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Supporting Stephen Harper Is Encouraging Abortion

Stephen Harper
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
(June 2006. Source)

1) Introduction

Normally, we must avoid judging people, and concentrate our efforts on fighting against our own faults. On the other hand, in Politics, sometimes we must pass judgment, if we want to choose which political party we're going to support.

In this text, I'll try to assess the Conservative Party of Canada, and its leader Stephen Harper, especially concerning the Culture of Death. At least three warnings are appropriate:

- By definition, this text is not permanent (Party leaders change, and parties themselves change). I'm writing this in June 2006 (but I re-checked everything in January 2010, and January 2011).

- All the warnings of numbers 1 and 2 for "Right-Wing Christians Against Bush's Sins" also apply to this text.

- This text represents my personal opinion only. (Note the use of the word "opinion".)

2) Is Harper really pro-choice?

Only one person was killed here, according to Stephen Harper
Only one person was killed here, according to Stephen Harper (Source)

These days, the "left-wing" media (i.e. basically all mainstream media) claim Harper is pro-life. Several persons claim exactly the opposite. See among others Steve Jalsevac's two-part analysis: Canadian Prime Minister Big Improvement Over Liberal PMs But Clearly Not Pro-Life and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Not Pro-Life - The Evidence. See also Stephen Harper is in no way a friend of the pro-life movement (2013-March-25) by Jonathon van Maren. The rest of this section 2 is my inferior attempt at doing the same analysis Mr. Jalsevac did:

2.1) Historically, Stephen Harper has never been pro-life. I've never been able to find a document, coming from Harper's political career, where he would have demonstrated a pro-life position. Compare that to the very first time I tried to get elected in Louis-Hebert: I proudly filled out the CLC questionnaire, and I was ranked as the only pro-life candidate in my riding.
[Source: "Only Stockwell Day And Grant Hill Answer CLC Pro-Life Questionnaires".]

2.2) Harper as stated several times that he wouldn't try to stop abortions. He even promised he'd use all his influence to prevent abortion from being discussed in Parliament.
"Prime Minister Harper: No abortion law even if Conservatives win majority", by Rebecca Millette, 2011-Jan-19;
"Abortion not on Canadian PM's Agenda Now or in Future", by Hilary White;
"Conservative Leader Harper Vows to Shut Down Abortion Debate in Canada's Parliament", by John-Henry Westen.]

2.3) Harper prevents his own party from being pro-life. Just before the National Convention for the Conservative Party in March 2005, some underhanded manoeuvres were made (coming from Harper or people under his guidance) to prevent any pro-life or pro-family resolution from being proposed! This insult to democracy caused an uproar, and finally Harper backed down. On the other hand during that Convention, when a pro-life resolution was presented, Josée Verner (the "Pro-choice cheerleader of the Conservative Party"), as well as her accomplices, quickly jumped to quash it. Many persons who were there described the same facts to me. And guess who bought a new BMW the day after being elected? And who was rewarded by Stephan Harper with the Department of International Cooperation, La Francophonie and Official Languages? (Ms. Verner, of course!)
[Source: "Harper Backing Resolution That Conservative Policy Will Take No Stand on Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage or Other Social Conservative Issues";
"National Post Confirms Tories Sank Benoit Bill Over Abortion Issue Fears; Freedom of Information enquiry reveals real reasons unborn victims of violence type bill stopped" By Steve Jalsevac.]

2.4) Harper gets along just fine with pro-choice collegues. Just in the ridings near my home, there is Luc Harvey (with whom I talked for 4 hours at his place concerning this topic), and Josée Verner. But elsewhere in Canada, there are plenty of examples. The majority of Conservative MP's might even be pro-choice.
[Source: "Canadian Conservative MP Calls Christian Political Activists «Taliban» and «Flowers of Evil»", by John Jalsevac.]

2.5) Harper rejects pro-life candidates, because they are pro-life. We could always claim that poor Harper isn't surrounded by pro-life MP's, because there aren't enough pro-lifers who show up as candidates. But that's false; these people are turned away by Harper.
[Source: "Conservative Party Rejects Organizer of Huge Ottawa Marriage March As Potential Candidate", by John-Henry Westen;
"SoCon Stilwell Now Allowed to Run for Conservative Nomination, Thanks LifeSiteNews.com" by John-Henry Westen.]

2.6) Harper pretends to defend the family. See The fiasco on the re-opening of the debate about C-38

2.7) Harper is even opposed to small baby-steps to reduce abortions. Some people claim the Conservative Party is "draining the swamp", i.e. not directly attacking abortion, but indirectly making small baby-steps to change the climate which would eventually allow the elimination of abortion. But this doesn't fit with reality.
[Source: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper votes against bill banning coerced abortion" (C-510 or Roxanne's Law), by Patrick B. Craine, 2010-Dec-10]

Etc., etc.

3) Does Harper have the choice to pretend to be pro-choice?

Some Harper fans say that:

"Harper is forced to pretend to be pro-choice, in order to get elected, so he can then change things".

This isn't true. It's never permissible to do evil, even with a very good intention. See among others: Pure As Doves, But Dumb As Dodos.

4) Is the Conservative Party fundamentally flawed?

J. Thomas Sabourin told me about events that occured a few years ago, at the United Alternative founding convention held in Ottawa, at which he and the Leader of the Christian Heritage Party, Mr. Ron Gray, attended as delegates. There were also a few other CHP members present. The objective of the convention was the coming together of the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservative Party to unite the Conservative politicians from across the land. The CHP representatives offered to join ranks, turn over every facet of support to the New Party that would come out of this Convention. The only three conditions proposed by Mr. Gray were that the new Party would have to be pro-life, pro-family and "pro-God" (i.e. that they would guide their Party Policies with the Preamble of the Canadian Constitution which states the supremacy of God).

Ron Gray had 90 seconds to present his amendment to their social platform and was not given the time to speak when the "question" from the floor came. Approximately 24 delegates where in favor and approximately 450 voted "NO" on the "Supremacy of God". As Mr. Sabourin told me substantially:

The United Alternative (which subsequently formed the Alliance Party, which then became the Conservative Party of Canada) at that moment decided to go against God, quite simply. That party, at its very birth, turned away from God.

5) Conclusion

I repeat that this is only my opinion. This is Politics, not Religion, and other good Christians might arrive at different conclusions. I know good people who struggle inside the Conservative Party of Canada, and I want to help them, insofar as they are pro-life, pro-family and pro-God.

On the other hand, I'd rather support a party that puts the truth on the home page of its web site, and on the flyers it hands out door to door. It might be less profitable, but only in this lifetime!

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