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Some Good Hyperlinks

Jumping through hyperspace, from one web site to another.
Jumping through hyperspace, from one web site to another.

1) Table of contents

2) Introduction
3) General Sites
4) Online News
5) Magazines and newspapers
6) Publishers
7) Movements
8) Diocesan Sites for Canada and Quebec
9) Masses and prayers (including Breviary)
10) Extraordinary Form of the Latin rite
11) Gregorian chant
12) Political action
13) Latin
14) Sites with MP3 and other audio files
15) Blogs and forums
16) Various
17) Sites I have to assess and categorize
18) Other lists of hyperlinks on this web site

2) Introduction

I try here to muster the best Catholic links (see among others The Mediatic Body of Christ). Please tell me if you have other suggestions!

3) General Sites

Vatican (Official web site for the Catholic Church)
Catholic Educator's Resource Center (Good articles by Fr. W. Saunders, Peter Kreeft, etc.)
Catholic Culture (Web site evaluations)
Life Issues (Several thousand articles on the Culture of Life; Jerry Novotny, O.M.I.)
New Advent (Kevin Knight. Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, but the rest is becoming more and more Leftist.)

4) Online News

4.1) Catholic news (roughly)

Canon 212 (Catholic news, "Trad" point of view)
Gloria TV (Catholic social network/video/news sharing platform)
LifeSiteNews.com (Political news on "Culture of Death" issues in North America; but beware, very backward on issues like the environment)
Riposte Catholique (Reinformation portal. French only.)
ACI Digital (Catholic News. Spanish)
Missa (Robert Guertin. French)

4.2) "Pagan" news (not Catholic, but still sometimes useful)

Citizen Free Press (Simple "aggregator" site, currently useful (2020-April), but managed by one person on their dime; so as soon as this person will sell or die or become corrupt, the site will also become bad)
Breitbart (Point of view: fairly general, focused on the USA)
Zero Hedge (Point of view: more eclectic, financial)

5) Magazines and newspapers

Nothing particularly reliable these days... Please tell me if you have any suggestions.

6) Publishers

Ignatius Press
Tan Books
Éditions Le Laurier
Scepter Publishers
Sophia Institute Press
Pierre Téqui (French only)
Midwest Theological Forum
JesusMarie.com (1814 books written by Saints free to download; French Only)

7) Movements

Opus Dei
Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (Rev Dr John Trigilio Jr)
Catholics United For The Faith (Leon Surprenant, Kristi Sands, etc.)

8) Diocesan Sites for Canada and Quebec

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Quebec Assembly of Bishops
Quebec Diocese (where I'm located)
Other Dioceses in the Province of Quebec

9) Masses and prayers (including Breviary)

Online English Breviary (I purchased and gladly use the downloadable version, since you don't need to be connected)
Latin Breviary (forma ordinaria; downloadable, but you must buy the iSilo reader software)
Latin Mass Live (Masses, Adoration, etc., everywhere in the world)

10) Extraordinary Form of the Latin rite

Priestly Fraternity Of Saint Peter
FSSP in Quebec City
Salve Regina

11) Gregorian Chant

Schola Bellarmina (They have recorded the whole liturgical year; I try to imitate them.)
Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux (Good source of French liturgical books: missals, chantbooks, etc.)
Church Music Assocation of America (Many good Gregorian books, online and re-printed.)
Gregorian Institute of Canada
Abbaye de Solesmes
Communauté St-Martin (Among others print edition of Vatican II Latin/French Breviary with gregorian chant)
Sancta Missa (Canons Regular of St. John Cantius)
Gregorio (tools for typesetting Gregorian chant)
The Porta-Chapel

12) Political action

Constitution Party (Disclaimer: I vote for them in the USA)
Christian Heritage Party (Disclaimer: I vote for them in Canada)
Jihad Watch (Antidote against the corrupt Western Media by revealing the efforts of Jihadists to destroy what is left of Christendom. Robert Spencer)
Campaign Life Coalition (Jim Hughes. Political wing of the pro-life movement in Canada. Georges Buscemi leads the Quebec Chapter.)
action4canada.com (Struggle against the tyranny of Justin Trudeau)
Mass Resistance (Pro-Family Activism.)
The Green Chain ("La Chaîne Verte"; Liberating France from Islam)
Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (Excellent pro-life site.)
Civitas (Christ-the-King; France; Alain Escada, president)
Human Life International (Pro-Life)
National Campus Life Network (Help for pro-life groups in Canadian universities; Sarah Hudson, etc.)
Life Chain, Show The Truth, etc. (Partly prayer movements, but also public demonstrations)
Cardinal Newman Society (Patrick J. Reilley. Struggle against heretic teachers in the USA)
American Life League (Pro-Life)
Women for Faith and Family (Helen Hull Hitchcock)
Catholic Medical Association (USA)
Canada Family Action Coalition (Doug Sharpe)
Helpers of God's Precious Infants (New-York) (Mgr Philip J. Reilly, apostolate of prayer in front of abortuaries. Also the Ottawa chapter where Doris Gagnon sacrifices herself for the good of the weakest)

13) Latin

Father Gary Coulter (Personal website with many links to Latin resources)
Schola Latina Universalis (Apparently, online Latin school)
Ephemeris (Not sure what this is, but it's in Latin!)
Latin Prayers

14) Sites with MP3 and other audio files

Peter Kreeft lectures (Theology and Philosophy)
Catholic Audio
EWTN Audio Library File Index (Dr. Theresa Farnan, etc.)
Saint Joseph Communications (Scott Hahn, etc.)
There are also a few audio files on this web site

15) Blogs and forums

Barnhardt (Judica me) (Ann Barnhardt)
Return To Order (John Horvat)
Islam et Vérité (Fr. Guy Pagès. Good site about Islam. French only.)
Church Militant (especially "The Vortex") (Michael Voris)
Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (Bishop Rene Henry Gracida)
Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment (Fr. John Hunwicke)
Rorate Caeli (Fr. Demets, FSSP, and others)
Contra|Diction! (Eric Alcock)
Foi, Bible, et Apologétique Catholique (Miguel Morin)
Father Z (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf)

Note I'm not a big consumer of forums.

16) Various

Sword of Peter (Good Catholic cartoons)
Cardinal Rating (To know what the Cardinals are really saying)
Courage (Fr John F. Harvey. Apostolate for homosexual persons)
Dads.org (Steve Wood. Resources for fathers)
info-sectes.org (Michel Leblanc. Site against religious cults)

17) Sites I have to assess and categorize

www.vocations.ca (Directory of religious congregations, Seminaries, etc., in Canada)
Canons regular of St John Cantius
Inside the Vatican (Bob Moynihan, John Mallon, etc.)
La documentation catholique
Spiritualité chrétienne
Mercatornet (Michael Cook, Carolyn Moynihan, etc.)
Adoremus (Liturgical renewal in the USA)
Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute (Bill Sullivan, Moira McQueen)
Colleen Hammond (Pour des vêtements de femme décents)
UNIAPAC (International Christian Union of Business Executives; Benoît Bonamy)
AD2000 (Michael Gilchrist)
Pope John Paul II Society of Evangelists and School of Evangelization (Victor R. Claveau)
Michael D. O'Brien
Jennifer Roback Morse (Helping the victims of the "sexual revolution")

18) All the lists of hyperlinks on this web site

This very page (Some Good Hyperlinks)
Some Good Books
Software Engineering
Other useful links

Warning about link rot for these pages.


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