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Another Bureaucratic Calvary?
(Police-State vs. Freedom of Speech)


Table of contents

1) Original Message by S. Jetchick (2018-March-30)
2) First followup by S. Jetchick (2018-April-05)
3) Second followup by S. Jetchick (2018-October-26)
4) Freedom of Information attempt (2018-October-27)
5) Open letter to the Public Security Minister (2018-October-29)
6) Acknowledgement of receipt; Freedom of Information (2018-November-06; French Only)
7) Following the refusal of the Sûreté du Québec, request for review by the Information Access Commission (2018-November-29; French only)
8) Answer from the Information Access Commission (2019-Jan-10)
9) Second Answer from the Information Access Commission (2019-Jan-17)
10) Slap in the face from the Sûreté du Québec (2019-Feb-14)
11) Second request for review by the Information Access Commission (2019-Feb-20; French only)
12) Notice to Appear before the Information Access Commission (2019-May-06; French only)
13) Written Acknowledgment of Notice to Appear before the Information Access Commission (2019-May-16; French only)
14) Conversation with Council Claire-Hélène Audet, lawyer-mediator at the CAI (2019-May-31; French only)
15) E-mail to Council Marc-Antoine Patenaude (2019-June-01; French only)
16) Request to the Court of Québec for leave to appeal (not sent yet; French only for now)
17) Me M.-A. Patenaude (2019-June-11; French only)
18) Answer of S. Jetchick to M.-A. Patenaude (2019-June-12; French only)
19) Hearing before the CAI (2019-June-13; French only)
20) Potential complaint to the Quebec Bar Association against Me Marc-Antoine Patenaude? (2019-June-18; French only)
21) CAI Ruling: Request is rejected (2019-June-20; French only)
22) Open Letter to Myrianna Castagna, Sûreté du Québec Analyst (2019-Sept-03)
23) Phone call from Myrianna Castagna (2019-Oct-09; French Only)
24) Revocation notice of a firearms permit (2019-Oct-16)
25) Remand of Revocation notice (first page only; 2019-Nov-07)
26) Court hearing before Judge René de la Sablonnière, against Prosecutor Pierre-Alexandre Bernard (2020-July-09 and 10)

1) Original Message by S. Jetchick (2018-March-30)

Dear fellow Canadian firearm owners,

I'm curious: has this ever happened to you? Has your PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) ever been randomly disactivated?

Since I had just signed up for a two-day BlackBadge (IPSC) course, I needed [censored for the Internet]. So I ordered some from Cabela's Canada on 2018-March-15, but the Customer Support lady told me my PAL number was coming back "not valid" from the RCMP web site. "But I've had it for years, and I've never had a problem with it! And it only expires in 2020!" She tried again, still didn't work.

I therefore tried to go on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police web site (www.services.rcmp-grc.gc.ca) with my "GCKey User ID" and my "GCKey Password". No! It gave me an error message like "This User has been revoked"!

So I got on the phone and prepared to suffer Calvary again, and called the dreaded "800-731-4000" number, where you are whipped with voice menus, spit on with silly messages you are forced to listen to while you wait, and often crucified with "We are experiencing an unusually high call volume. Try later. CLICK!"

After several days (yes, days), I managed to reach a human person. She told me my PAL had been "disactivated randomly", and that they were going to send me additional forms to fill out, so my PAL could be "reactivated".

The lady repeated several times that this was normal, that this happens all the time, that they randomly select PALs, disactivate them, then send forms to those firearm owners, and that they only reactivate the PAL when the forms have been sent back and analysed and approved. She told me there was nothing special in my file.

Since we are always warned at the beginning of each phone call that "your conversation could be recorded", I taped these conversations. Just ask me and I'll send them to you. I can also send the forms they sent me.

The forms are basically a "full cavity search":

- A form whereby I sign consent that: "information on my medical record, my personality, my reliability, my school formation, my previous jobs and my solvency will be supplied to the Sûreté du Québec".

- The names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., of all family members (Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters, Wife, Ex-Wife, Ex-"spousal partners", children over 18).

- The names of all medical professionals currently treating me (since I'm pretty healthy, all I could find was the name of my family physican).

- The names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., of my two previous employers.

- All of the addresses where I have lived for the past five years.

- The names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., of two additional references, who are neither family members nor employers.

Since I'm a very obedient and law-abiding guy (I was leaving for Maundy Thursday Mass when I took the picture here above), my forms were filled out and sent back by registered mail two days after having received them, but I personally find this whole affair very weird.

Stefan Jetchick
[Usual contact info]

2) First followup by S. Jetchick (2018-April-05)

Logo Stasi.

Dear fellow Canadian firearm owners,

I informally contacted the following organisations about my situation: NFA, FQTir, Beauséjour, CRTVal.

Offhand reactions were very surprised. Nobody had ever heard of "random PAL disactivations", and many suspected (as myself) that something else was involved. When I told [somebody who prefers to remain anonymous] what my suspicion was, he agreed it was probably the cause (public criticism of certain official teachings of Islam). Here are my current thoughts:

Smoke detector.

1) Why should you care? Some sources knowedgeable about Canadian laws and the current state of our government estimate my chances of having my PAL revoked and cops show up at my front door to seize my firearms as above 50%. Knowing what is happening to fellow Canadian firearm owners is important, because you could be next.

2) Where can we buy a "Gun Confiscation Detector"? I don't know. I think you have to build one yourself, with the following two-part recipe:

- Find Snow White;
- Make her poke the tyrant in the eye!

Snow White.

The first part is obvious. If a terrorist has his guns seized by the police, we all cheer for the police! If a drug addict, or a suicidal alcoholic, or a mentally-unstable person has access to guns, something could go very wrong. We probably don't want cops crashing through their front doors, but we sure would want some professionals to kindly look into the situation.

To build a good "Gun Confiscation Detector", you need a "Snow White", somebody who has never taken any drugs, never been drunk, never had any mental illnesses, never done anything illegal, never made any threats to anybody, etc.

But that's not enough. This "Snow White" must be full of love for everybody, even her enemies. If "Snow White" says something negative, she will always make a very clear distinction between the bad behavior she hates (for example, drunk driving) and the person, whom she loves, engaging in that behavior (e.g. the alcoholic driving a car while having too little blood in his alcohol).

Sharia Law being poked in the eye by Snow White.

For the second part of the recipe, you need to do something that is both perfectly legal and profoundly annoying to tyrants. For example, poking Sharia Law in the eye is perfectly legal, because here in Canada, we are (supposed to be) governed by Canadian Laws, not Islamic Sharia Law. Canadian Laws forbid things like: pedophilia, wife-beating, killing people just because they are in a different religion than you, polygamy, etc. If you hand out flyers that speak out against books promoting such behaviors, you should not trigger the "Gun Confiscation Detector".

To guarantee your flyers are perfectly legal, you could have them pre-approved by the Canadian Minister of Justice, the Quebec Minister of Justice, the mayor of your town, your local Member of Parliament, the Member of Parliament responsible for the M-103 motion against "Islamophobia", the Canadian Armed Forces, all Canadian mosques, as many local journalists as you can reach, your local "catholic" Bishop, etc.

Some might claim this is "enticing hatred or prejudice against a recognizable group". But such an accusation is so vague, it can be used against anybody who speaks out against anything, no matter how charitably. For example, what if I see a Company dumping toxic chemicals in the St-Laurence River, chemicals so toxic that it kills the fish and causes horrible diseases to people downstream? If I speak out against this, will I be charged with "enticing hatred" toward the employees of that Company, and forced to shut up? (The possibilities for State censorship are endless!)

Does this "Gun Confiscation Detector" exist? Well, apart from being an old ugly guy and not a pretty young girl, I think yes.

3) What if you're the poor policeman assigned to knock on my door to confiscate my guns? Relax. My fight is not with you. I'm up against Justin Trudeau and his underlings. And even then, what I want from Justin (or one of his representatives) is a good debate, uncensored by the CBC.

Funerals for Policeman Yves Têtu.
Funerals for Policeman Yves Têtu.

I know good cops exist. Many years ago, I started my Infantry Officer's course with a nice guy called Yves Têtu. We did pushups together, shined boots and ironed shirts together, shot targets up with our FN-C1's together. He later on became a cop, a good cop, but he was killed by a bad cop. I have nothing against good cops. We need more of them.

The little song we sing before hockey games.

4) That little song we sing before Hockey games. Leftists hate the Canadian National Anthem, especially the French lyrics:

Car ton bras sait porter l'épée,
Il sait porter la Croix!
(Your arm knows how to bear the sword,
It knows how to bear the Cross!)

Those "swords" are not because our Founding Fathers were in favor of "Ballistic Masturbation". We don't own guns primarily to pleasure ourselves on the range, but because:

Ta valeur Protégera nos foyers et nos droits!
(Your valor Will protect our families and our rights!)

If Canadians can get their guns confiscated because they speak out against books that (apparently at least) promote pedophilia, wife-beating, killing "infidels", polygamy, etc., then we have a problem. If law-abiding citizens can get their guns confiscated because of secret files known only to the police, then we have a problem. If a Gun Confiscation Detector sounds the alarm, then you need to start singing that little song they sing before hockey games, but not while holding your hockey stick...

Trudeau the Red Tape Dispenser.

3) Second followup by S. Jetchick (2018-October-26)

Dear fellow Canadian firearm owners,

No good news to report. Since my last message, I spoke four times to the frustrating "800-731-4000" number of the Canadian Firearms Program. Today, at about 09h24, I spoke to Mr. Vincent Auger, who again told me what has been repeated to me for about seven months: there have been "events", and further "analysis" have been requested, and nothing else. All my questions on the nature of these "events" is left without answer. All my questions about the "analysis" receive the same cold and insulting treatment: no answer on when the analysis will be finished, no answer on who is reponsible for the file, no answer on what I can do to find out what is going on with my file, no answer when I ask to speak to the superior of the person I'm talking to, etc. So the system has been laughing at me for seven months, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

The only difference today is I mentioned the Quebec Commission for Information Access:

A Department or public organism has a file about me. Can I consult my file?
Answer: Yes, you can consult your personal file.

Would this work? I don't know, but it's worth a try (the fact they have been stonewalling me for seven months without ever mentioning this might bode well). A reader also suggests trying The Québec Ombudsman. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, learn about the warning signs of a Police-State, and inform people around you!

4) Freedom of Information attempt (2018-October-27)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Demande d'accès à des documents au sujet de la PPA de Stefan Jetchick
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2018 12:18:02 -0400
From: Stefan Jetchick sjj@
To: accesdocuments add at sign here surete.qc.ca

Quebec City, October 27, 2018.

Ms Caroline Guay
Directrice du service de l'accès et de la protection de l'information
1701, rue Parthenais, UO 1110
Montréal (QC) H2K 3S7
Tél. : 514 596-7716
Téléc. : 514 596-7717
accesdocuments (add the "at" sign here) surete.qc.ca

Subject: Request for access to documents

Good day Ms Caroline Guay,

I'm sorry in advance if you're not exactly the right person to whom I should send this letter. I found your name on page 66 of Liste des organismes assujettis et des responsables de l'application de la Loi sur l'accès, and was told yesterday by the customer service representative at the "800-731-4000" number of the Canadian Firearms Program that the file they have on me could be consulted using a request through the Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec.

Pursuant to Section 9 of the Loi sur l'accès aux documents des organismes publics et sur la protection des renseignements personnels, I wish to obtain copy of all documents of my file at the Contrôleur des armes à feu du Québec (whether they are in their possession, or whether they just refer to them), especially those related to the mysterious disactivation of my PAL described here.


Stefan Jetchick
[Usual contact info]

8) Answer from the Information Access Commission (2019-Jan-10)

Answer from the Information Access Commission.

Imagine, a month and a half after my request (by email and by letter), I am informed that something is missing. But I provided my phone number, my email address, etc. Why not bounce me a little email to tell me so, the day after receiving my request? (especially since they never sent an acknowledgment, not even a small "AutoResponder").

But it's worse. My supposedly missing document is in the hands of the bureaucrats over whom they are supposed to have the authority to extract any information, even information those bureaucrats don't want to disclose! Why not phone up these bureaucrats to tell them: "This is the powerful and scary Information Access Commission. Send us a copy of the request you received from Mr. Jetchick, otherwise, be very afraid!"

But there's even worse! None of my documents are missing! I sent everything electronically. And don't forget that Quebec's Government gargles its throat with "Sustainable Development"! So they are against paper copies, and should prefer electronic versions that don't waste trees!

But wait, wait! There's more! Seeing this madness, I tried to contact them. But the lady who sent me the letter has no contact information on her letter! A civil servant goes through the trouble of sending me a paper letter, but without telling me how to contact her! So, I have to go through their stupid call center. OK, let's do it! Bang! Right off the bat, a long recorded message that repeats platitudes we already know. Then, "If you know the name of the person you want to talk to, dial Zero." I dial zero: "All our agents are currently busy serving other clients. Leave us a voice message." So I leave a voice message, and abandon hope...

Fortunately, a few hours later, my phone rings, and it's an employee of the Commission! She doesn't know who I am, doesn't have my file, but at least it's a human person! I told her all the information was in what I had already sent them. "Ah OK. I'll go see". And that's it! The employee told me she would go read my email! They started by telling me (a month and a half late) that I was missing an essential element, to then change their minds and confess that they would go read what I sent!

Excuse me, I have to engage in a stress reduction activity...

Bang head here.

9) Second Answer from the Information Access Commission (2019-Jan-17)

Answer to me.

Request to the QPP for me.

A few days later I got a big thick envelope from the Information Access Commission. It's just two short letters, and a long paper printout (15 pages) of this web page (without their first answer).

The two short letters are first an acknowledgment of receipt saying they got my request, and a second one asking the Sûreté du Québec to send me the "motivated response to the applicant's application". In other words, the Left Hand of the Government is telling the Right Hand of the Government to refuse once again my request, but this time to just do it in writing! The Law explicitely says that not answering withing 20 days IS a refusal! The Sûreté du Québec HAS responded to my request already!

What they should have said was something like: "We, of the mighty and fearsome Information Access Commission, hereby order you to disclose the information you are wrongfully withholding from a Citizen!" But it's all smoke and mirrors, to make voters think that we still live in a free Country, from what I can see.

A Government by the People, for the People, should not have secrets kept from the People. Unless there is a provable reason to keep it secret, every citizen should have access to all the information the Government is keeping about them.

In my case, the Police has refused my request, without giving a reason, therefore that information should automatically be made accessible (because there is no reason to keep it secret, and by default it must be accessible).

10) Slap in the face from the Sûreté du Québec (2019-Feb-14)

Slap in the face.

The Sûreté du Québec has sent its "answer" to my request. Thirty-four pages! And 34 pages almost one month later!

The most important page is their answer as such. This answer is simple: the Access to Information Act has a loophole that allows any police officer to hide anything from any citizen, using the following magic formula:

these are documents the disclosure of which might hinder an upcoming, ongoing, or subject to reopening investigation.

Note that the door is open for an ongoing investigation, but also an upcoming investigation! So all a policeman has to say is: "Um, maybe someday I'll investigate this guy!", and presto! the policeman can start accumulating a secret pre-crime file on this citizen! And even if the police conduct their investigation, and find nothing (as it surely is the case for me), the fact that the investigation proved the citizen was beyond reproach doesn't mean anything, because since there was investigation in the past, this means that the investigation could one day be re-opened! So the police can keep secret this file on this citizen!

Not only is this loophole as big as the combination of past, present and future, but on top of that it's the police that decides whether something might "hinder the investigation". So if the police does something illegal, the disclosure of their professional misconduct would "hinder the investigation" (since a Judge would stop it!), so they can keep their misdeeds secret!

The other thirty three pages are a long bureaucratic slap in the face. They are copies of documents that I sent them! Every few years, we must apply to renew our license. Each of those requests incurs many pages of nonsense that must be repeated. A good dozen pages are photocopies of these forms! And as these forms also require all kinds of supporting documents, another dozen pages are simply photocopies of this or that certificate, or a photo, or the back of this photo, etc.! And to top it off, they even have the nerve to send me a copy of two documents taken from this web page!

(There were even 3 photocopied pages with nothing on them! And of course, all this environmental mess was photocopied only on one side, and in addition it was done on big 8.5x14 sheets, while the originals are small 8.5x11 sheets, which wasted even more paper! Sustainable development is not supposed to be the sustainable development of deforestation...)

They could have just told me, "No, the police has a secret file on you, and the Access to Information Act has such a big loophole, that if the goaltender of the Montreal Canadians had such a loophole in his pads, we'd be able to fit a whole subway train through his legs. Therefore you'll never know what's inside!"

At least it would not have taken almost a year, a ream of paper, and an small army of overpaid bureaucrats...

22) Open Letter to Myrianna Castagna, Sûreté du Québec Analyst (2019-Sept-03)

Myrianna Castagna.
Myrianna Castagna.

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Formulaire signé; ajout à notre longue conversation téléphonique
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2019 11:04:01 -0400
From: Stefan Jetchick
To: Castagna,Myrianna

Good day Ms. Myrianna Castagna,

I'm back from my short holiday. I enjoyed the rest and
change of environment!

I had time to think about your phone call of 2019-August-27,
which started about 14h00 and lasted about two hours and a
half (essentially, a long and detailed interrogation to find
out whether the Quebec Provincial Police will revoke my
permit and seize my firearms).

I would like a copy of the recording of that conversation
(you obtained my consent before starting the recording).
Also, please consider this e-mail as continuation to that
phone call.

You began the interrogation by saying roughly: "As you know,
this process was triggered by the distribution of your
Love Tubes".

Actually, that was the first time the Sûreté du Québec
admitted that fact. So far, they had wasted a lot of
taxpayer's money, and a lot of my time, denying the obvious.
They even sent two lawyers, one witness, and one armed
bodyguard to go in front of a judge to try to obfuscate that
fact. Of course, such behavior doesn't help citizens trust
the government...

You were very polite and professional during the whole
interrogation, with two exceptions, when you tried your
very best to remain polite and professional, while also
changing the subject of the conversation as fast as you

First, when we spoke about what triggered me to distribute
these Love Tubes.

As I've explained elsewhere, this all began in Quebec's
Provincial Parliament, when I was translating for a
Parliamentary Committee, and the representative of the
Canadian Muslim Forum [Corrected 2019-Nov-30; I had
made an error and written: Muslim Association of Canada]
asked our Government to change our laws so as to permit
child marriages. [For this also I was wrong: it was the
Government that was changing our laws! See
Jetchick Fake News: Paedophilia And The Canadian Muslim Forum]

Since this is an e-mail, you cannot cut me off. So I'm going
to insist. I'm being dragged through this whole long and
expensive process, and threatened to have my firearms
confiscated, because I tried to protect our little girls.

Somebody came into our Parliament and asked our Government
to legalize paedophilia.

Nobody objected. No journalists reported on this. No
Members of Parliament spoke about it publicly. Nothing.
Imagine if a group of Catholic Priests came into
our National Assembly and asked the Government to legalize
sexual assaults on young choirboys? There would be so many
reports on this topic that the CBC would burn down!

I insist: the police is crawling up my private life
because I OBJECT to the promotion of paedophilia by
anybody and anything, including religions. They are
doing this because I want to PROTECT our little

It is amazing (and sad) when you think about it!

The second time you changed the topic of the conversation
as fast as you could was when you spoke about the
complaints about my flyers. (Very few complaints
actually. I handed out over four thousand, and I from the
redacted information the police did divulge following my
Freedom of Information request, there were two

I asked you if the police had told these people that
they should not complain to the police, but to all the people
who were asked a long time ago, BEFORE I started handing
out my flyers, if they had any objections, and who
DID NOT object:

	- The Minister of Justice of Canada;
	- The Minister of Justice of Quebec;
	- The Mayor of Quebec City;
	- The Federal Liberal MP of my riding, Joel Lightbound;
	- The muslim MP who sponsored S-103, Iqra Khalid;
	- All the mosques in Canada;
	- Several "catholic" Bishops (including Cardinal Lacroix);
	- The Canadian Army;
	- Etc.

To this list, we now have to add:

	- The Police Department of Quebec City;
	- The Quebec Provincial Police (your organization).

Indeed, both these police forces have been sitting on
these complaints for over a year, without even contacting
me to say: "Hey, Jetchick, stop handing out those flyers,
it's wrong!" So basically they also are admitting there is
nothing wrong with my flyers...

Since I cannot be cut off in an e-mail, I will insist:
this whole process is based on two unfounded complaints!
Two people complained, without reason, without there being
some kind of legal credibility to their complaints! The
complaints are unjustified, as is demonstrated by the very
behavior of everybody who examined these flyers, including
the police.

You could try to defend the Sûreté du Québec by saying that
even though the complaints were silly and vacuous, nevertheless
I could pose a security risk. Except there is nothing neither
in my behavior, nor in the official teachings of the Catholic
Church, which supports that.

My behavior toward all Muslims, including those who
complain about my flyers, is always peaceful. For example:

	- Correspondence with Mme Nancy Fall
	- Correspondence with M. Mohamed Kammoun

You can also read among the letters mentioned here above those
I sent to other Muslims, like Iqra Khalid and all the Canadian

This personal attitude of mine is explained by my religion.
Indeed, Catholicism says that in order to go to Heaven, we must
imitate the Founder of our religion, Jesus Christ. And as you
know, Jesus is nice with everybody, even bad people who torture
Him to death:

	"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."
	[Luke 23:34]

Another example of this teaching is the Catholic attitude
toward people who are totally wrong and mired in error:

	A man who has fallen into error does not cease to be a
	man. He never forfeits his personal dignity; and that is
	something that must always be taken into account.
	Besides, there exists in man's very nature an undying
	capacity to break through the barriers of error and seek
	the road to truth. God, in His great providence, is ever
	present with His aid.
	[Pacem in terris, #158]

Since I'm a "Catholic Fundamentalist", I must live by such
teachings! Remember also that I claim Muslims are mostly victims
of their false religion. The category of people I consider
most guilty and dangerous are the "catholic" Bishops.

I conclude with a little detail: you surprized me with
your comment about me wearing a mask during the Parade in Toronto.
(I hate masks.) Then I remembered: I was the one who
contacted the lawyers taking us to court for 104 million dollars. I was the one who asked
to be added to that lawsuit! (You can ask Mr. Douglas Elliott who will confirm.)

Not exactly the behavior of somebody who hides his identity!



Stefan Jetchick

24) Revocation notice of a firearms permit (2019-Oct-16)

Revocation notice for a firearms permit.
Revocation notice for a firearms permit.

Last night, I picked up my registered letter at the post office. As expected, my license is revoked. So it's official: In Canada, the Firearms Act is used to silence Justin Trudeau's political opponents!

Why this revocation? Allow me to quote (and translate into English; I'm also adding paragraph numbers):

1) Failure to comply with the eligibility requirements of section 5 of the Firearms Act, particularly subsection 5 (1) - not in the interest of the safety of that person or any other person.

2) Checks in the police databases revealed incidents of police interest about you. Among these, police events of Public Incitement to Hate.

3) During audits conducted as part of the analysis of your file, reports of security concerns were received about you, which leads us to believe that you pose a risk to public safety.

4) Checks on your website indicate that you are making comments that encourage defense using firearms.

What do I think about these "accusations"?

Paragraph (1) just repeats the Legislator's intent, with which everybody agrees, especially myself! Everyone agrees that guns should not fall into the hands of terrorists, suicidal people, or violent spouses, and so on.

This is why I'm not against some sort of "Red Flag" mechanism, whereby guns can be removed from a citizen who presents an objectively provable security risk. Of course, this type of mechanism must have checks and balances, because anything remotely akin to a presumption of guilt for a pre-crime presents a serious threat to justice and democracy! But if this mechanism was well-designed and correctly used, it could in theory be made to work.

On the other hand, a corrupt policeman (probably under the direction of a just-as-corrupt politician) can subvert this mechanism to punish political dissidents and attack freedom of speech. Tell me about it, that's my case!

Focus on the buxom accusations! Don't look at what they're founded on!
Focus on the buxom accusations! Don't look at what they're founded on!

Paragraph (2) is almost the funniest. "Police events"? What in the name of God is a "police event"? It is not a conviction by any court, neither civil nor criminal. It's not even an accusation, because no charges have ever been brought against me. In fact, no police officer has ever told me, either in writing or even verbally, that I had done anything reprehensible! And they say "events" in the plural, as if I had a long rap sheet, whereas Ms. Castagna told me that my license had been disactivated because of my Love Tubes. One or two complaints (after over 4,000 Tubes distributed), that's all. And unfounded complaints, because after more than two years, no police force in Canada has hinted the slightest whiff of disapproval about my flyers! If I did something wrong, why this great silence of death? Why this total inaction of all law enforcement agencies in the Country? Normally, the police don't hesitate to communicate with you if you stray from the straight and narrow by a hair's breath. Go park illegally, and you will see that the police are quite capable of communicating quickly and effectively with you!

The favorite witness of the Quebec Provincial Police: the Giant Invisible Pink Bunny.
The favorite witness of the Quebec Provincial Police: the Giant Invisible Pink Bunny.

Paragraph (3) must be the preferred paragraph of all corrupt policemen around the world. Indeed, what can an honest citizen do against such an accusation? "We were told you're a threat, therefore you're a threat! And since you're a threat, both the witness and his testimonial must remain secret! So since you have no way to defend yourself, BINGO!, you're guilty!" With such rules for admissibility of evidence, anyone can be convicted of any crime! It's fun and easy to get rid of annoying people! We can even invent witnesses who don't exist!

But it gets worse. Think about it: what is the only reasonable thing you can do with somebody who "poses a risk to public safety"? Throw them in jail! By definition, if somebody is a threat to society, you can't solve the problem by taking away their guns. A genuine threat to society, if you take away their legal guns, will just grab illegal guns (most crimes are committed with illegal guns). If such people can't get a gun, they'll plow into a crowd with a truck or a car (sadly, we see such things in Europe on a regular basis). And if they can get neither a gun nor a motor vehicle, they'll just grab a kitchen knife! (Yet another standard news item we hear about in Europe.) If the police really believed in their accusation, they would be trying to throw me in jail. Which they are not, so their accusation is very bizarre (and libelious, I would think).

Right-wing extremist web site containing hateful literature written by judges.
Right-wing extremist web site containing hateful literature written by judges.

But the prize goes to paragraph (4). It's worded as if the police had conducted long investigations on my website, but in fact I was the one who directed them to these web pages, and my "comments that encourage defense using firearms" are not at all secret, they are in my Open Letter I sent to Quebec's Public Security Minister! Unfortunately, the funniest part of the joke is in Ms. Castagna's recording of her two-hour long interrogation (which she refuses to hand over to me). In this recording, we hear Ms. Castagna take offense at this part of my Open Letter:

To me, another indication of this castration of males is the insistence of talking about guns only in the context of hunting and sport shooting. Yes, we can hunt deer with a rifle. Yes, we can make small holes in paper targets with a pistol. But firearms are also used for defense: Defense of the family and defense of the Homeland.

She was really frustrated. And for one of the few times during her interrogation, I dared to "go on the offensive" a little. "What? If a madman barged into your house and threatened to slit the throats of your children, you'd let him?" And she mumbled, and quoted by heart all the guidelines for locking up weapons, which make self-defense more difficult. I insisted, adding that in such a situation, her husband would yell: "Honey, call 9-1-1, I'll go unlock the guns!", and that Canadian case law agrees with people's right to defend themselves. She just floundered, then fell back on "I'm the one asking the questions".

She then tried with the defense of the Country. I pointed out to her that our soldiers, whom we honor each year on November 11, did not go fight against Adolf Hitler with fly swatters. But of course, she quickly changed the subject of the conversation!

What is even more hilarious is that in this letter to the Minister, I explain why the Quebec Provincial Police is a threat to public safety! Indeed, I show why our current gun control laws are flawed, and I explain how to improve them! I even explain why the US should tighten up their gun laws too!

The conclusion of this whole story is that you have no hope against the Police in Soviet Quebekistan. Indeed: (i) the very baselessness of baseless complaints, will be used as a base to accuse you; (ii) the Police will refuse to give you access to the very documents that prove your innocence; (iii) your defense attorney cannot cross-examine the Police's star witness: the Giant Invisible Pink Bunny.

25) Remand of Revocation notice (first page only; 2019-Nov-07)

Page 1 of the Remand.

26) Court hearing before Judge René de la Sablonnière,
against Prosecutor Pierre-Alexandre Bernard (2020-July-09 and 10)

Judge René de la Sablonnière.
Judge René de la Sablonnière.

Very long document, hence on its own page.

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