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Correspondence with Mr. Heresy Hunter

The Heresy Hunter's blog

Table of contents

1) S. Jetchick (2010-Oct-15)
2) S. Jetchick (2015-Mar-03)

1) S. Jetchick (2010-Oct-15)

-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Jetchick
Sent: 15 octobre 2010 16:28
To: theheresyhunter1 (add "at" sign please) gmail.com
Subject: Correspondence with Mr. Heresy Hunter

Good day Mr. "Heresy Hunter",

A buddy of mine (Georges Buscemi) sent me a hyperlink to your
article on Novalis:

	Novalis publishers: disseminating dissent

Since I despise Novalis with all my heart, all my soul and all
my strength, I was glad to find someone who had done his homework
in showing how disgusting this publishing house really is.

>> To this day the Canadian bishops have obstinately refused to retract
>> this document. Its infamous Paragraph 26 is responsible for leading
>> Canadian Catholics down the road of nonchalant antinomianism, which in
>> turn has steered them (since 1968) to the widespread
>> occurrence/acceptance of abortion, euthanasia, homosexualism, divorce
>> and other anti-life/anti-family/anti-Catholic issues.


>> That Greg has a man crush for Tariq evidences, once again, that bizarre
>> alliance between liberal progressives and Mohammedism as an enemy
>> against Christian civilization. It is the classic case of Lenin's
>> "useful idiot".

Amen again!

>> Fr. Thomas Rosica: CEO at Salt+Light Television, good friend of Gregory
>> Baum and enemy of Catholic bloggers. He has accused LifeSite News
>> of doing "the work of Satan" because they criticized the public Mass
>> for Senator Ted Kennedy, an unrepentant enabler of abortion.

Thanks for hitting Fr. Rosica hard! He deserves it!

>> To this deplorable situation at Novalis, Canadian Catholics cannot
>> expect any oversight or correction from the Canadian Conference of
>> Catholic Bishops (CCCB). It is not going to happen. The apostasy
>> therein is ongoing, and they will not investigate Bayard Canada, or
>> specifically the Assumptionists, owning most of its shares. The same
>> applies to Canadian Catholic mass media and institutions (i.e.
>> newspapers, publishers, television, websites, seminaries, universities,
>> teachers unions, etc.), now utterly infested with heretics and
>> apostates.

Unfortunately, I totally agree with you here again.

Now, a little question for you. First, a quote from one of the
articles on my web site:

	3.18) Masked machismo. Some day, if you want to have fun, look for all the
	Catholic web sites with macho names like "Defenders of the Magisterium", or
	"Our Lady's Warriors", etc., whose only contact information is one
	anonymous e-mail like "info@macho-catho.com"! Please,
	masks are for terrorists. If you're too much of a ballerina to show
	your face, don't pretend to be a macho warrior for Christ.
	["Homosexuality, or Heterostupidity?", Section 3.18]

I searched your website, and was only able to find one anonymous
gmail address. Compare that with my web site: I post my name, picture,
full physical address, and even a map showing how to get here! And
I'm the one who posts articles like this one.

So my question is: What exactly are you afraid of? It's not as if you
were risking your life; we are all going to die!

Anyway, in my opinion, hiding behind a mask greatly decreases your
credibility, while at the same time making orthodox Catholics look like
sissies who "do the flamingo" (as Don Cherry would say).

There is a "picture" supposedly representing you on your profile:

The Heresy Hunter

I would replace it with this picture:

The Pink Flamingo

Don't pretend you're a he-man if you're just a girlie!

In Christ,


2) S. Jetchick (2015-Mar-03)

Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2015 15:34:25 -0500
From: Stefan Jetchick
To: theheresyhunter1 (add "at" sign here) gmail.com
Subject: Another attempt at correspondence with "Heresy Hunter"

Good day again Mr. "Heresy Hunter",

How time flies! Last time I e-mailed you was 5 years ago!

I was directed to another "masked macho" website by a reader
and that jogged my memory. I told him it reminded me of another website, yours!
So I clicked on the link to your website to see what you were up to, and
lo and behold, you're still alive (good news) and your latest poll is totally
appropriate to our previous e-mail exchange of 5 years ago!

Facebook gives Heresy Hunter the run-around.

>> 26 February 2015
>> It seems that my Facebook account "Heresy Hunter" has just been
>> suspended. Unable to log in. It relates to FB's so-called "real
>> name" policy.

OK, so they don't want terrorists to use facebook. Sounds OK
to me. Nice people don't wear masks.

>> I take this incident as a badge of honour.

Not being able to read the "Terms of Use" is a
"badge of honor"?

>> Does anyone know how to resolve this situation?

Sure! Take off your mask!

If you're too scared to do so, then just create a Facebook
page with my name (my contact information is available on
my web site). I don't have a Facebook account, so it will
work. Then all you have to do is send me an e-mail before
you post an article in my name on Facebook. Normally, I should
agree with you, so that shouldn't be a problem. All truly
Catholic opinions are OK with me.



P.S. On the screenshot here above, you see the picture
of Suzanne (of "Big Blue Wave"; I know her). She's a
girlie, and she's not afraid to put her real name and
picture on the Internet!

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