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Correspondence with Br. Alexis Bugnolo (Ordo Militaris)

DMCA Takedown Notice.
DMCA Takedown Notice.

I recommend that you avoid giving any money to Alexis Bugnolo or to his "Ordo Militaris".

This page used to just contain a brief e-mail exchange between myself and Alexis Bugnolo, showing what I claim are reasons not to give him any money, but Bugnolo hit me with a "DMCA Takedown Notice". (The "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" of the USA, which from what I understand, considers me guilty until I manage to prove my innocence.) So I had to remove from my web site the e-mails that he sent me! (As well as the answers I sent him.)

You don't need to believe my advice about not giving him any money. Just contact him and ask him normal, ordinary questions that any potential shareholder would ask before investing in any company, things like:

- Personal credibility of the Managment Team. Are you what you really claim you are? For example, do you really have the qualifications you claim to have? We've all heard stories of people who invent diplomas and work experiences on their résumé. So, for example, if I claimed to be a Catholic Priest in good order, you could ask me questions like: Have you really been ordained? By which Bishop? Where and when? Are you allowed to preach and to dispense the Sacraments, or have you been suspended? etc.

- Financial track record (a.k.a. "corporate hindsight"). What have you done with the money you have recieved already? Where is the proof that such amounts really were spent the way you claim they were? (For example, normal companies will have audited financial statements, invoices, lists of sub-contractors you can talk to, to see if they have been paid on time, etc.)

- Strategic Plan (a.k.a. "corporate foresight"). What do you plan on doing? Not vaguely, but in detail. Can such a plan succeed, reasonably, or is it doomed to failure?

- Honesty about bad news. I fondly remember reading a book about how to invest by Peter Lynch (I'm not sure which one. "One Up On Wall Street"?) I remember him saying something like: when I visit a Managment Team, if they have no bad news, then I don't invest there! His logic just seemed right: life is tough, things don't always go the way we want, so inevitably there will be setbacks and failures. So if a Managment Team has no bad news, that just means they are dishonest! So stay away from them!

- Honesty about turnover (a.k.a. "disgruntled ex-workers"). People will always leave, for all kinds of reasons. But a healthy organization will not try to hide what the turnover rate is, and who has left the organisation, and why, and especially how can you reach these "disgruntled ex-workers" so you can hear their side of the story.

- If it looks too good to be true... Then it probably isn't. If somebody really is making such huge amounts of money so easily and so quickly, then somebody else is probably being robbed. Maybe somebody a lot like you!

- Etc.

Along with such questions and many more, you need to be "vaccinated" against some typical tricks used by con artists. For example: "No, no, the rules for making money have fundamentally changed, so it doesn't matter if this Business Model is not making any money, you should still buy shares in that company!" (I know this sounds silly, but during the famous "Dot Com" bubble at the end of the 1990's, people would actually say such things, with the disastrous results that came later.) Another example: "Don't worry about what you think you see in our Financial Statements, we are using Aggressive Accounting!" (In other words, they have found a new way of "cooking the books"!) Another frequent example these days is: "Ah, but in order to fight terrorism, we have to bend the rules! Anybody who wants us to respect the rules is actually trying to make the terrorists win!"

If you examine those typical lies, they seem to always boil down to some variation of "The Only Proof Is That There Is No Proof!"

So, enough of the vague theoretical advice. What about Alexis Bugnolo and his "Ordo Militaris"? Sorry, I'm not going to give you more information over the Internet. He is crafty enough to pretend to be somebody else, and to pretend he sincerely wants more information about why I have come to the conclusion I have come to, so he can send more lawyers my way!

I do repeat that mankind does need a new Catholic Military Order, if only to go on a Crusade against the Islamic State (and then to protect Christians right here back home, who are being persecuted more and more). Unfortunately, in my opinion, it's not Alexis Bugnolo and his "Ordo Militaris" who will give birth to "Templars 2.0".

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