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The Promotion Of The Culture Of Death By The "Catholic" Clergy

Architects of the Culture of Death.
[Source: Architects of the Culture of Death,
Donald DeMarco, Benjamin Wiker, Ignatius Press.]

I claim some members of the Catholic clergy contribute to the dissemination of the Culture of Death. All members of our society, whether Catholic or not, should be concerned with this harmful influence, since it threatens our very existence. Here are some ways used by bad members of the Catholic clergy to promote the Culture of Death:

1) Support given to pro-abortion politicians. Many politicians in the USA and Canada are openly pro-abortion, while claiming to be Catholics. There are numerous Bishops who encourage them, at the very least by their complacent inaction.

2) Promotion of the abortive mentality thanks to the contraceptive pill. Officially, the Catholic Church condemns contraception, but practically speaking, many members of Her clergy promote it, often in an underhanded way.

3) Commoditization of pornography. Have you ever heard a Priest giving a "fire and brimstone" sermon against pornography? Neither have I. Anyway, many members of the clergy reject the very notions of sin, Last Judgment and Hell, so condemning anything whatsoever no longer makes sense!

4) The abusive treatment of marriage. These days, anybody can get married in a "catholic" church. You live with your concubine? You take the pill? You reject the idea that marriage implies indissolubility and exclusivity? No problem! A "good" Priest will give you a nice wedding ceremony, and the bride will be dressed all in white! What? You've changed your mind? No problem again! The diocesan tribunals will grant you a "marriage annulment" (which, strictly speaking, doesn't even exist in the Catholic religion.) Everybody "in the know" is aware that these "annulments" are just divorces in disguise.

5) Sodomy. The current sexual scandal in the Church in the USA is almost always presented as a problem of pedophilia by anti-Catholic journalists. Nevertheless, the only currently available statistics [John Jay Study] show that almost 80% of the cases involve a member of the clergy and a post-pubescent teenage male (strictly speaking, cases of pedophilia are normally biased toward pre-pubescent girls). I can't wait for somebody to publish some sort of law report of the ongoing litigation in the USA, with the description of acts committed by the Priests, and the manoeuvres made by their Bishops to reassign them to other Parishes, and confound the police investigators. And I'm not even talking about the list of Dioceses that went bankrupt because of the phenomenal amounts of money that were doled out by some corrupt Bishops, to buy the victims' silence.

6) The Dictatorship of Relativism. When I was a Philosophy student, some of the most intellectually corrupt courses were given by members of the clergy! When I was reading Veritatis Splendor, in the places where Pope John Paul II describes some perverse moral theories, I kept telling myself: "But that is Martin Blais' course at Laval University in Quebec City, or the one given by Jean-Marie Tillard at the Dominican College in Ottawa!"

7) Sexual perversion courses. I find it very sad that nobody (as far as I know) has done a serious study on the "Sex Ed" courses that were given in the schools over the past few decades. When I reflect upon the awful stuff I was taught in Primary and Secondary school (always in supposedly "Catholic" schools), I feel like throwing up.

Etc., etc.

Should we be surprised that, in Canada at least, the Province where the Culture of Death is the most widespread happens to be the one where the so-called "Catholic" clergy has the most means to transmit its deadly poison?

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