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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Church in Quebec should refocus itself on Jesus-Eucharist

(positive wording)

The Province of Quebec needs a good and joyful inquisition

(negative but equivalent wording)

1) You want to burn heretics and witches?
2) You agree with everything Popes have done throughout history?
3) Isn't it weird to believe everything the Catholic Church teaches?
4) What is a good inquisition?
5) What is a bad inquisition?
6) Couldn't you come up with a better word than "inquisition"?
7) Do we really need a good inquisition in the Province of Quebec?
8) How would this good inquisition proceed?
9) Why not just change Churches?
10) Why not just pray and be good Catholics?
11) How could an inquisition possibly be joyful?
12) What is the solution?
13) What should I do if I disagree with this web site?
14) What can this web site do for you?
15) Could you sum up all this in a picture?

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