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Correspondence with Mr. Michael Huemer (University of Colorado)

Michael Huemer, Ph.D.
Michael Huemer, Ph.D. (Source)

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1) S. Jetchick (2010-May-24)

1) S. Jetchick (2010-May-24)

-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Jetchick
Sent: 24 mai 2010 12:09
To: ikd3lob02 (add what needs to be added) sneakemail.com
Subject: Advice to young philosophers; Scary Bible quotes

Good day Mr. Michael Huemer,

A buddy of mine sent me a link to your web site.

This caught my eye:

	Advice for New and Aspiring Philosophers

I tried to read the advice, and was struck by the fact almost
none of it is actually related to being a Philosopher! (Although
much of it is quite fun to read, like: "The excess philosophers
are hired by teaching schools without graduate programs (or else
leave the profession in exasperation)."


I too have a page of advice for "Aspiring Philosophers", but
it has nothing to do with earning money or becoming famous:

	The Philosopher's Glove

This also caught my eye:

	Scary Bible Quotes

Wow! I've always wanted such a list, but especially I've always
wanted to have a public debate with someone about such a list.
And not just any debate! A debate where:

	"The first one to invoke a religious belief, loses!"

What do you think?


Stefan Jetchick

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