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Correspondence with Veritatis Splendor
(Christians trying to regroup in Texas)

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1) S. Jetchick (2021-April-15)

1) S. Jetchick (2021-April-15)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: 	Veritatis Splendor
Date: 	Thu, 15 Apr 2021 23:27:00 +0000
From: 	SplendorHQ noreply@splendorhq.com
To: 	@inquisition.ca

Good day,

A good friend of mine made me discover your web site
a few days ago:


I've read your Case Statement.

Offhand, your Case Statement seems good. I have many
reservations and some criticism, but... how could I
put it... when you're on the sinking Titanic, everybody
is going to die, and nobody has any practical ideas
about what to do, it's REALLY easy to criticize any
attempt to find a solution!

I personally wish I could find some kind of "Catholic
Life Raft". Not in the sense of finding a place where
I would not need to carry my Cross (that is inevitable
here below), but in the sense where I would at least
have a fighting chance. I do wish I had the money to
buy lots of land, gather lots of Catholics, and start
rebuilding Civilization (or at least preserving a
few shards of it during the coming disaster).

I wish I had more to offer to an attempt such as yours.
I'm old (58), still fairly healthy, no debts, no wife or
kids, dual citizen (Canada-US), but I don't have large
piles of cash, and my Catholicism is rather abrasive,
to say the least.

If I could allow myself a small attempt at constructive
criticism, I would avoid using the expression "core values"
in your Mission Statement.

The word "value" is unfortunately incompatible with
Catholicism. Yes, I'm aware Saint John Paul II uses it,
but even he normally qualifies that word, to show he
doesn't mean it in the usual sense. Anyway, I find it
jarring to see such a foul word on a web site like yours
which is otherwise very uplifting. See more explanations

	Good Scouts Don't Have Values

Anyway, if you ever need somebody for oddjobs, in return
for living in a tool shed in somebody's back yard in
your new Community, contact me!

In Christ,

Stefan Jetchick
[usual contact info]

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