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In Which Pro-Life Organization Should I Get Involved?

(Source: www.abortionincanada.ca)

1) Introduction

Recently, a reader asked me: "In which pro-life organization should I get involved?" The following article is the shortest answer I can give to that question.

Small warning. Any application of a principle to a changing object runs the risk of becoming incorrect with time. For example, if we apply the principle: "A car that rusts quickly is a bad car", we might judge that brand ABC of cars is bad. But if a few years later the ABC manufacturer decides to build only cars made of stainless steel, that judgement will become obsolete. In this article, I apply principles to the best of my knowledge, but the organizations I judge can change.

2) First, don't make things worse ("Primum non nocere")

To begin with, I take for granted certain things. I assume you've understood that abortion is an abominable crime. I also suppose that, because of your question on organizations, you can see clearly that fighting against a huge evil requires a lot of force, the kind of force only union can give us. Finally, I assume you know that without God's help, we can do nothing [Jn 15:5], and that therefore, in a way, our only hope is in prayer.

That being granted, I think the first thing to do is to avoid making the situation worse ("Primum non nocere", as teachers tell their medical students). Many organizations pretend to fight against abortion, while basically being pro-choice. A few examples:

- the Republican Party of the USA
- the Conservative Party of Canada
- a large part of the Catholic apparatchik in Quebec
- etc.

Not only do we have to avoid encouraging pro-choice organizations that pretend to be pro-life, but in my opinion we also have to avoid helping pro-life organizations that have "self-castrated". I'll explain. If you try to be pro-life, while also trying to be funded by pro-choicers, you'll eventually become ambiguous in your defense of pre-born children [Mt 6:24]. The example that springs to mind is RLEM (Respect for Life - Education Movement). I'd like to give you here the hyperlink to the e-mails I exchanged with these people, to prove what I'm saying, but they threatened me with lawsuits if I showed their e-mails.

Fortunately, it's very easy to detect pseudo-pro-life organizations. Just ask them to take clearly and publicly position in favor of pre-born children. Bad political parties will run away from you, members of the apparatchik will ignore your invitation to participate in a pro-life demonstration, etc.

3) Pick one from each category

At this point, we assume the only organizations remaining on the table are real pro-life organizations. Which one should we choose? (By and large, the principles I use to try to answer this question are in the FAQ #1 "I represent Association XYZ. Would you be willing to donate time, or money, etc?")

Because of the very nature of the problem of abortion, there are several categories of pro-life organizations. Several of these categories are mandatory, therefore it's impossible to do your duty by getting involved in only one pro-life organization. Let's try to list those categories:

3.1) Church. (mandatory) As I've said here above, you must first of all do your duty as a Christian. You can't be really pro-life if you're not an active member of your parish, if you don't go to Mass, if you don't pray, etc. It's also strongly recommended to be a member of a movement that helps you become a better Christian, like for example the Opus Dei, etc.

3.2) Political party. (mandatory) You must do your duty as a citizen by participating in your country's democratic life. Moreover, changing the laws to protect preborn children can only be done through direct political action. Your political involvement can vary depending on how much time and money you have, but there is no excuse to avoid political involvement.

That being said, which party should you support? Unfortunately, I think that currently, the only acceptable political involvement in Quebec is to work to start a new political party. As far as Canada is concerned, the CHP is the only pro-life party. Unfortunately, it is apparently in danger of sinking into serious errors. If that should happen, we would also have to work to start a new party at the federal level. (I have many articles on the CHP in my section on "Problems more specific to Canada". See especially Section #7 of Does The CHP Want To Establish A Theocracy? Also, I currently remain a member of the CHP.)

3.3) Help for pregnant women. (mandatory) A woman who finds herself pregnant, for whatever reason, and who is tempted by abortion, must be helped [Mt 25:42]. Personally, I've never met such a woman, but every Christian must be ready to help. You can also get more directly involved with groups that offer help to these women (whether it's paying for diapers, or offering them shelter, or defending them against pressures by the father or their parents who are often pro-choice, etc.) I'm not in a very good position to advise you on this, since these centers mostly look for female volunteers (for good reasons, of course).

3.4) Pro-life organization as such. (optional) I list a few pro-life organizations in the "Political Action" category of my hyperlinks, roughly sorted in decreasing order of recommendation. I don't think you can go wrong by helping one or more of these organizations. I've personally contributed time or money to almost all of that list. And of course, if you have better recommendations, please tell me.

4) Conclusion

Defending preborn children is not a hobby. Either we'll succeed in defending preborn children, or our country will eventually die.

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