correspondence with Mr. Richard Paul Condo
(Christian Democratic Party of Canada)

Richard Paul Condo.
Richard Paul Condo.

Table of contents

1) R. P. Condo (2018-March-05-1)
2) S. Jetchick (2018-March-06-1)
3) R. P. Condo (2018-March-05-5)
4) S. Jetchick (2018-March-07)
5) R. P. Condo (2018-March-07)

1) R. P. Condo (2018-March-05-1)

Hello CHP Executive Board

I am sending this letter in the hope we can all join forces for
this upcoming election so as to bring Canadians a united front in
the name of Jesus Christ and not a schism nor a denominational
division which may leave one of us in a position to retire a
party name after the 2019 election. We are now before the
respective elders and scholars within our denominations to have
them sign off on our constitution. It would seem at this point in
time, the Baptist may be the first to give us their approval! But
we already have the support wholeheartedly by Mr. Jerome Smith,
scholar and author of the Nelson's Ultimate Bible Reference
library New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Author of
www.realbiblestudy.com/ As we now have some 20 people
behind us and growing daily. With an Interim Executive Board
excited with this wonderful calling.

	The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

I have updated greatly the first articles which propelled CDPC on
the National scene to reflect what we here in Ottawa believe to
be the Canadian mindset. Please look them over as we all reflect
on this journey together.

It would be advantageous for CHP to merge with us here at CDPC,
as I promised we would not remove the EBoard except the position
of Deputy Leader and let the next elections decide the rest! As
it not your monies we want which you can keep but a united front
in the name of Christianity, that we are sincerely pursuing, to
have a remarkable miracle happen in the next election.

Our web site is at cdpc.today ( construction phase) and we are
@CDPC.Today on Facebook.


I say that if a respectable news print would say such things, as
I accused CHP of, I would sue for slander and damages for this
great injustice. Yet, CHP is defenceless to defend its position
because they know CDPC speaks truth in God's name! Therefore,
repent of this violent mission CHP is on, in the name of Jesus
Christ, and come join us in love, peace and forgiveness so that
we may conquer the Canadian consciousness.

There is a St Patrick celebration this coming March 10th at the
St Andrew United Church in Buckingham, QC with a band with Mrs.
Lois Siegel having personnaly invited me and my wife to join.
siegel-entertainment/  This woman is behind our campaign with a
Yes vote!

It's destiny folks!

Richard Paul Condo
Party Leader
280 Metcalfe St, suite 201
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 1R7

2) S. Jetchick (2018-March-06-1)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Correspondence with Mr. Richard Paul Condo
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2018 08:56:24 -0500
From: Stefan Jetchick
To: haveaniceday (add "at" sign here) bell.net
CC: Gunn, Vicki, Bouffard, Marie-Claude

Good day Mr. Richard Paul Condo,

>> repent of this violent mission CHP is on, in the name of Jesus
>> Christ, and come join us in love, peace and forgiveness so that
>> we may conquer the Canadian consciousness.

The CHP is on a "violent mission"?

OK, that is news to me!

What "violent mission" are we on exactly?



3) R. P. Condo (2018-March-05-5)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: Correspondence with Mr. Richard Paul Condo
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2018 15:53:21 -0500
From: Richard Paul
To: Stefan Jetchick
CC: dianecondo Law, Rod Taylor, jerome.dondo@, Executive Director CHP Canada,
Jerry Smith, Monick Grenier, daniel grenier

Dear Executive Board

I was forwarded an email this morning which evolved to this before
you. Thank you. In response to publicly answering to some
statements I made regarding CHP. I was invited to post an answer
to those statements here.
www.inquisition.ca/corr/condo_richard_paul.htm which I did,
found below.


And please make sure Stefan you allow for CHP to answer to the
very first question on capital punishment as we move towards the
top 10 list.

We are after all in a democracy where open debate is still
tolerated in Canada and my hope that two Christian parties can
resolve their public spat in pain of God to see us bickering about
the Word He spoke!

Its a losing battle to defend what CHP has clearly said. They are
not governed by the churches of God.

I look forward to your response Mr. Taylor. It's now been decided
by Stefan Jetchick that it should be so. With a cc to your
executive board. Please remember I wear many hats in my day to day
life. Today, I am publisher of Danielle Magazine asking for a
response please.

Kindest Regards

Richard Paul
280 Metcalfe St, Suite 201
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 1R7

On 2018-03-06, at 3:29 PM, Richard Paul wrote:

> Here is the corrected version found below. If you see some mistakes you can correct them when they are grammatical.
> Cheers,
> Thanks again
> On 2018-03-06, at 2:39 PM, Richard Paul wrote:
>> Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, to defend the name by
which we are saved, Jesus Christ, saved from the wrath of God that
must shortly come to pass to the unrepentant world, as we inch
forward to the Peace Treaty concerning Jerusalem.
>> First, I wish to thank Mr. Stefan Jetchick for inviting me here
to participate openly in his inquisition web site, so as to allow
the freedom of speech to flourish like this, since many countries
would not even allow for this type of free speech to take place in
the first instance.
>> Of course before we start the main topic, of putting forward
the reasons for the statements I made concerning CHP, the
Christian Heritage Party of Canada, we should detail what I said
first and then lay the stepping stones, if you will, to then bring
it all together in one concluding theme.
>> The statements I made regarding CHP are many. Therefore, it
would be advantageous to us all if we were to list them , so as to
qualify openly, what CHP is accused of by CDPC and its members.
And while putting them all down may be long, we shall concentrate
on those accusations that are most damaging to CHP and its
membership, as any normal sane person can tell you, being accused
like this is most disturbing to our precious souls, while in the
church of God.
>> But CHP is not part of the churches in Canada. CHP clearly
articulates in its constitution and policy manual, it does not
follow any church rules or denominations, thus rendering itself
vulnerable and susceptible to becoming easy prey, to take apart
their doctrine because the doctrine is worldly and not biblical.
For if it was biblical, most churches in Canada would have signed
off on their mission, or shall we say, sign off and approve their
>> Take heed therefore to "the ministry which you have received in
the Lord, that you may fulfill it." Col 4:17 Indeed, we all have
received a ministry and that from the Lord Jesus Christ when He
ascended on high, "having been build upon the foundation of the
apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner
stone." Yes, Jesus Christ being the very cornerstone, the rock
from whence the whole structure is now being build and supported
by all its members.
>> Accusations made against CHP by CDPC, The Christian Democratic
Party of Canada, against the Christian Heritage Party of Canada
>> 1) Capital Punishment
>> 2) Abortion
>> 3) Women rights
>> 4) Marijuana
>> 5) Collusion with the world.
>> 6) Leaven of the Pharisee and Herodians.
>> 7) Hatred
>> 8) Divisions
>> 9) This ministry, CHP, is not blessed or commission by God
>> 10) Denying Jesus Christ's teachings, thus being Gnostic in their doctrine.
>> Of course as we go thru these very important accusations, we
should also point out that if the Heritage party wishes to become
a mainstream player in politics, it can do so very well but not
with the banner under which they go forward in their battles. That
being the banner of Christianity, Christ, Christian.
>> The whole of the matter can be summed up by my stand and
accusation against CHP that they are on a mission that is violent
and I quote my words, "repent of this violent mission CHP is on,
in the name of Jesus Christ, and come join us in love, peace and
forgiveness so that we may conquer the Canadian consciousness."
>> The CHP is on a "violent mission"?
>> OK, that is news to me!
>> What "violent mission" are we on exactly?
>> Cheers,
>> SJJ
>> So now that we have come to understand what my accusations are
of "this violent mission CHP is on" on my top 10 list, let us
examine very carefully how this can be when "The Christian
Heritage Party of Canada " says it is a Christian organization,
when in fact they say themselves they are not. "Being a double
minded man, unstable in all his ways." So your either for Him or
your not. We cannot have our hands in the mix and then take it out
when the sufferings come thru. It's hypocritical. "When asked who
they are, this is what starts their agenda,  «Yes. There are no
denominational tests for membership, and no church directs our
efforts. CHP members include Anglicans, Baptists, Brethren,
Catholics, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Mennonites,
Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Reformed - and probably many others:
we don't keep track. From our various backgrounds, we come
together to seek a consensus about the best way to apply proven
Judeo-Christian principles of justice and compassion to Canada's
contemporary public policy needs.»
>> Consequently, right from the very start CHP tells people they
are NOT governed by the churches of God. So need we go further? It
would so much easier for them to just take the name "Christian"
off their logo. Thus, CDPC will disapear for defending the faith.
>> When we look at capital punishment. This is where we take a man
or a woman and place them in a place where we are going to kill
them. Of course we did not judge them, the courts did, so we are
not really murdering them, we are just pulling the lever! So Jesus
was right when He told Pilate his sin was not as great as the
Pharisees because their sin was greater. But it still left Pilate
guilty regardless of what the others did.
>> But in Canada we do not have the death penalty, so how does one
party say it wants to overturn the rule of law and the will of
Canadians, to place a violent and cruel punishment when Canadians
are against it? Of course there may be some people that favor the
death penalty but clearly they form a very small part of
population, not the whole. Furthermore, they use Romans 13 to say
Capital punishment is accpetable before God. Now, if that is not
reading something into a text, I dont know what is. Clearly,
Romans 13 talks about governments and love. They do not speak
about an aspiring party wishing to come to power wanting to end
this and that, but tells of a government already in place. Thats
why we have a democracy, so that people can vote for what they
want in their legislations, or what they want from their
governments. Surely, CHP after 31 years, have been told in no
uncertain terms, words and deeds by Canadians that they are not at
all interested in CHP. I mean after so much time  and
preparations, one would have hoped and believed CHP was
commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ to receive a blessing. So
something is amiss. Which is why The Christian Democratic Party,
CDPC is here today, to correct this "something amiss" thing.
>> A former high ranking member at CHP wrote me a private email
detailing things within CHP that is most alarming, harmful and
disturbing to hear when one considers the churches of God, which
may explain my zeal to defend the good name of Jesus Christ
because as any Christian will tell you, God will judge those
within the churches not those outside, "therefore, remove the
wicked from among yourselves." 1Cor 5:9-13
>> In fact, it never crossed my mind that I would become party
leader of CDPC or that even such an organization would come to
life. I was at home busy with our 5 kids and studying Theology. In
fact, I had joined CHP until my wife alerted me 2 or 3 days later
that she did not want to be a member of a "fascist" government or
movement. Now my wife is a senior lawyer who is very tough on
judges. She is known here in Ottawa to be astute and insightful in
legal matters. So when my wife says something that aggravates her,
I tend to listen to her.
>> Here at CDPC we are coordinating our ministry within the
churches of God which Paul spoke to us about, not away from them!
We are bringing our mission to the Elders and church leaders for
their approval. Not hiding in our goals but openly transparent in
our endeavours.
>> Of course I could go on for some time with defending the name
of Jesus Christ but perhaps for today this will suffice us to give
everyone here a time to reflect and answer back to my thoughts.
And perhaps, I will be invited back to further our disscussions in
the hope of finding a door for this ministry to flourish in. We
shall see, but I would like to end on this note.
>> Jesus Christ is the main point of division here between CDPC
and CHP. If CHP takes the name Christian down from their logo. We
end our divisions today. But if they agree to keep the name and do
so in the name of Christianity and brotherly love and to sincerely
unite us all in the common cause of salvation, with us all in
Canada that are called Christians, then all is well, we are indeed
brothers and sister in the same faith, but if not , then take heed
brothers that the Lord does not allow for His name to be
glorified, magnified and exalted in its proper time, with power
for salvation to the unrepentant world.
>> Jesus Chrsit fulfilled the law, He did not come to abolish the
law. Therefore, all is for Him, thru Him and by Him. Never once
did He condemn a man to capital punishment. He rather healed
people, cured them, and opened their eyes and understanding and
forgave them all. Therefore, all things have been handed to Him,
until His enemies are made to be a footstool to His feet!
>> Thank you ever so kindly for offering us a place to defend the
name of Jesus Christ here at Inquizition. Especially, as we
Christians are being left behind the pluralistic society in record
numbers, the empty pews are a witness against us and our riches.
>> Richard Paul Condo
>> On 2018-03-06, at 9:36 AM, Stefan Jetchick wrote:
>>> Hello again Mr. Richard Paul Condo,
>>> >> How do I answer with your inquisition web site
>>> In the most old-fashioned way imaginable: you
>>> just send me your answer by e-mail, and I post it on my
>>> web site, on the page I made for you.
>>> Cheers,
>>> SJJ

4) S. Jetchick (2018-March-07)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Stefan's answer
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 09:11:53 -0500
From: Stefan Jetchick
To: haveaniceday (add "at" sign here) bell.net

Good day again Mr. Richard Paul Condo,

Three preliminary remarks:

First, no need to "CC" the world every time you send me an
e-mail. The whole purpose of putting our correspondence on
the Internet is that everybody who is interested can go and
read what we are saying to each other. Conversely, anybody
who doesn't give a rat's derrière about our conversation can
have peace and quiet.

Second, you say:

	>> I look forward to your response Mr.
	>> Taylor. It's now been decided by Stefan
	>> Jetchick that it should be so.

I don't give any orders to Mr. Taylor. He's my Leader, and
I'm one of his followers, not the other way around. And
this conversation is not posted on some kind of important
web site. It's just my own little personal web site,
unaffiliated to the CHP.

Third, if you bombard me with confusing e-mails, I'll just
pick what appears to be the most representative one, and
slap it on my web site, as is.

Now, on to your actual e-mail:

>> Accusations made against CHP by CDPC, The Christian
>> Democratic Party of Canada, against the Christian Heritage
>> Party of Canada:
>> 1) Capital Punishment
>> 2) Abortion
>> 3) Women's rights
>> 4) Marijuana
>> 5) Collusion with the world
>> 6) Leaven of the Pharisee and Herodians
>> 7) Hatred
>> 8) Divisions
>> 9) This ministry, CHP, is not blessed or commissioned by God
>> 10) Denying Jesus Christ's teachings, thus being Gnostic in their doctrine.

OK, so a nice tidy list of 10 accusations. Great! Let's
examine them one by one!

But oops! After making a nice tidy list, you then go on to
ramble about stuff unrelated to the first item on your

OK, maybe you're a bit confused. So lets skip over 342 words,
so we can look at your first accusation: Capital Punishment.

You seem to be against Capital Punishment, but you ramble for
another 315 words without really giving any solid defense of
your position.

Here is, in contrast, what I consider to be a solid defense
of Capital Punishment (it's actually an entire book):

	By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed

I strongly recommend you buy that book and read it carefully.
The two authors, Edward Feser and Joseph M. Bessette, are
university professors who have studied the topic and who lay
out the arguments in favor of the death penalty in a
well-organized way.

Anyway, since you don't even seem to bother to back up the
other 9 accusations in your list of 10, let's just stick
to the first accusation. I claim you are wrong. I claim the
death penalty is sometimes a good and necessary thing,
and Canada for most of its history has agreed. It's time
we re-legalized the death penalty, and started prosecuting
the many politicians who are guilty of genocide (millions
of Canadian preborn children have already been massacred
in abortion camps in our Country). And don't get me started
about traitorous "catholic" Bishops...

In Christ,


5) R. P. Condo (2018-March-07)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: The Christian Heritage Party remains silent!
While the inquisition continues.
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 09:31:16 -0500
From: Richard Paul
To: Stefan Jetchick
CC: Jerry Smith, Rod Taylor, Vicki Gunn, Jerome Dondo, Peter Vogel,
Nancy Peirce, paulmartin (add "at" sign here) paulmartin.ca,
natpostblogs+cblack (add "at" sign here) gmail.com, dianecondo Law,
Yoland Bélec, daniel grenier, Christopher Guly,
bsavard (add "at" sign here) eglisesourcedevie.ca, Elizabeth Babalola,
greg.gm366 (add "at" sign here) gmail.com moore, Dan Donovan, Crime Garden,
copydesk (add "at" sign here) ottawacitizen.com,
kmalloy (add "at" sign here) hilltimes.com, joshuacondo (add "at" sign here) bell.net,
news (add "at" sign here) hilltimes.com,
mirichardson (add "at" sign here) postmedia.com, kbonnell (add "at" sign here) postmedia.com,
Lily Ryan, l.lavery (add "at" sign here) bulletinaylmer.com

Note: Please do not publish these emails.

Dear Stefan

It really would be good and fair if you allowed Mr. Taylor an
opportunity to respond to such accusations , that you also send
him a link as you did me to start the debate, would demonstrate a
proportionate sense of equality at your inquisition.ca

Your web site has, now , with all our correspondences attached
been send to major newspaper publications. Ottawa Citizen,
National Post, The Hills Times, The Sun, CBC, Conrad Black. Paul
Martin, Carol Anne Meehan, etc.for their diligent examination ,
which to us means we shall wait until CHP has had an opportunity
to respond these serious charges, since they are a 31 year old
registered party in Canada.

Always being ready to give an answer for the faith.

Kindest Regards

Richard Paul Condo
Party Leader
280 Metcalfe St, suite 201
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 1R7

[The e-mail I sent him was copied verbatim here at the bottom of
his e-mail, as usual]

Standard end of debate disclaimer ("Why don't you always have the last word in e-mail debates?")

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