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Bertrand S. Wiseman.
"Let's now consider the 4th finger of
the Philosopher's Glove."
(Bertrand S. Wiseman.)

Table of contents


Some introductory texts
Rebuttals of some common philosophical errors
Texts related to Logic
Texts related to Philosophy of Nature
Texts related to Morality
Texts related to Philosophy of Religion

Works of F.-J. Thonnard
The OSThoPhiT
General Resources


Some introductory texts

The Philosopher's Glove (How can we acquire Wisdom?)
What Is Truth?
Concedo, Nego, Distinguo (How can we have a constructive debate?)
The Critical Traffic Light (Why are some texts on this web site colored in red, yellow and green?)
100% of all religions are false (± 1%) (What is a "belief"? Are all beliefs irrational?)
Help! I'm Being Held Prisoner By My Sources Of Information!
The Balance Of An Unbalanced Opinion
Why Saint Thomas Aquinas? (Why take Saint Thomas Aquinas as a Master to learn Philosophy?)
The TwitStop (Why should you carefully read The Critical Traffic Light?)
Beam Aphorisms
Some Drawings To Help Teach Philosophy

Rebuttals of some common philosophical errors

Error: "All Philosophers Contradict Each Other!"
Error: "Our Senses Deceive Us!"
None More Blind Than He Who Doesn't Want To See (Can the operations of our reason be biased by our unrectified will?)
Error: "The Only Proof Is That There Is No Proof!"
Isn't believing in Science anti-scientific? (What is "science"?)
Error: "To Act Well, We Just Need To Obey Our Conscience!"
Good Scouts Don't Have Values (What is a "value"? Can Value Theory be justified?)
How To Become A Rich And Famous Pseudo-Philosopher
How To Evolve A Debate Against A Darwinist
Error: "The Brain In A Vat". (A few tips on how to argue with Post-modernists)
Error: "It's Not A Party Until You've Puked"
Error: "Soft-Boiled Eggs Are Better Than Hard-Boiled Eggs" (Finding the real cause of an event isn't always easy)
Error: "Truth is what is useful to us now!"
Error: "Doctor, It Hurts Here, And Here, And Here!" (You can't solve philosophical mistakes with Art, Law, Physics, etc.)
Intellectual Joust! (Challenge to Atheists, Abortionists, etc., with cash prize)
When A Scientist "Devolves" Lower Than A Monkey (Is man really descended from the monkey?)

Texts related to Logic

The Hypothetical Strategy (by Yvan Pelletier)
The Articulation Of Aristotelian Dialectic (by Yvan Pelletier)

Texts related to Philosophy of Nature

The Cockroach's Soul (Are we essentially different from all other animals? Do we have a "soul"?)

Texts related to Morality

What is Morality?
What Is The Virtue of Prudence (or "Goalance")?
The Two Crutches Of Human Action: Law And Sanctions
The Immorality of Sexual Relations before Marriage
Vive La Différence Between Charity And Emotions Of Love!
The Poisoned Pill of Doctor Patch Adams
The Virgin Mary, Pro-Choice Consultant?
A Reading List for Pro-Choicers
A Reading List for Persons With Same-Sex Attractions
Virtual Reality Games, and Real Vices
The vulnerability of Terri Schiavo
Abortion, and Ectopic Words
Abortion And Soccer (Speech to explain abortion to Canadians aged 7-14)
A Brief History Of Abortion In Canada
Why I Am Pro-Life
How To Poison Your Children With A Course On Ethics And Religious Culture
The Sociological Law Of Gravity
Love Abortionists, Hate Abortion!
How To Detect If You've Been Brainwashed By Your Government
Mutual Masturbation or Contraception?

Texts related to Philosophy of Religion

THE Religion? Or THE Confusion?
The Used Agnosticism Salesman (Are "Agnostics" really different from "Atheists"?)
A Reading List For Atheists
The Proofs of God's Existence: Some Preliminary Groundwork (Does God exist? Can we prove it?)
Philosophy, Queen Of Sciences And A Door Opened To The True Religion (Is true happiness possible?)
A defense of Philosophy against some arguments by Evangelical Christians
Where Are The Good Samaritan Atheists?
Dear Schoolchildren, Here Is Your Homework For Next Week!
Love Atheists, Hate Atheism!

Works of F.-J. Thonnard

Short Biography

Thonnard, F.-J. Précis de philosophie, Paris, Desclée, 1950.
Thonnard, F.-J. Précis d'histoire de philosophie, Paris, Desclée, 1966.
Thonnard, F.-J. Extraits des grands philosophes, Paris, Desclée, 1937.
(Made mostly obsolete because of the Internet. See my Preface to the Précis de philosophie)

The OSThoPhiT

The "Open Source Thomistic Philosophy Textbook" (OSThoPhiT) project has the objective of producing a philosophy textbook that is Thomistic, up-to-date, complete, authoritative, concise, free, pleasant, networked, flexible, keyed, plain-spoken, translated and humble:

Initial Project Vision ("Catholic Philosophers, What Have We Done With Our Baptism?")
FAQ for the OSThoPhiT
Draft List of best existing Philosophy textbooks
Draft Detailed list of criteria for a good textbook
Draft of Ideal Table of Contents
Interim Project Manager
OSThoPhiT Newsletter
Open Letter to Desclée de Brouwer

General Resources

Some Good Philosophy Hyperlinks
Glossary For This Web Site
How To Choose A Good Book

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