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Open Letter To Monsignor Christian LÚpine

Justin Trudeau being publicly rewarded by Monsignor Christian LÚpine, 2017-May-18 in Montreal.
Justin Trudeau being publicly rewarded by Monsignor Christian LÚpine, 2017-May-18 in Montreal.

Note: This is the letter dated Saturday, May 20, 2017, sent to the Archbishop of Montreal His Excellency Christian LÚpine. We must pray for the re-conversion of most Canadian Bishops to catholicism, including Monsignor Christian LÚpine.

Along the same lines, see also Eric Alcock's excellent article Christ or Demons: Justin Trudeau Forces Catholic Bishops To Reveal Their True Father


I noticed with horror this week that you gave Holy Communion to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You know very well that you have no right to act thusly, and to give pearls to swine.

Mr. Trudeau is a public sinner who so ardently supports the murder of children in their mother's womb, that he forbids his candidates to be against abortion. His obvious, manifest, repeated and obstinate support for promoting this fundamental evil is demonic and obviously puts him in a state of public mortal sin.

This is not even counting the many other degrading, disgusting and sometimes downright diabolical opinions that this man promotes, including the worst sexual atrocities, the legalization of drugs and the war on truth in general.

Allow me to remind you of the elements of canon law that you shamefully, and without excuse, violated:

Can. 915 - Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin [manifesto] are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.

This canon was the subject of a declaration by the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts on June 24, 2000:

Naturally, pastoral prudence strongly advises to avoid any public refusal of Holy Communion. Pastors must work to explain to the faithful concerned the true ecclesial meaning of the norm, so that they can understand it or at least respect it. When, however, situations arise in which these precautions have had no effect or not been possible, the Minister of distribution of Communion must refuse to give it to those who are publicly unworthy of it. He will do it with extreme charity, and he will endeavor to explain in due course the reasons which have constrained him. Yet he must do it also with firmness, aware of the value of these signs of strength for the good of the Church and of souls.

Taking into account the nature of the norm cited above [...], no ecclesiastical authority can in any case dispense with this obligation of the Minister of Holy Communion or produce directives that contradict it.

Excellency, you have crucified Jesus publicly. I beseech you to act as a Bishop and a man of truth. Repent yourself publicly while teaching everyone the truth. Do not hide the light! This will allow the Prime Minister to reflect on his miserable and condemnable life.

At the centenary of Fatima where the Blessed Virgin showed Hell to three little children ... You cannot in conscience let the Prime Minister be damned, he and our contemporaries, without reacting. In the Name of the love of the crucified God ... I beg on my knees, tell the truth ... Invite him, invite us all to true and sincere contrition. Our Heavenly Mother loves the Prime Minister. She wants him in Heaven. He is Her child. By your silence, by your gestures of weak complicity and guilty collaboration, you're taking Her Son away from him.

2) Objections raised by some priests

I mentioned this excellent letter to a few priests, but some of them had objections. Non only objections, but objections put forth very firmly and stridently. And not just any priests, but some of the least Leftist priests in the diocese of Quebec!

Here are a few objections, with my answers:

2.1) "The Code of Canon Law doesn't say that!" Stunningly, one of the priests just simply denied reality. When I offered him to go together see his copy of the Code of Canon Law, he refused because: "I don't discuss with people like you". I wasn't proposing a discussion, I was proposing to go confront ourselves with reality. But a Leftist couldn't care less about reality. He spews insults and runs away.

2.2) "No priest can know what's in Justin's heart!" First, strictly speaking, that's false. Jesus is THE priest, and He reads in Justin Trudeau's heart, and in yours, and in mine. And Jesus will come back to judge the living and the dead! Good luck to priests who will have caused scandal with their formal collaboration with evil!

Second, yes, no purely human priest can read thoughts, except no priest needs to read thoughts! The Code of Canon Law speaks of "grave and manifest sin". The word "manifest" is the contrary of "hidden". The secret thoughts of someone are hidden to all except God. But what is manifest is manifest, even for a cowardly priest who refuses to open his eyes.

2.3) "Priests are not robots! Priests are not perfect!" That's true, so true that Jesus clearly says: "Without Me, you can do nothing" [Jn 15:5]. On the other hand, claiming it's sometimes impossible for a priest to correctly do his job as a priest is a sin against Hope. It's so serious, that the Church excommunicates people who claim it's sometimes impossible to respect the Commandments! (Denzinger #1568)

2.4) "Maybe Justin Trudeau is sincere in his conscience!" This comes back to the whole debate about Dubia #5 and the bad old heresy about good intentions or unusual circumstances supposedly being able to transform a malum intrinsecum into a good act.

Finally, an imposing mass of documentation about Canon #915 is available on Edward Peters' site.

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