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Love Policemen, Hate the Police State!

Remember: keep it small, keep it confined, keep an eye on it; ONLY YOU can prevent Big Government!
Remember: keep it small, keep it confined, keep an eye on it; ONLY YOU can prevent Big Government!

Is your democracy slowly dying, sliding down the slippery slope leading to a Police State, totalitarianism, dictatorship? How can we detect a sick democracy?

Elections become an optical illusion

- Serious debates between all candidates disappear, replaced by some kind of electoral "beauty contest" between a few candidates who say the same thing.
- Candidates who disturb the State are mysteriously censored by the media, or are kidnapped.

Law enforcement becomes more "enforcement" and less "law"

- Police officers are increasingly equipped like soldiers. Their wages become increasingly high and secret.
- Complaints against the police fall into a deep dark labyrinth.
- The police "forget" to be there, when defenders of freedom are assaulted.

Surveillance of citizens increases, private life shrivels

- The State spies on everything circulating over the Internet, and builds databases.
- Body searches become more frequent and more humiliating.
- Street lamps are replaced by sophisticated devices that combine a bulb, but also a microphone, a night/day camera, and a real-time network.
- Cash disappears. All transactions require a smartcard.

The State increases its discretionary powers and reduces its transparency

- Laws increase in quantity and diminish in quality; everything becomes regulated, but ambiguously. Rather than clear crimes such as murder or theft, the State accuses citizens of "anti-patriotic behavior," or "dissemination of hatred," etc.
- Courts become hard to access. The accused are segregated from their lawyers and their families. Prisons become bigger and more remote.

Citizens think only of bread and games

- The State constantly wages war against a vague and omnipresent enemy.
- The Mass Media replaces all information with entertainment.
- Citizens become overfed, docile, fearful, and uncritical.
- The "Nanny-State" promises to provide citizens with everything, while simultaneously stealing their private property in a thousand different ways.

www.inquisition.ca/state         Franšais: www.jesus-eucharistie.org/etat

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