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Love Atheists, Hate Atheism!

If God really did not exist, we would just be temporary heaps of molecules randomly assembled by a purposeless evolution.

What would Love be? Molecules bumping into each other. What would Justice be? Bah, molecules bumping into each other. What would Truth be? What "truth"? There are molecules, that's all!

What are the consequences of atheism on our society?

Atheism poisons the family

- Parents kill their children (abortion).
- Children kill their parents (euthanasia).
- Anybody can "get married" with anything, and get divorced at any time.
- Entire peoples self-exterminate with the contraceptive pill.

Atheism poisons education

- Atheism becomes the religion of schools, under the pretext of "secularism" or "agnosticism".
- Rather than being entrusted to parents by God, children become the property of the State.
- The child becomes a simple cog to be shaped to fit into the clockwork of the productive system.

Atheism poisons politics

- Each politician has a price; bribes rule. Why not be "buyable", if all that exists is money and pleasure?
- Attempts to separate the Church and the State just lead to the "divinization" of the State, a State which becomes more and more powerful, before which we must bend the knee in adoration.

Atheism poisons religion

- Churches become shopping malls, or circus schools, or condominiums, etc. There are no more quiet public places to pray. Society drowns in noise and money.
- The clergy becomes "politically correct"; sermons become sanitized.
- Why should clergymen risk their paychecks or even their lives, to preach what displeases the mighty of this world? This bad example of cowardice then infects all of society.
- Instead of accumulating merits to go to Heaven, "christians" destroy the environment by dedicating their lives to the accumulation of junk. Why not be materialists, if spiritual goods don't exist?

www.inquisition.ca/atheist         Franšais: www.jesus-eucharistie.org/athee

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