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Correspondence with PayPal
(Complaint about www.Flixzone.net Scam)

Home page of www.Flixzone.net scammer's web site.
Home page of www.Flixzone.net scammer's web site.

Table of contents

1) S. Jetchick (2021-May-15)
2) PayPal (2021-April-30)

1) S. Jetchick (2021-May-15)

[I have no idea how to send this to PayPal,
which is the whole point]

Dear PayPal,


I'm writing to complain about:

	- PayPal enabling scam websites;

	- PayPal not being reachable once
	scammed by such websites.

Overview of Events:

- On 2021-April-30, I finally broke down because of
extreme boredom and decided to finally do like
(apparently) everybody else and watch movies on the
Internet. I did not want to encourage "NetFlix",
and I had seen several comments on YouTube praising
the web site "www.Flixzone.net" as being a good place
to watch movies, so I decided to try watching ONE

- (By the way, the reason there were many comments
on YouTube praising this movie web site, is
that I had not heard of "comment-bots". Those
comments are fake, added there by some sort
of hacker:
"Flixzone Comment Bots STEAL Your Credit Information!")

- I therefore signed up, using the PayPal button
on "Flixzone.net", giving you my credit card information.
Despite paying, I could not watch any movies! So
I tried to contact Customer Support, and quickly
realized it was a scam. There is no Contact information,
no Customer Support, nothing on the www.Flixzone.net
web site.

- I cancelled my credit card as fast as I could.
(While simultaneously kicking myself for being
so stupid and moronic as to get scammed by such
a now obviously suspicious website.)

- PayPal sent me several e-mails, the most important
being reproduced here below. It
basically says I've been scammed for $147.00 USD
every month, forever!

- PayPal tells me the only way to stop these
perpetual payments is to contact "FWQZ" (i.e.
the mystery name for www.Flixzone.net), which
is unreachable in any way.

- So far, so good. I'm an idiot, and as the Bible
says, a Fool is quickly parted with his money,
so I'm just getting what I deserve. But the problem
begins when I try to contact PayPal.

- The PayPal e-mails are sent from an e-mail
account that doesn't take incoming e-mails.

- The PayPal website doesn't provide any 1-800
number, nor an e-mail address, nor even a
physical address I could send snail-mail to.

- The PayPal website wants me to log in, but
I don't have a PayPal account. It just fills
its Contact Page with my e-mail address, and
asks for my password (which I don't have). So
I click on "Forgot your password?" but that
doesn't work either.

PayPal being helpful, after you hit the 'Forgot your password' button...
PayPal being helpful, after you hit the 'Forgot your password' button...

So I have a perpetual transaction setup with
PayPal, but no way of contacting PayPal...


I have been scammed by "FWQZ/Flixzone.net"

But I apparently have also been scammed by PayPal.

Please stop any and all transactions between
"FWQZ" and me (and between them and anybody else
on the Planet).

Please stop behaving like scammers yourself.
Get a 1-800 phone number, an e-mail address
that works, and a physical address, and don't
hide them.

Thank you,

Stefan Jetchick
[Usual contact information]

2) PayPal (2021-April-30)

Review your new automatic payment setup for FWQZ
From: "service@intl.paypal.com"
Date: 2021-04-30 20:44
To: Stefan Jetchick

You're all set.

Hello, Stefan Jetchick


You set up automatic payments to FWQZ

Here's your information.
Next payment due: 	May 3, 2021
Next payment amount: 	$147.00 USD
The automatic payment profile you set up
Payments from: 	Stefan Jetchick
Payments to: FWQZ
Payments for: 	 Smith Solutions
Amount to be paid each time: $147.00 USD
Billing cycle: Monthly
Payments start: May 3, 2021
Payments stop after cycle: Until cancellation
Payments will be made from: 	Visa x-2016
Want to make a change?
To change or cancel your automatic payment, contact FWQZ.
Please do not reply to this email. We are unable to respond to inquiries sent to
this address. For immediate answers to your questions, visit our Help Centre by
clicking *Help & Contact* located on any PayPal page or email.[...]
Copyright  2021 PayPal Canada Co., 661 University Ave., Toronto, ON M5G 1M1.
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