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Correspondence with Oger and Bushfield

Oger and Bushfield.
Oger and Bushfield.
[Source Oger, Source Bushfield]

Table of contents

1) S. Jetchick (2018-Oct-09)
2) R. Oger (2018-Oct-09)

1) S. Jetchick (2018-Oct-09)

[Sent them both a message through Twitter,
on 2018-Oct-09 around 17h57: Oger and Bushfield]

Good day,

I'm on the mailing list for Bill Whatcott's Newsletter,
which is how I found out about your existence:

	Activist update, Mr Oger & BC Humanist want Whatcott charged

I was one of Bill Whatcott's "Gay Zombies" at the big
"gay" parade in Toronto in 2016:

	Letter to the Toronto Police about Whatcott's arrest

Just a few quick comments and one question. First, I would
not cast the first stone too quickly at Bill. He can be a
bit pig-headed at times, and he doesn't exactly have the
graces of a social butterfly, but I don't think he's a bad
person. Actually, as the old saying goes: "There, but for
the Grace of God, go I". In other words, I was born rich
and raised spoiled. I've never been either drunk or on drugs
or anywhere near "down and out". Bill, on the other hand,
did some pretty awful stuff before he started his conversion
to Jesus Christ. And yes, my conversion is not finished yet

My question for both of you is actually roughly the
same I recently asked to the Toronto Police (see
hyperlink above).

Thank you very much and God bless you!

Stefan Jetchick
[Usual contact info]

2) R. Oger (2018-Oct-09)

Oger answers via Twitter Message.

Not much use replying, since Oger apparently did not read a single word that I wrote...

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