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Table of contents

1) Encouraging citizens to participate in politics
2) Voter education
3) Culture of Death (Abortion, Sodomy, Euthanasia, etc.)
4) Politics in general
5) Relations between Church and State
6) Canada

6.1) Canadian politics in general
6.2) CHP (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
6.3) Less important snippets

7) Quebec
8) USA
9) Islam
10) The environment
11) Covid-19, Vaccines, Masks

1) Encouraging citizens to participate in politics

A Reading List For Political Cynics
Dirty Dishes and Clean Politics
Aren't All Politicians Rotten?
How should we participate in politics?
United We What?

2) Voter education

What Is Democracy? Some Preliminary Groundwork
How To Kill Your Democracy Piecemeal
Surfing The Wave, Or Making One's Wave?
How To Organize A Political Debate
Political Debate, Or Beauty Contest?
Electronic Petition, or Democratic Vandalism?
Shopping Mall, Or Education Mall?
One Million Dollars, One Whip Lash
What Is A Pro-Life Noise?
The Thawing Of Tuition Fees, And The Economy's Springtime
Mulier Est Homo; Vir Est Homo
Verbal Inflation and Impoverished Thought
How To Put Your Political Foot In Your Mouth
Dear Olivier (Open letter to a young man getting ready for university)
Small Complaint To The CRTC About CHOI-FM
Love Tubes
My Mother's Rotten Cottage (The underlying philosophical principles of Love Tubes)
Remembrance Day At Tim Horton's

3) Culture of Death (Abortion, Sodomy, Euthanasia, etc.)

A Condom To Prevent The Transmission Of Science?
A Reading List for Pro-Choicers
Abortion: Have We Done Our Homework?
A Brief History Of Abortion In Canada
Girl, Are You A Puppet Of The Media?
Clean Knives But Infected Brains
In Which Pro-Life Organization Should I Get Involved?
A Reading List for Persons With Same-Sex Attractions
Love Sodomites! Hate Sodomy!
Does "Homosexuality" Exist?
Tolerance, Or Active Glorification?
Homosexuality And Hope (Statement of the Catholic Medical Association)
Snippets Of Debates About Homosexual Attractions
Open Letter To Advocacy Organizations For Rights Of Homosexuals
Lipstick On Suicide
The Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association

4) Politics in general

The World Needs A New Catholic Political Party
A Generic Catholic Election Platform
Who Speaks Truly?
How To Make A Web Site For A Political Party: Part 1
How To Make A Web Site For A Political Party: Part 2
Public Enemy #1: Religious Obscurantism
Bill C-666 (Where do human rights come from?)
The Principles Of Solidarity And Subsidiarity
Do You Want To Be A Proton Or An Electron?
The EYE Was In The Bedroom And It Stared At Trudeau (Is it true that "The State has no business in people's bedrooms"?)
The Three Different Kinds Of Political Power
Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church (CoSoDo)
The Quebec Bureau Of Skills Assessment (QBSA)
Love Policemen, Hate the Police State!
So When Do We Start Shooting? (Overturning a corrupt government is easy, replacing it with something better isn't.)
DIE! DIE! DIE! (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity)
Only A Bare Majority Of Scientists Believe In Sexual Reproduction

5) Relations between Church and State

See also the Lost Sermons for Catholics Involved in Politics
What is The "Social Kingship" Of Christ? (Should we mix Politics and Religion?)
If God Is Dead, Nothing Is Forbidden (Can we get rid of God, and still have good politics?)
A Reading List For Atheists
A Crucifix For Pagans? (What good political reasons do we have to encourage pagans to hang a crucifix in their homes?)
The Spiritual Water Table
The Gross National Product And The Ten Commandments (Is economic prosperity possible without moral virtue?)
The Vietnam War And The Ten Commandments (Is military success possible without moral virtue?)
The "Atheist Trinity": Tolerance, Equality, Ecology
Pure As Doves, But Dumb As Dodos (The typical diseases of Christian voters)

6) Canada

6.1) Canadian politics in general

O Canada, Land Of Barbarians
The CBC: Taxpayer-Funded Leftist Propaganda
Trudeau Junior's Death Spiral
How The Catholic Church Helped Canada Elect Its Most Pro-abortion Prime Minister In History
Supporting Stephen Harper Is Encouraging Abortion
Extremist Religious Leaders Must Be Kicked Out Of Canada
Open Letter To The Quebec Minister Of Public Security (Firearm Laws)
How To Make Lawsuits With A Love Tube Without Breaking A Sweat (Revocation of my firearms permit caused by my distribution of Love Tubes)

6.2) CHP (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)

Does The CHP Want To Establish A Theocracy?

WARNING! The remaining articles in this section assume all political parties are either grossly immoral, or only partially inspired by Biblical principles (i.e., they do not accept the fullness what God requires from civil governments), and that, for whatever reason, we cannot build a proper solution. In other words, the contents of these articles are dependant on the current (2016) conditions in Canada.

The Caring And Feeding Of Your Catholic Constituents (How CHP politicians can encourage unity, given a bit of cultural sensibility)
The CHP Pledge: Good Or Bad?
Is the CHP Pledge Anti-Catholic?

6.3) Less important snippets

I Cast The First Stone At Raymond Gravel (Reaction to the electon of a "Catholic Priest" as an MP for the Bloc Québécois)
Some Political Anecdotes (Information to better understand the political context)
Open Letter To Two Conservative MPs
Ongoing Discrimination By The Status Of Women (by REAL Women of Canada)
Open Letter to All Canadians (and the Toronto Police) about Bill Whatcott's arrest
My Last Political Testament (for now anyway!)
Whatcott Easter Reflection (by Bill Whatcott, of Gay Zombie fame)

7) Quebec

How Could The CHP Make A Breakthrough In Quebec?
Nine Months Minus One Day
Mr. Bean Tries To Get Elected
We Must Let The "Gilles Noël Party" Die Off

Open Letter To Candidates In Jean-Talon
Open Letter To Federal Candidates In Louis-Hébert
The Provincial Election In Quebec (Cheat sheet for Quebec voters)
Open Letter To Mr. Paul Shoiry
2007 Life Chain
If I Had Any Courage, I'd Go Demonstrate This Sunday

8) USA

Right-Wing Christians Against Bush's Sins
The Noam Chomsky Virus
Sober Thoughts On A.A.'s God
A Country Founded By Geniuses But Run By Idiots
Right-Wing Christians Against Trump's Sins
The Time For Lukewarm Christianity Is Over (by Andrew Torba)
The Second Finger In The Eye Of SCOTUS

9) Islam

Love Muslims! Hate Islam!
God Is Not Called Allah, And Muhammad Is Not His Prophet (Is Islam an intrinsically violent religion?)
Going Through All These Things Twice (by Robert Spencer.)
Why I Burned A Koran On 9/11
Onward Canadian Soldiers! (Canada must declare a crusade agains the Islamic State)
Snippets Of Debates About Islam
Loose Lips, Sink Christian Ships (How not to conduct the next Crusade)
How the West Could Lose (Daniel Pipes. How pacifism, self-hatred, and complacency threaten the West.)
Open Letter To Canadian Mosques
Open Letter To Ms. Iqra Khalid (Criminalization of free speech)
Quebec City Mosque Massacre
Jetchick Fake News: Paedophilia And The Canadian Muslim Forum

10) The environment

Global Warming, And Frozen Christian Brains
Sustainable Development, And Pollution By Pious Wishes
Vicki Skywalker Vs. Darth Jetchick (Kyoto: Good Or Bad?)
To the ACMQVQ (The harmful effects of Materialism on the environment)
Rabaska, Or Liquefied Natural Disinformation
The Most Eco-Responsible Lifestyle

11) Covid-19, Vaccines, Masks

Govern me harder, Daddy!

How To Detect If You've Been Brainwashed By Your Government
Call For An Anti-Globalist Alliance by Monseignor Carlo Maria Viganò
"Everything Is Going To Be OK"?
The Vaccine-Messiah And The Eternal Virus
"No Mask? You Serial Killer!"
Some Viral Thoughts On The Chinese Plague
If I Were A Priest During The Quebec Plague...
If I Had Any Courage, I'd Go Demonstrate This Sunday

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