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I don't normally encourage people to sign petitions, but I recommend this one, and ask you to make it known to your acquaintances:
Former Muslims who became Christians, and their friends, to His Holiness Pope Francis, about his attitude towards Islam
(Although of course I chafe at expressions like "His Holiness Pope Francis"; I prefer to say "Anti-Pope Bergoglio")


Wow! Ann Barnhardt hits another one out of the ballpark: A Christmas Meditation: Hog Grease, Septic Tanks and the Incarnation of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


Not a big deal, but I was still chuffed when I found out that Google returns my web site first, for all my "Love Tube" flyers in French, except for one where I was second.


Added an appropriate image for this upcoming Christmas time.


Repatriated here a small web site on a few ideas for a new programming language: GePSyPL


Unimportant little knick-knacks:
Translated into French the images in What Is Democracy? Some Preliminary Groundwork
Added an appropriate image in the Twitstop


Participate in great numbers in the Vigils for Life!
Correspondence with Jacob Nicodemus (Sarah's Case, Amoris Laetitia)


Two more very good articles:
Edward Feser on the fundamental principles of society (solidarity, subsidiarity, family and patriotism): Liberty, equality, fraternity?
Ann Barnhardt whallops Bergoglio, explaining again why it's important to avoid imagining he's the Pope: Antipope Bergoglio: The People Who Were Killed in Sodom and Gomorrah Were Received Into Heaven


Put much better image for this old article.


Three excellent articles:
This Is YUGE: A Faithful Priest Knocks Out Francis... (especially the letter of Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy, Capuchin)
Making Suicide A Virtuous Act: Antipope Bergoglio and NWO Executing Depopulation Plan
Florida Man Has Fender Bender in Manhattan


After arguing with a few priests about the letter to Mons. Lépine, I added a section with their objections.
Updated recipe for GORP


Correspondence with Mr. Conrad Novak (survivorsfortress.com)


Correspondence with Mrs. Catherine Tremblay (Love Tubes; French only)


Small report on the Quebec City Life Chain of 2017 (French only)


Added 2 hyperlinks to my opinion in Section 4, and a Post-Scriptum in Hasta La Vista, Jorge!


Correspondence with Monsieur X37 (Book called "Elohim" by Roger Vigneron; French Only)


Continuation and probably end of correspondence with Mme Marie-Renée Grondin (French only)
Attempt to contact the Love Squads (or Brigades) (Flyer against the Ste-Foy Mosque; French only)


Jeepers I'm such an idiot... It took another phone call from an angry Muslim for me to remember I asked all Canadian mosques permission to hand out my flyer on Islam, almost a year ago!
Added description of the small explanatory insert in the composition of the Love Tube (today is also the first day I handed out Love Tubes that included that insert).


Extracted Me Gaétan Rancourt into his own file, rearranged what remained in the original file (mostly adding pointers to related correspondence).


Correspondence with Mme Marie-Renée Grondin (Georges Buscemi at CHOI Radio X; French only)


Correspondence with Mme Nancy Fall (French only)
Sent the first Tweet of my life to Annie Mathieu! (French only)


Tweaked my Profession of Faith by adding "insofar as he is himself in communion with Jesus Christ".


For many years this web site was famous for an article criticizing the local Bishop, Cardinal Marc Ouellet. Now, after many years, I'm adding one criticising the current local Bishop, Cardinal Gérald-Cyprien Lacroix.
Correspondence with Mr. Mohamed Kammoun (French only)
Correspondence with Mme Lauren Kirchner
Changed the name "Love Roll" to "Love Tube" for copyright reasons (in French there is no problem).


After my second official feedback, added a small warning at the bottom of Love Muslims, Hate Islam!


After my first official feedback, made public the distribution record for Love Tubes (French only)


The Death Penalty
(and added references to it from here, here, here, and here)

Correspondence with Miss X35 and Doctor X36 (University research on [censored social pathology]; French only)


Just added nice little picture to the Prayer Before Intellectual Work


Materially tiny but theologically huge change: now that it has been made public, I can add hyperlinks to the Theological censure of Amoris Laetitia signed by 45 Theologians, Philosophers, Historians and Priests, in Hasta la vista, Jorge!
While I'm at it, I modify that article's conclusion so it reflects my current opinion: sedevancantism... Rats. Crap. Darn. Lord have mercy on me...

Answer from Monsignor Christian Reisbeck


I would need to translate into French and to add some yellow in a few unfortunate places, but I really enjoyed these two articles by Ann Barnhardt:
Bergoglio is NOT «peacefully and universally» accepted as Pope
Don't Be Dumb. Obedience Has Nothing To Do With It. They're All Blackmailable.


Correspondence with Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms (Fight against Iqra Khalid's M-103)


New France's Epic: Land of Fire (Free outdoor show)
Correspondence with Monsignor Christian Reisbeck (Ottawa Diocese; Love Tubes Imprimatur)
Correspondence with The Rebel.Media (Alternative news site in Canada)


Open Letter from Mrs. Doris Gagnon to Monsignor Daniel Berniquez (giant spider on Ottawa cathedral to promote pagan myth; French only)


Added local copy of the English Bible on the Vatican.


Bah, probably a waste of time, but still tried to answer Council Gaétan Rancourt of the Quebec Justice Department (French Only)


On the 100th anniversary of the July 13 apparitions of Fatima, I handed out my first Love Tubes! Deo gratias!


Please come in great numbers to the 28th Christendom Pilgrimage, Saturday August 5, 2017, organized by Mr. Yves Prayal (French only).
Quick investigation of Father John O'Connor, O.P.


Centralised the list of redirects that compose a Love Tube


Updated "What do you think of this video on YouTube?" because I'm being bombarded with YouTube videos these days.


Correspondence with Elections Canada (Electoral Financing)


Ouch! Fixed four big typos in the Koran references in Section 2 of The 'Same God' Question (Islam and Christianity). Sorry...


Superb speech by Father Linus F. Clovis: The Anti-Church Has Come


Excellent Open Letter To Monsignor Christian Lépine.
Added the same very appropriate picture at the top of this article...


Come in large numbers to the
Nighttime Pilgrimage for Hemen and Young Hemen, 6th Edition!
(The organizers had said "for Men and Young Men", but "men" in the sense of hemen.)


Updated my correspondence with Alexis Bugnolo (re-founding of the Knights Templars)
Added Section 3 to belabor the obvious again, in the hope of convincing a non-Catholic just how bad Bergoglio is.


Correspondence with MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop)


At work today heard about an interpreter who suffered severe damage to his ears. "Preached the gospel" of audio compression to the other interpreters who were there today. They seemed interested, so tried to add more information for them.


Good news: I once again have a good bicycle. Bad news: my previous one was a big stupid expensive mistake.


Did I ever laugh seeing this image!


Correspondence with Madame X34 (Collège de Maisonneuve, questions on abortion; French only).


I had a bunch of pictures lying around for a rainy day. So I added pictures to:
Love Policemen, Hate the Police State!
Gunshot Wound Kit
"Camping" List
The "Pope's Challenge": Are you Catholic or Protestant?
13) What should I do if I disagree with this web site?
"Canonization Funerals"
Hasta La Vista, Jorge!
God Is Not Called Allah, And Muhammad Is Not His Prophet
Correspondence with Mr. Pierre Messier
14) What can this web site do for you?
Profession of Faith
10) Why not just pray and be good Catholics?
Correspondence with Ms. Anne Archet


Added picture of clever frog in boiling water.
Started revamping "Food" list.


Removed the "or yellow" in The "P-2865" Test to reduce the number of false negatives.
Correspondence with Mr. Nirmal Savio Paul
Added quote of [Si 2:1-5] in SJJ bio.
Added picture of myself in Books I Might Get Around To Read Some Day.


I must confess reading books has become a very rare activity for me. Is it because of old age which makes me nod off after a few minutes? Lack of income which almost makes me vomit at the idea of just sitting down and reading something which will never get me a job? Corrupt Pope and Bishops which pretty well guarantee failure of any apostolic activity, destroying any desire to read? Laziness? Lukewarm life of Faith?

Whatever the reason, I've removed some lists of books on my web site, mostly because they were placeholders to be eventually filled with all the wonderful books I was going to find and read (Politics and Philosophy). Also simplified Some Good Books (merged list of Science books into it, toned down the importance of Vatican II in the "Good Family" level, etc.).


Hardened a bit the treatment I recommend for wolves in the FAQ about how a good and joyful inquisition would proceed.


Correspondence with Mme. Isabelle Dallaire (Chancellor, Diocese of Chicoutimi; French Only).


Sent warning about imminent distribution of "Love Tubes" to my federal MP, the Canadian minister of Justice, the Quebec minister of Justice, and the Mayor of my city.

After over a dozen years, I finally made the effort to understand Gimp enough to make the background transparent ("color to alpha") in the site logo.

Correspondence with La Meute (French Only).


Trying a new "feature": you can now download the whole web site, right from the home page.

Changed the title, fixed a few typos, added image, added quote from JPII, but especially made all the Love Tube flyers point to FAQ #12 which used to be called How can we encourage a good and joyful inquisition?


Correspondence with Monsieur Philippe Guidal (French Only; French typography for this site).


First draft of the group of flyers that will constitute the "Love Tubes":
Love Atheists, Hate Atheism! (new)
Love Abortionists, Hate Abortion! (new)
Love Muslims! Hate Islam!
Love Policemen, Hate the Police State! (new)
Love Sodomites, Hate Sodomy!


Correspondence with Mr. Christopho Praxis (French only)


Correspondence with Le Parvis de Québec (Crypto-Protestants) (French only)


Fraud alert!
Beware of Alexis Bugnolo (Ordo Militaris)


My reaction to the Quebec City Mosque Massacre


Open Letter To Ms. Iqra Khalid (Criminalization of free speech)


Georges Buscemi is single-handedly attacking the root cause of much of today's Leftist silliness! Do sign up for his apologetics course (the poster is in French, but the course is offered in both English and French).


Rats. Darn. Fiddlesticks...
Apparently, I'm not good enough to be a member of the glorious Truth Activists, a group founded and lead by Mr. Bill Whatcott.

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