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"Camping" List

As society collapses around us and we cling to life among the ruins, it's more important than ever to have an organized and pleasant home in which to cower.

Table of contents

1) Introduction
2) Papers
3) Mobility
4) Underwear
5) Wear
6) Overwear
7) Resting
8) Tools
9) Hygiene
10) Nutrition

1) Introduction

Of course, the "Camping" list first includes all the items in the "Escaping" list.

The boundary of the "Camping Sphere" is, like all the others in this graph, a little arbitrary. I trace it according to a rule of thumb: "Transportable kilometrically, powered only by the Krebs cycle of an adult, as far as possible with the help of a friction reducing or load distribution device".

"Kilometrically" because even an old fart like me can move a piano from point A to point B, millimetrically! Here, we're talking of distances of several kilometers at least. "The Krebs cycle", for those who remember their Biology classes in high school, is what allows your muscles to do work (as opposed to burning hydrocarbons in an internal combustion engine, for example). A "friction reducing device" is for example a bicycle towing a trailer on a beautiful asphalt road, or a canoe on a lake, or a "pulk/ahkio" dragged on the snow by a snowshoer, etc. A "load distribution" device is the difference between carrying 40 kilograms of water for a few meters (because you hold the containers in your hands), or carrying the same load attached to a rucksack frame, who itself has a big belt that transmits weight to your hips, and so relieves your spine.

2) Information



Description: Standard Liturgy of the Hours, in one volume.
Price: 100$
Includes: book cover with zip (Anne Sigier PTP Luxe, #70B), little colored ribbon bookmarks, and calendar.

backup copies †

Description: Four USB memory sticks, big enough to each contain a complete copy of the laptop's contents. Two in the wallat (which I keep with me), and two in the travel wallet. I also have a CD-ROM, in case the memory sticks are damaged.
Price: 100$

important papers †

Description: All one's most important papers.
Price: 1$
Includes: health insurance card, social security card, passport, etc. Also includes a printed page with all important numbers (like credit card number, plus the phone number to call to cancel it, etc.), and important addresses. This is in case we don't have access to a computer.


Description: Printed from MS-Outlook every month.
Price: 1$

travel wallet †

Description: little nylon case to contain the backup copies and the important papers.
Price: 7$
Includes: An up-to-date business card, in case you lose the travel wallet.
Model: MEC #4009-373, Travel Wallet.

wallet †

Description: Ordinary nylon wallet.
Price: 5$
Includes: Emergency money, ordinary money, driver's license, ATM card, credit card, 2-3 business cards, little sheets of paper to take notes, two USM memory sticks.

2) Mobility

Photo of "Mobility" category.


Description: Large external frame expedition backpack.
Price: 180$
Model: Camp Trails Omega.

daypack †

Description: A good daypack, solid, water-resistant, about 28 L capacity, top-loading (no structural zippers).
Model: MEC #4003-468, Klettersac DayPack.
Price: 34$

bag for the sleeping bag

Description: A big fully waterproof bag, long and big enough to contain the inflatable mattress, the winter sleeping bag, and the summer sleeping bag.
Price: 40$
Model: Seattle Sports  Super Sack #3200.

mesh storage bag

Description: Ordinary nylon mesh storage bags, of various sizes, to help organize things a bit.
Price: 30$
Quantity: 6
Model: MEC #0607-283, Mesh Storage bag.

3) Underwear

Photo of "Underwear" category.

socks †

Description: Black sports socks.
Price: 20$
Quantity: 3 pairs
Model: Sears #452 556 138 10, Gold Toe MD Socks.

briefs †

Description: dark-colored standard cotton briefs.
Price: 27$
Quantity: 3
Model: Sears #453 012 35Y 10, Stanfield's MD briefs.

long johns

Description: Mid-weight synthetic long johns.
Price: 35$
Model: MEC #4010-386, Mid Weight Power Dry Long Johns Men's.

thin gloves

Description: Thin gloves, to protect hands when we have to remove our mittens during very cold weather, while keeping enough dexterity (to lace boots, unlock the door, etc.).
Price: 20$
Model: Latulippe Peter Storm, Thermal Gloves, 98% Chlorofibre, 2% Lycra.

T-Shirt †

Description: Ordinary cotton T-shirt.
Price: 36$
Quantity: 3
Model: MEC #5002-177, Organic Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt Men's.

handkerchief †

Description: Ordinary cotton handkerchiefs.
Price: 10$
Quantity: 3

4) Wear

Photo of "Wear" category (parka).
Photo of "Wear" category (fleece jacket, mittens, tuque, etc.).
Photo of "Wear" category (shoes, boots, pants, etc.).


Description: Winter parka, coated nylon, filled with good quality down.
Price: 295$
Model: MEC #4011-268, Guides DryLoft 550 Parka Men's.

polar jacket †

Description: Ordinary polar fleece jacket, with full length frontal zip (the pullover is too bothersome to take on and off), of Polartec 300 (fairly heavy).
Price: 67$
Model: MEC #4014-849, Trek Thermal Plus Jacket Men's.

tuque †

Description: Ordinary wool tuque.
Price: 17$
Quantity: 2
Model: MEC #5001-785, Parkhurst Merino Wool Cap.

wools socks

Description: Ordinary wool socks.
Price: 40$
Quantity: 2
Model: MEC #0311-191, Thorlo Trekking Crew Socks.


Description: Polar fleece mittens.
Price: 40$
Quantity: 2
Model: MEC #0310-169, Polartec 300 Double Mitts.


Description: Polar fleece balaclava, used among others for winter cycling (fits under the helmet).
Price: 14$
Model: MEC #4013-278, PolarTec 100S Balaclava.

pants †

Description: Good quality military-type pants (but with civilian colors).
Price: 42$
Model: Surplus Saint-Gilles 65% polyester/35% cotton, type militaire.


Description: Same type as the pants, but for summertime.
Price: 47$
Model: Surplus St-Gilles (Latulippe) Panarm.

belt †

Description: Ordinary nylon web belt.
Price: 7$
Model: MEC #4011-121, Cactus Creek Side Release Belt Unisex.

sun hat

Description: Wide-brimmed hat.
Price: 30$
Model: Latulippe Ranger Hat.

walking boots †

Description: Good walking boots, Vibram sole, leather uppers treated with Sno- Seal or something similar.
Price: 245$
Model: MEC Montrail Gore-Tex, 14M.


Description: Anything solid and confortable, etc.
Price: 110$
Model: Keen Arroyo II

5) Overwear

Photo of "Overwear" category (raincoat, windbreaker, etc.).
Photo of "Overwear" category (overmitts, gaiters, mask, etc.).

Gore-Tex raincoat (top and pants) †

Description: A high-quality raincoat, preferably 3-ply Gore-Tex, with as few zippers as possible, and with pockets as big as possible.  Size must be big enough to use in the winter, over insulating layers.
Price: 350$
Model: MEC Monsoon 2

rain gloves †

Description: Ordinary leather gloves, treated with Sno-Seal or equivalent.
Price: 15$

ski goggles

Description: Low-end ski goggles, with double transparent visor (not tinted).
Price: 20$

Gore-Tex socks

Description: Gore-Tex socks, worn over ordinary socks.
Price: 70$
Model: MEC #4000-338, Rocky  Stretch Gore-Tex Oversocks.

neoprene facemask

Description: Mask to protect the face against the wind during winter.
Price: 12$


Description: Seam-sealed Gore-Tex overmitts.
Price: 73$
Model: Outdoor Research Mt. Baker Shell Mitts (Gore-Tex).


Description: Gore-Tex gaiters, which rise at least up to mid-calf, with a real polyurethane-coated nylon strap that passes under the boot, and a mecanism to adjust that strap once and for all and never touch it again (so full-length opening with a zipper or velcro).
Price: 59$
Model: MEC #4008-858, Kokanee Gore-Tex Gaiters.

ice cleats

Description: A kind of second boot sole, with metallic cleats screwed underneath, and straps to attach the whole thing to your boots.
Price: 40$
Model: Lee Valley #EL914, Stabilicers Original.

6) Resting

Photo of "Resting" category.


Description: Self-inflating mattress, 63 x 196 x 5 cm.
Price: 89$
Model: Cascade Designs Thermarest Basecamp.

winter sleeping bag

Description: thick bag (35 cm loft), large (19.5L packed), very warm (rated -30C), cramped inside (mummy bag), 750 fill-power down insulated, hard to wash, made of water-resistant material (Gore DryLoft 1100).
Price: 500$
Model: MEC #5000-139, Thor DryLoft Sleeping Bag -30C.
Includes: Its packing bag, and also a much larger "storage" bag, to avoid compressing the down for long periods of time.



7) Tools

Photo of "Tools" category.

Finger Rosary †

Description: The "Boy Scout's Rosary". It's just a handy little metal ring, with a crucifix and ten bulges to count ten "Ave Maria". Don't underestimate the importance of having a physical object on yourself which reminds you of your duties as a Soldier of Christ.
Price: 1$

walking stick

Description: Collapsible Aluminum walking stick, with tungsten-carbide tips, rubber tip guard.
Price: 100$

jacknife †

Description: Good old Swiss Army jacknife, with scissors.
Price: 34$
Model: MEC #4002-284, Victorinox Climber.
Includes: a sewing needle tucked into the tweezers.

key ring †

Description: All keys, on a split ring, attached to pants' belt loop with static 5 mm cord.
Price: 5$
Quantity: 2 (one set in a safe place, the other with oneself)

glasses †

Description: Really handy if you don't have 20-20 eyesight!
Price: 300$
Quantity: 2 (too important to have only one pair)
Includes: clip-on sunglasses, impact-resistant carrying cases.

watch †

Description: Digital display, water-resistant, night-light watch.
Price: 73$
Model: Timex Ironman.

mini-flashlight †

Description: A little flashlight that can be attached to a keyring. See "flashlight" for other characteristics.
Price: 70$
Model: Arc-AAA Premium w/GS LED.

headlamp †

Description: flashlight that is water-resistant, with a LED lightbulb, standard cells (in this case 3 AAA batteries), that fits on the head to be able to work with both hands.
Price: 42$
Quantity: 2 (too important to have only one)
Model: MEC #5019-003, Princeton Tec Eos Headlamp

ball-point pen †

Description: ball-point pen.
Price: 27$
Model: 400BCL Fisher Space Pen, Bullet style, Black finish with clip, with medium black ink cartrige.


Description: Ordinary throw-away gas lighter.
Price: 3$
Quantity: 2

8) Hygiene

Photo of "Hygiene" category.

first-aid kit

Description: Anything reasonable. Anyway, you always have to add quite a few things yourself.
Price: 95$
Model: MEC #5003-384, Adventure Medical Backcountry First Aid Kit.
Includes: On top of the purchased contents (see list inside the kit itself), a good pair of tweezers (General Tools #423-4 Swiss Pattern Tweezers), a good thermometer, the prescription medications you need, etc. Pills and rubbing alcohol are in neat little containers ("Contain-alls" by Coghlan's, 5$ at Latulippe).


Description: Any little handy pouch, with toiletries.
Price: 20$
Includes: toothpaste, soap (in a plastic soap box), dental floss, razor (with 2-3 spare blades), paper towels or roll of toilet paper, rubbing alcohol (to sanitize hands), ear plugs (PharmaSystems Soft Foam orange rated at 33 decibels, for noisy neighbors in hotels, etc.). If you go camping, it can also include: mosquito-repellant, sun cream, etc.

9) Nutrition

Photo of "Nutrition" category.

LPG gas stove

Description: Simple little stove gas stove.
Price: 55$
Model: Latulippe Coleman Peak 1 #3001-700T.

gas bottle

Description: For the little LPG gas stove. Each bottle boils about 7 L in ideal conditions (no wind, room temperature).
Price: 14$
Quantity: 2
Model: Latulippe Coleman Peak 1 #3250-712T.

saucepan and lid

Description: Camping cookware, including saucepan, lit and handle.
Price: ~30$


Description: Lexan soup spoon.
Price: 1$


Description: mug that is stainless-steel, vacuum insulated, low and stable and with cover (to avoid spilling coffee on laptop).
Price: 8$
Model: Canadian Tire no name brand, made in China


Description: Handy format water bottles.
Price: 15$
Quantity: at least 2 bottles of 1L capacity each.
Model: MEC #5002-131, Nalgene Round Narrow Mouth Loop Top Lexan Bottle.

water purifier

Description: Chlorine water-disinfection kit.
Price: 21$
Model: MEC # 4013-495, Pristine ClO2 60ml Water Treatment.


See the "Rations" section of the Food list.

kitchen accessories


nutrition bag

Description: Just an ordinary nylon mesh bag to contain everything related to nutrition (rations, heater, saucepan, etc.).
Price: 6$.

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