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Mr. Bachelor's Little Kit

Maxim Vorobiev. View from Window.
«Si quis intraret domum bene ordinatam,
ex ipsa domus ordinatione ordinatoris rationem perpenderet»
[Ia, q. 103, a. 1, co.]
[Maxim Vorobiev. View from Window. Source]

1) Introduction

It's all very nice and edifying to talk about Jesus, our spiritual soul and Eternal Salvation. But we also have to dress, eat, and pay the bills! This leads to very practical, almost silly questions like: "What are the best shoes?", "Do I really need a kettle?", "How could I use my time more efficiently?", "What happens if my hard drive crashes, or my apartment burns down?", "How can I move easily from one apartment to the next?", etc.

This section of the website describes my current best attempt at answering these and many more practical questions. Fundamentally, it's a list of all the material belongings a bachelor needs, along with some instructions on how to use those objects. (Of course, we're talking about a bachelor who lives at the beginning of the 21st century in North America, hence with a high standard of living, both relatively to the rest of the planet, and relatively to the rest of human history.)

(Of course, as this whole web site screams on the rooftops, material goods are not the goal of our life. Here, we are in exile. We must save our soul, not our furniture.)

2) Overview of the Bachelor's Kit

Some usage scenarios
Some specifications
Some design rules
General structure of the Kit
Master List

3) Detailed Lists

General comments on the lists

"EDC" (Every Day Carry)
Gunshot Wound Kit


Mr. Fix-It
Software Engineering


4) Some construction plans

The Bed/Table/Closet Combo (All the furniture a bachelor needs. Can lock up all your belongings. Can be easily dismantled for transportation; French only)
Integrated Bedsheet (Bedsheet that covers the self-inflating mattress and allows clipping of the sleeping bag as blanket; French only)
The "Polochon" (Large "dufflebag/suspended closet" combination; French only)
The Bicycle
The Bicycle Wagon (Four wheel heavy-duty bicycle trailer; French Only)
Error: The "Hand-truck/Bike Trailer" Combo (Failed attempt, kept here to learn from my mistakes; French only)
The Cargo Net (Cargo net made of nylon straps to attach loads on a backpack frame; French only)
The Modular Bookcase (Bookcase made of detachable bookshelves to make moving easier; French only)
The Field Notepad ("Fieldpad")
Hunter's Space Pen (Silly pun because it's made with a "Fisher" brand pen refill)
How To Run Your Portable Generator Inside Your House
Emergency Operation Of A Portable Camping Wood Stove Inside Your House
First Aid Cheat Sheet (credit card sized)

5) Varia

How To Choose A Good Tool
The Porta-Chapel
"VeloHobo": Planting A Piton Into The Slippery Slope Of Fashion
My Ideal Jackknife
Therblig Tool Tower
Survival Table
Caution, The Safety Goat

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