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Trudeau Junior's Death Spiral

Death Spiral.

1) Introduction

A few people asked me for my reaction following the victory of Justin Trudeau and of the Liberal Party of Canada, at the October 19, 2015 elections that occured before yesterday.

2) CBC: "Harper Bad -- Trudeau Good"

I should have posted my predictions for these elections. When I saw, a few days before the election, a CBC "report" which dragged in the mud the Leader of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair, I said to myself: "OK, that's it, the CBC has decided to make Trudeau win". Indeed, the leftist Media had already done everything they could to present the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (Center-Left) Stephen Harper, as the incarnation of the devil. All they needed to do was chose which one of the extreme Left-wing runts would replace him.

3) My predictions for the next dozen years

To compensate, I will now make my predictions for the next dozen years (Trudeau is young and the CBC protects him, so he should stay in power for two terms or more). Here's what will happen:

Trudeau Junior in a mosque.
Trudeau Junior in a mosque.

3.1) Abortion. "Prediction"? You're pulling my leg? The current sitation in Canada comes directly from Pierre Elliott, Justin's father. The somber streak of "catholic" Canadian Prime Ministers who are pro-choice will continue.

3.2) Sodomy and other sexual perversions. See preceding paragraph, redux.

3.3) Environment. Even more Political Capital Sandwiches, even more idolatry of Mother Nature.

3.4) National debt. Stephen Harper, supposedly a "conservative", increased the Canadian national debt by about 25% during his reign. Trudeau is far more to the left than Harper, and he has promised to sink future generations even more into debt, since, like all Leftists, he hasn't understood the true source of material wealth.

3.5) Islam. Trudeau did everything he could to give the Islamic State free rein, to then blame Harper for the refugee crisis, while asking that we import even more muslim immigrants even faster, because of course, Islam is supposedly the Religion of Peace (TM)!

3.6) Firearms. Trudeau, like all Leftists, has totalitarian tendancies and therefore wants to disarm the population (a Government that wants to terrorize its own citizens must start by disarming them, like Hitler, Stalin and many others have done). And since Trudeau is in favor of massive imports of jihadists and he's against the death penalty and in favor of short prison sentences, it's almost inevitable that there will be some massacre committed with a firearm during Trudeau's reign, which will be used as a pretext to disarm honest citizens who just want to have a right to legitimate defence.

3.7) Democracy. Our Canadian democracy, already pretty ill, will continue to slowly die, strangled by Leftism.

Etc., etc.

4) Conclusions

The death spiral, in which Canada had clearly entered before Trudeau Junior's election, will simply accelerate.

The resistance of real Christians, based on what you might call the "Anti-Trudeau Spiral of Resurrection" [Jn 16:33], will simply accelerate.

Our prayers for our Prime Minister [Mt 5:44], who is in very real danger of Eternal Damnation, will simply accelerate.

And of course, if you, Dear Reader, disagree with any of our assertions about Trudeau Junior, our invitations will simply accelerate!

Selfie Zoolander: A visual summary of his political career.
Selfie Zoolander: A visual summary of his political career.

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