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Correspondence with the IRS
(Internal Revenue Service, USA)

We're from the Government, and we're here to explore!
"We're from the Government, and we're here to explore!"

Table of contents

1) S. Jetchick (2015-May-11)

1) S. Jetchick (2015-May-11)

Subject: Confused expatriate wants to comply with US laws
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 10:57:14 -0400
From: Stefan Jetchick
To: quebecACS state.gov, irs.paris irs.gov

Quebec City, Canada, May 11th, 2015.

(Snail-mail copy sent here)

Internal Revenue Service
3651 South I-H 35
Stop 6063 AUSC
Austin, TX 78741

(E-mail copies sent here)

quebecACS [add "at" sign] state.gov
	(US consulate in Quebec City)
irs.paris [add "at" sign] irs.gov
	(only e-mail address I could find on IRS
	website for International taxpayers)

Subject: Confused expatriate wants to comply with US laws

Dear overworked and underpaid employee of the IRS,

(I'm assuming this letter will either never be seen by
anybody, or if somebody does read it, he or she
will be at the bottom of the hierarchy.)

Some data about myself:
	- Born in the USA of an American Father (so I've always
	been a US citizen).
	- Mother is French-Canadian, so I became a dual national
	when I was a teenager.
	- Residence: Apart from very early childhood (5-6 years?)
	and a stint in the US around 1999-2000, I've pretty well
	always lived here. I rarely travel.
	- Social Security Number: [redacted on web version]
	- US Passport Number: [redacted on web version]
	- Annual income for the past 10 years: [redacted on web version]
	- Total money saved up for retirement (RRSP): [redacted on web version]
	- Market value of my only asset (house): [redacted on web version]
	- Amount of money owed to the IRS: Zero as far as I know.

About a month and a half ago, people around me asked whether
I was filing US Income Tax returns. "Hum, no. Why?" That
got me surfing the web where I found hyperlinks such as:

	U.S. Taxpayers Residing Outside the United States


	New Filing Compliance Procedures for Non-Resident U.S. Taxpayers


	Foreign Bank Account Report FinCEN 114


I'm not sure anymore what I should be doing about US Income
Tax returns, and the even more mysterious "FBAR reports".

[Warning: start of feeling sorry for myself]

I tried to really attentively read those hyperlinks, but the
more I read, the more I got confused.

Then life got in the way: my roof needs repairs, carpenter ants
are running around, my job doesn't care if I have one
citizenship or two or seventy-five, etc. To make things worse,
the line: "Sort out IRS stuff" on my agenda keeps getting
pushed back by more urgent tasks.

[End of feeling sorry for myself]

So, while I try to find the time to sort all this IRS stuff
out, here are a few things I want to "put on the record":

First, I want to be a good Christian and a good Citizen, so
of course I want to pay all my taxes and shoulder my share
of the normal social burden of living in a society. I'm also
all in favor of stopping financial crimes (and any other
crime for that matter).

Second, I found something about "non-willful conduct" on the
IRS website:

	"Non-willful conduct is conduct that is due to
	negligence, inadvertence, or mistake or conduct
	that is the result of a good faith
	misunderstanding of the requirements of the

I'm writing this letter to put myself on the IRS "radar", and
to publicly state that I certainly cannot claim ignorance of the
law or "non-willful conduct" anymore! I'm pretty confused,
but now I know I'm confused!

Third, I have no idea why I should fill out US Income Tax
returns. I've lived almost exclusively in Canada all my
life. I work in Canada, earning Canadian dollars with the
Canadian sweat of my Canadian brow. I diligently declare all
income and pay all taxes. I don't have anything in the USA
(no bank accounts, no houses, no investments, etc.). I don't
draw any payments or services from the USA, I never have,
and don't intend ever to. I already file two tax returns
every year! (the Canadian one, then a stupid near-duplicate
return for the provicial government of Quebec). You are more
than welcome to go crawling up all my income tax returns. I
assume because of agreements between Canada and the USA, you
already have access to them. If not, please take this letter
as a signed consent on my part to allow the IRS to obtain
and scrutinize all my income tax returns, of any year, for
any reason.

Fourth, I barely understand the "FinCEN" thing about "all citizens
with bank accounts are considered guilty until proven innocent".
You are more than welcome to go crawling up all of my bank
accounts (as before, please take this letter as a signed consent
on my part if you haven't done so already). My current bank is:

	Caisse Desjardins de Sillery--Saint-Louis-de-France
	Transit : 815-20272
	1394, avenue Maguire
	Québec, QC
	G1T 1Z3
	Tél.: (418) 681-3566

I used to have a small, static bank account in this other bank,
for my 5000$ emergency fund (I'm a freelancer, with no pension fund
or paid sick leave or anything like that, so I have to be
able to pay my own way out of contingencies). That bank account
has been closed for a while now:

	Banque Royale du Canada
	Place Sainte-Foy
	2450-2, boul. Laurier
	Québec, QC
	G1V 2L1
	Tél.: 654-2454

Fifth, from what little I understand, the last time the floor
fell out of the financial system (2008), the Canadian banks
did a lot better than the US banks. If we really want to find
fraud and financial crime, shouldn't the US be sending all
bank account information to Canadian banks instead of the other
way around?

(OK, I admit that was a dig! :-)

Seriously, Canada already has the equivalent of FinCENT
(FINTRAC) poking around all bank accounts. I'm not even sure
there is room in my personal financial information for yet
another latex-covered finger!

	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*

(Dear overworked and underpaid IRS employee, you don't
need to read the rest of this e-mail, since I now have
things to say to some people high up in the US
Government with whom I strongly disagree. But if you
know of somebody who can help me sort out my tax
questions and/or clear up my misunderstandings, please
feel free to forward them this letter.)

Some might ask, while reading this letter, why I even
bother to keep my US citizenship. Simple: I can tell the
difference between disgusting statism and bureaucracy,
and the love of my Flag, my Country and the American

Calling myself an American doesn't mean I support
the Government spying on us, the Government treating
us like criminals until proven innocent, the
Government debasing our currency, the Government
transforming our Nation into a Nanny State filled
with "Sheeple" waiting for handouts while in
perpetual lockdown, the Government punishing our
allies while encouraging our enemies, the Government
more and more overtly oppressing Christians while
removing obstacles to the dissemination of Islam, etc.

I'm keeping my U.S. Passport. They can pry it out of my
cold, dead hands, when the Second American Revolution
breaks out and I travel back down south of the border for
one last time, to die fighting for the US Constitution.

That's what Canadian friends are for!

Stefan Jetchick
1450, avenue des Grands-Pins
Québec, QC
G1S 4J6

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