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The Quebec City Mosque Massacre

Alexandre Bissonnette.
Alexandre Bissonnette.

1) Introduction

A couple of days ago, right here in "my back yard" (Quebec City, Canada), there was a horrible massacre of innocent people at a local mosque (it's about an hour's walk from my appartment), perpetrated by what seems to be a 100% white, sane, deer-hunting, Trump-loving non-Muslim French-Canadian islamophobe (reportedly called Alexandre Bissonnette).

Here are my first reactions to this event.

2) My religion forbids me to just think about the victims and their families

Reaction of Stephen Harper, ex-Prime Minister of Canada: «My thoughts are with the victims and their families».
Reaction of Stephen Harper, ex-Prime Minister of Canada:
«My thoughts are with the victims and their families».

What does "having thoughts" about victims and their families do? Nothing, as far as I know. My religion forbids me to only "think" about innocent victims and their families. My religion orders me to love all men. And love means doing actual good to that person, and the only way of doing good to a dead person is to contact the Almighty Supreme Being and ask Him to do good to the spiritual souls of the deceased (since only their material bodies are now dead). So, of course, last night I prayed for the victims of the Quebec City Mosque Massacre.

3) According to Pope Francis, the assassin didn't do anything wrong

Way to go, Bissonnette! Just follow your conscience!
Way to go, Bissonnette! Just follow your conscience!

According to my religion (Catholicism), our consciences do not "create" moral norms. So even if the conscience of Alexandre Bissonnette was really telling him to go and kill innocent people, that still would not have justified his intrinsically evil actions. And when I condemn this barbaric attack, not only does my conscience tell me to condemn it, but it's intrinsically worthy of being condemned, independently of anybody's intentions or any imaginable "special" circumstances.

I don't know exactly which religion Pope Francis belongs to, but his position on the role of our conscience is certainly not the Catholic position, since it could be used to justify Bissonnette's actions.

4) Apparently, the CBC got it right

I never hesitate to condemn the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (the CBC) for their taxpayer-funded Leftist propaganda. Normally, when some terrorist attack occurs somewhere on the planet, the CBC is one of the last news outlets to admit the terrorists were Muslims. Actually, even if the terrorist quotes the Koran while slitting throats, or prays to Allah before going on a shooting spree, or regularly attends the local mosque, or explains on social media sites exactly why the official teachings of Islam require him to terrorize infidels (or all of the above!), the CBC pretty well always defends Islam, whatever Muslims do.

But this time around, the CBC seems to have it right. Based on what I can find on the Internet a few days after the event, this was one of those rare crimes against Muslims committed by a 100% white, sane, deer-hunting, Trump-loving, non-Muslim islamophobe. My usual sources of information for Islamic terrorism screwed up very badly (JihadWatch.org, Breitbart.com, PamelaGeller.com, therebel.media, etc.) Even after 48 hours, many of them had not finished retracting their preliminary accusations.

So I repeat, once again: I unfortunately do not have one, good, "infallible", honest source of news that could replace the CBC. The best I can do is to have several sources, from competing view points, and avoid listening only to one side of the story.

5) When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away

I don't have any sources of information inside the Quebec City Police Department (actually, the only thing I have is proof that there is something terribly wrong with the "culture" of that Police Department). But based on what I've heard, the police did not stop the killer. The killer just killed all the innocent victims he felt like killing, then just walked away. I'm not sure the police would have ever found him if Bissonnette had not called them to turn himself in.

Will Justin Trudeau and all the other Leftist politicians in Canada publicly apologize for depriving Canadians of their natural and civil right to legitimate defense? (There is no such thing in Canada as a permit to carry a weapon for self-defense.) That mosque, as well as any other public place in Canada, is what Americans call a "Gun-Free Zone", also known as a "Welcome All Killers, Plenty Of Helpless Victims Here" zone.

If any legislative action is taken by Justin Trudeau, it will probably be to make it even harder for honest law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. So yet another proof will be supplied to the old proverb: "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns".

(That being said, I also claim that the gun laws in Canada should be modified to forbid ownership of guns for Atheists and Muslims. There are solid reasons to doubt the moral competence of Atheists and Muslims who actually take their respective ideologies seriously.)

6) I refuse to "have solidarity" with the victims of this massacre

Solidarity with what? Muslims and Islam? or Muslims without Islam?
Solidarity with what? Muslims and Islam? or Muslims without Islam?

Leftist politicians all over Canada are currently tripping over each other to "show solidarity". But solidarity with what, exactly? Muslims and Islam? or Muslims without Islam? Common sense compels me to have solidarity with Muslims, but Muslims without Islam, i.e. Muslims as human persons, not the satanic errors these poor people are mired in. So just plain "solidarity"? with no qualifications? Sorry, no.

Let's not forget the basic mechanism for the CBC's pro-Islam propaganda:

	Muslims are human persons, and all human persons have dignity.
	Islam is essential to Muslims.
	Therefore, Islam has dignity.

The CBC gets away with this lie by constantly repeating it. They will show pictures of nice little Muslim babies, and poor devastated Muslim families crying over the victims, and pretty Muslima girls with hijabs explaining just how normal they are, and so on. They never (as far as I know) make the effort to actually look at the official teachings of Islam. They also never mention that people like me have nothing against Muslims. And of course, they never remind their viewers that anybody can change religions anytime, that it's our responsibility to choose our religious beliefs wisely, and that there are plenty of false religions out there.

It was even funnier yesterday as I was listening to the CBC radio (local French channel, around 16h00): the host was very carefully insinuating that the radio host of a far more popular competing radio station was somehow, in a way, responsible for the attacks, because of his support for President Donald Trump. She was weasel-wording and dancing very elegantly on the line of calumny. She never of course mentioned the blindingly obvious: if a local radio host can cause such horrific attacks, just by agreeing with reasonable travel bans from countries where terrorism is endemic, what about attacks caused by what is said by Allah?

A local radio host is just some guy with a microphone and a radio antenna. But Allah? Allah is supposedly almighty, infinitely intelligent, perfectly good. If Allah directly orders behaviors targeting "infidels", won't that also have an effect? How come the words of a mere man who clearly doesn't advocate any attacks of any kind on Muslims (just go and ask him, or listen to his shows) can cause or facilitate such barbaric actions? What about the daily drone of beheadings, stonings, burnings, rapes, crucifixions, etc., committed by Muslims who explicitely quote the official teachings of Islam to justify their actions? Nah, that's "islamophobia"!

7) I sometimes fantasize about killing with guns

John Wick.

I sometimes fantasize about killing with guns, but killing falsehoods, not people. I'm in favor of perforating, not Muslims, but errors. Bloody massacres are good, according to me, when the only victims are satanic lies. Innocent human persons must be loved, in other words we must respect their intrinsic dignity, respect their right to life, make sure they have food, clothes, medical care, safe drinking water, a safe living environment, opportunities to go to school and to earn a living, and so on, and all this whatever their sex, age, skin color, nationality, etc.

That being said, I'm also in favor of the death penalty, in certain rare cases, for really horrible crimes. So if you replace John Wick with me, and the Red Circle with the Vatican City, and Iosef with Pope Francis, and Iosef's henchmen with all the Cardinals who support Amoris Laetitia, this is what I fantasize doing in Rome, every time Bergoglio makes yet another bone-headed statement! ;-)

Seriously, the movie "John Wick" is bad and I don't recommend it, but this scene, despite the hollywood exaggerations, is appropriate among others because the Good Guy comes to punish the few Bad Guys, without touching the very numerous innocent people who surround them.

8) Conclusion

What was the motive for this horrific attack? I don't know. The Leftist Media seems to be insinuating that it's because Bissonnette has many similarities with people like me. Indeed, I'm as white as can be, cautiously pro-Trump (although after one week in the White House, he's apparently already groveling before the sodomite lobby), very pro-Second Amendment, very much against Islam, etc. I'm also the most "fundamentalist" Christian I know of. You can even add that I've always been a loner (newspapers this morning are saying Bissonnette was a loner). Yet the most violent and bloody thing I've ever done was to put a big ugly gash in my finger while slicing a rutabaga (and yes, I had recently purchased a Tormek...)

My bet on the motive? Looking at the large number of totally defenceless people who were at that mosque, compared to the relatively low number of dead victims, as well as the Media reports that Bissonnette was suicidal when he called the police, and previous events of the kind, I'd bet on a combination of Atheism and mental illness. Offhand, I'd still ask for the death penalty for Bissonnette, but I do pray that he converts and repents for his sins, so that he will avoid the Second Death (eternal Hell-fire).

9) Post-Scriptum: More data?

I don't know if these sources are good. They seem to be:
Excerpts from the 911 call by Alexandre Bissonnette
Police interrogation of Alexandre Bissonnette

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