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Correspondence with Mr. Sheldon Clare,
President of Canada's National Firearm Association (NFA)

Mr. Sheldon Clare, President of Canada's National Firearm Association (NFA)
[Source: www.nfa.ca]

Table of contents

1) S. Jetchick (2015-March-17)
2) Annual General Assembly of the NFA in Quebec City

1) S. Jetchick (2015-March-17)

Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 09:37:28 -0400
From: Stefan Jetchick
To: Sheldon Clare
CC: Claude Colgan, Stephen Buddo, Ken Heintz,
Ginger Fournier, Blair Hagen
Subject: Official letter for Mr. Sheldon Clare

Good day Mr. Sheldon Clare,
(Hello everybody else who is CCed)

I have a question for the Canadian Government, so of course
I'm trying to contact my local MP. But after reading the
role and mission of Canada's National Firearm Association (NFA),
I'm starting to think that the NFA is also concerned. Not
as much as the Canadian Government, but still a bit.

The NFA website states that:

    Political Action

    "Canada's firearms voice in Ottawa" This phrase accurately
    describes one of the major roles of the NFA. The protection of
    real democracy in Canada has long been the leading challenge
    facing all Canadians. The National Firearms Association is the
    leader in this continuing effort.

Even the NFA's logo insists (see picture here above):

	"In defence of freedom"

There is something far less obvious on the NFA website, but
which I'm sure is very present in your mind and in the
minds of all NFA members: firearms are not "just for hunting"
(or "just for hunting and putting holes in paper targets").
Firearms are also for self-defence.

Self-defence could be classified into "individual" and
"national". An example of "individual self-defence" would be
a father who, because he is a man and a father, has the
duty to protect his wife and children. So if in the middle
of the night, a bunch of criminals kick down the door of
his house because they want to steal money and rape women,
this father is justified to grab his firearm and defend
his family.

An example of "national" self-defence is easy: we can just
look at the red poppy you are wearing in the picture here
above, and remember why you are wearing it. When evil
governments (like the Nazi government during World War II)
start to oppress whole nations, then whole nations are
justified to take up firearms in order to defend themselves.
This is true even if the government of a nation decides to
turn against its own people. (Which is why civil disarmament
is a bad thing, and why we can never give away, to the
police and the army, our right to self-defence.)

So given that the role of the NFA is, among others, to
act politically to protect the rights of ordinary citizens to
own and use firearms for self-defence (either individual or
national), I wanted to know if the NFA officially supported
the initiative described here:

	Onward Canadian Soldiers!

I'm obviously not the Board of Directors of the NFA, but I
would think the NFA should at least officially say:

	- The atrocities committed by the Islamic State against
	Christians (and others) in the Middle East must be
	stopped by the International Community, using the force
	of arms (this is one of the reasons why the NFA teaches
	that firearms are sometimes good and necessary! And not
	just puny firearms designed to put holes in paper targets!);

	- Canada must "pull its weight" in this effort, and not
	just by symbolic actions as we are currently doing
	(that is one of the reasons why the NFA promotes firearm
	proficiency among Canadians! This stuff can come in handy!);

	- The fact the Islamic State has turned against its people
	is yet another proof that civil disarmament is bad, and
	that the People have to be able to defend themselves
	against a corrupt Government.

Etc, etc.

The word "Canada" comes first in the expression "Canada's NFA",
and Canadian firearm owners should be the first to express
support for any People being downtrodden by a corrupt Government.
When Democracy and Freedom and Justice are attacked anywhere
on this Planet, Canadian firearm owners should say with one
voice: "This is why good guys should have firearms!" And actually,
as I've written in the article mentioned above, Canadian firearm
owners should also be willing to go anywhere, anytime in defence
of freedom.

As the poppy you are wearing in the picture above reminds us,
in the end, it's not about firearms, it's about faith:

    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields...



2) Annual General Assembly of the NFA in Quebec City

On Saturday May 23, 2015, I dutifully showed up at 8h30 AM for the Annual General Assembly of the NFA, held this year in Quebec City, at the Concord hotel.

Mr. Clare was at the door, shaking hands with NFA members filing in for the AGM (his right hand was in a cast, so he was shaking with his left hand). About 10 minutes late, the meeting got started. Mr. Clare welcomed everybody, introduced himself and the members of the Board of Directors seated to his left and right, gave his opening remarks (which I thought were fine), then tried to start the meeting per se. Then the proverbial manure hit the proverbial ventilation equipment.

I guess I live in a cave, because I had never seen a business meeting degenerate so quicky and so thoroughly! Suffice it to say that I left after about an hour, among other reasons because I didn't want to be there if a general brawl ensued. From what I understood, the vast majority of members at that AGM wanted to get rid of Mr. Clare. I know if I had been the president of an association, and I had faced that kind of massive opposition and clear votes to get rid of me, I would have left. At some point of time, the Will of the Assembly is supposed to be in charge of the association.

Anyway, I didn't stay, so maybe by now they've mended their disagreement and everything is fine. I hope and pray. Being a total newbie to this association, I felt totally out of my league, as if everybody knew something I didn't know. Still, the whole thing was very sad. We need a strong united voice to defend our freedoms, not an association busy tearing itself apart.

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