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The Critical Traffic Light

Raphael. Disputa.
(Raphael. Disputa. Source)

Why are some texts colored in green, yellow and red?

Because on this web site I sometimes scrutinize texts written by other authors. I try to criticise them with intelligence and justice, as far as I can. My method is to color the assertions

green if I agree,

red if I disagree, and

yellow if I partly agree, and partly disagree.

After a red or yellow paragraph, I normally try to justify my position by adding a comment in italics and indented.

Please observe that these three colours correspond to the "three notes of the discussion piano", i.e. "Concedo, Nego, Distinguo".

Sometimes I also criticize texts written by my superiors. Concerning this, see "Should a Catholic Publicly Criticize Some Decisions Taken By His Superiors?".

Final detail: to facilitate printing in black and white, it's better to remove all colors (which sometimes make the text unreadable). That also explains why each paragraph is preceded by the tags [Green], [Yellow] or [Red], on top of being colored. It might also be a good idea for the color-blind.

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