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A Reading List For Political Cynics

Politics: A hopeless case?
"Can Politics be rescued?"

If you consider that Politics is a waste of time, that all politicians are corrupt, that there is nothing you can do to improve our democracy, then I suggest you read the following texts.

Right away I must apologize, for this list is still very incomplete:

1) If we don't take care of our democracy, it won't improve. See among others "Dirty Dishes and Clean Politics".

2) Being a good politician is a difficult task. See among others "Aren't All Politicians Rotten?".

3) Political action cannot be replaced. Sometimes, we feel like solving our country's problems, but without doing politics! Except actions that are individual, private, and uncoordinated cannot solve the real big problems we are confronted with. Only a actions that are public, collective and coordinated can succeed, and that's almost the definition of Politics! See "United We What?".

4) Discouragement and inaction about political troubles is often caused by our own personal troubles. Text to be written. If you walk into your bedroom, and you notice it's a mess, what will you do? You'll "compare" the cleanliness and the order which is in your heart, with the mess in your bedroom, to then "spill out" into your bedroom the order that is in your heart! But if your heart is a mess, you'll shrug your shoulders, say "So what...", and you won't clean up your room! It's similar in Politics: people who claim the situation is hopeless in Politics are often just projecting their inability to clean up their own personal life.

5) Participating in Politics is not rocket science. See among others "How should we participate in politics?".

6) Being active in a lesser-known political party is not necessarily a waste of time. The general idea is that large political parties that follow fashions and polls, rather than reason and principles, deserve much of the contempt of cynics. But competent and virtuous political parties, whatever their size, can have a very positive influence on our country. See also "Surfing The Wave, Or Making One's Wave?".

Etc., etc.

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