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14) What can this web site do for you?

Mens est clavis victoriae.

1) If you are absolutely not interested in religion

Don't worry, I'm sometimes just like you! I like to take little "holidays" once in a while!

There is "Mr. Bachelor's Little Kit", my attempt to find the minimum set of material objects letting a bachelor live comfortably.

I also have a section for "computer geeks", with among others a list of good books, the Water-Computer Project, etc.

In the "less-easygoing" but more important category, there is Politics, where I try to fight against dangerous "social diseases", like conflicts approached in an irrational way, lack of involvement in Politics, confusion between Religion and Politics, etc.

Another very important topic is Philosophy, where I fight against many "intellectual diseases" which threaten us, like the lack of critical thinking, confusion between beliefs and Science, the lack of good Philosophy textbooks, etc.

2) If you perceive the Catholic religion as some kind of enemy

I try to provide you as much as possible with "reading lists" which are enjoyable and informative, whether for atheists, pro-choicers, or homosexuals, etc.

3) If you think you're a Catholic just because you were baptized that way

In my opinion, the majority of Quebecers are currently part of this category, i.e. the category of Protestants who often still believe they are Catholics. Many texts are offered to you, to try to explain why you shouldn't "sit on the fence", that you should know what the Catholic Church teaches, that belonging to the Church is not like belonging to some social club, etc.

4) If you're a Catholic "hard-liner"

If you are a hard-liner, then this web site was designed especially for you!

4.1) How should you approach this web site?

Question: What is the best tool, a butter knife or a chainsaw?

Answer: It depends what you're trying to accomplish! If you let your young child try to spread butter on his toasts in the morning using a chainsaw, your breakfast will probably be rather eventful. If on the other hand you try to cut down a tree with a butter knife, things will probably tend to move quite slowly.

It's somewhat the same thing for this web site (www.inquisition.ca). This web site isn't a butter knife, but a specialized tool which must be handled by skilled workers, in very specific circumstances.

4.2) How might you use this web site?

First of all, don't show this web site to the poor little lambs of Jesus, you'd scare them for nothing. Young children, who love the Lord and listen with rapt attention to their Sunday school teachers, don't need to have a chainsaw waved right under their noses.

On the other hand, for people who attack the Church, it's another story! This web site is designed to help you convert them, or at least neutralize their errors.

For the wolves, a typical scenario is the following. Somebody tries to intimidate you, because you're faithful to the Pope. Ask him to put what he's telling you in writing, then send me his name and his text. I'll post it on the Directory of Sheep and Wolves. Generally, the very idea of being unmasked is enough to make these people run away.

For the atheists, pagans and apostates who attack the Church from the outside, the classical scenario goes thus. These people start by fainting when they see the name of the site (www.inquisition.ca), and afterward they condemn you categorically. You then draw their attention to the fact that they didn't even give you a few minutes to present your defence, and that bad inquisitions used to proceed exactly the same way (by condemning people based on mere biased assumptions). Generally, they remain silent for a few seconds, because they don't know what to say.

After having regained their composure, these people normally fall back on their typical accusations: the Church is criminal, because it's responsible for the Nazi concentration camps, or the AIDS epidemic, or Sun spots, or some other idiocy. All you then have to do is explain that this website exists precisely to denounce the sins of Catholic religious leaders. You're therefore on their side! You want to help them fight all the evil that is inside the Catholic Church! But of course, only if they have solid proofs, otherwise we're back to the bad old inquisitions that condemn the innocent. Generally, at this stage, your opponents will be dazed and speechless. That's the object of the exercise! Once they are tamed, you can use your ordinary methods of apostolate (the reading lists given in #2 here above might be useful for you).

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