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How To Detect If You've Been Brainwashed By Your Government


To better illustrate what the patient sees during a catholicotherapy session, added the "after" picture, to better show the "before" and the "after" (before the little pills, and after the little pills).


Right-Wing Christians Against Trump's Sins
Standardized the translation of lockdown ("emprisonnement domestique") on the French side of this web site


Caution, The Safety Goat
Small improvements to "VeloHobo": Planting A Piton Into The Slippery Slope Of Fashion
- Tried to better explain my idea for a "windproof umbrella"
- Added other suggestions to push the waterproof layer away from the skin


Made local copy of the French translation of the Credo of the People of God (which strangely is still not available on the Vatican web site)


A few personal anecdotes about Thonnard (French only)


Tiny addition (image to article).
Attempt at writing an eulogy (French only)


I don't have much to say, except that Ann Barnhardt continues to publish excellent articles, like for example:
The fake «vaccine» is: a means of tracking and economic control (no jab, no travel, no banking, no entrance to public spaces), a sterilant, a viral uptake supercharger, or all three
Aristotle on Tyranny
This last one struck me hard, since I remember reading the "Politics" of Aristotle during my undergraduate studies in Philosophy, and I remember thinking it was totally useless and devoid of any practical applications. Now, I find it amazing how the current Global Police State being implemented before our very eyes is well-described by Aristotle, who died in 322 before Christ. He even indirectly points out a few elements of a solution!


More excellent articles by Ann Barnhardt:
Advice: Assume the footing that every Mass you attend could be your last, and every reception of Holy Communion could be your Viaticum. It's time.
On Why Diabolical Narcissists in the Deep State WANT To Get Caught, Consciously WANT You to See Their Egregious Vote Fraud
Also, added one of my favorite images about the whole current situation: Realists


Viganò again! Open Letter To The President Of The USA


Sorry, I have not been doing anything on my web site lately... I continue to be under the impression that Planet Earth is being quickly transformed into a Global Communist Police-State, under the pretenses of "fighting against the Covid-19 crisis". I also continue to think that "Pope" Francis could not possibly be a real Pope, because he continues to spew forth heresies, something which the Holy Spirit would prevent a real Pope from doing. I also continue to mostly agree with Ann Barnhardt on both those topics. See among others:
The Voice of a Stranger. Of Wolves, Faithless Hirelings, Antipopes, and the Critical Necessity for the Smelly, Unlettered Sheep to Discern the Voice of the Good Shepherd

I was waiting to receive the ruling by mail to post it here, but still nothing since I lost in court this October 8. So I made a temporary update (sorry, French only).


I imagine you all know this already, but maybe you can reach other people, or encourage the undecided to come:

Gathering for our Rights and Freedoms, Tuesday September 15th 2020, from 4PM to 7PM, in front of the Quebec Parliament.

Unfortunately, I can't find anything better than a hyperlink to Facebook:

Event page on Facebook

Thank you for coming in great numbers to defend what little civil liberties we still have, while there's still time...


Minor changes to "The CBC: Taxpayer-Funded Leftist Propaganda": Added images here and here, and tried to better explain indirect propaganda.
A bit out of sadness to see yet another Catholic magazine flake out (Crisis), removed everything from the Section Magazines and newspapers


Wow, I wish this guy was the current Pope!


Minor change: added picture to correspondence with Fr. Z.


Correspondence with Messrs. Don Bolduc, Andy Martin, Corky Messner and Gerard Beloin (NH State Primary Election 2020)


After hearing Father Garrick Huang, FSSP, say something that really cheered up my old black heart during this morning's Sunday sermon, removed all mention of him in Loyalty To Satan, Or To The Holy See?


Small changes:
Added picture of the mutating coronavirus


Small changes:
Added appendix to The Field Notepad


Attempt to contact Stéphane Blais, Daniel Pilon, André Pitre et Alexis Cossette-Trudel (Alternative Media; Covid-19; Police-State; French only)
Correspondence with Ms Micheline Ladouceur (www.mondialisation.ca; French only)


I was finally able to put a real picture of me here


Added #TOLDYA: Psycho Tyrant Fetishist Gates declares his Mark of the Beast fake vaccine for a common seasonal cold "could take an «unbelievably big number» of doses to beat the virus." to "Everything Is Going To Be OK?"


Correspondence with Guillaume de Thieulloy (Le Salon beige) (French only)


Could not resist the challenge of trying to invent a DIY anti-viral mask


"No Mask? You Serial Killer!"
Very interesting video: Secular Sharia by Dave Cullen from www.computingforever.com.


Added image of kermit the frog in boiling water that summarizes the whole Covid-19 hysteria to "Everything Is Going To Be OK?"


Added The Covid-19 Affair, by Jean-Claude Dupuis Ph. D. (French Only) to the article "Everything Is Going To Be OK?"
After over two years, I finally got my day in court


Added reference to Quebec's Foundation for the Defense of People's Rights and Freedoms in If I Had Any Courage, I'd Go Demonstrate This Sunday


I could not resist adding this image to the article "Everything Is Going To Be OK?"
Modified a bit more my new recommendations for purchasing a used computer.


My laptop died yesterday, and my job is still dead, so totally updated Section 9 of Which Computer Should I Buy?


Started documenting the still being developed Survival Table


Finished documenting Therblig Tool Tower


Changed title from "If I Had Any Courage, I'd Go Demonstrate This Sunday" to If I Had Any Courage, I'd Go Demonstrate Against The Pseudo-Pandemic
Simplified the question "I would like to get such a part of your web site in another format (like MS-Word, or PDF, or ePub, etc.)" of the FAQ, by extracting into a separate question: "How can I get my copy of your web site?"
Therblig Tool Tower (Work In Progress)


So When Do We Start Shooting? by Ann Barnhardt


Correspondence with Mrs. Katrina Kaczala (Raising of the Pride Flag at St. Jerome's University)


Tried to separate the religious from the political aspects in my treatement of the Covid-19 crisis. Transferred (with modifications) the Section called "Covid-19: A monstrous globalist hoax?" from The Chinese Plague (which had been added May 2)
to a new political article: "Everything Is Going To Be OK"?


Furious hand-to-hand combat continues against "Plex Think" (French only)


If I Had Any Courage, I'd Go Demonstrate This Sunday
I should have put this Biblical quote here a long time ago.


Three excellent hyperlinks:
APPEAL FOR THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD to Catholics and all people of good will
Elvis Was King, Ike Was President, and 116,000 Americans Died in a Pandemic
"The Most Monumental Social Engineering and Ideological Transshipment Effort in History", Part 1, Part 2,


Attempt to begin correspondence with "Plex Think" (Masked Atheist; French only)


Go give some clicks and some referrals and some love to: action4canada.com (Struggle against the tyranny of Justin Trudeau)


Added two images (Aztcs and Ursulines) to Culture, Custom, Tradition


Go give some clicks and some referrals and some love to: The Green Chain ("La Chaîne Verte"; Liberating France from Islam)


Correspondence with Dom Benedict McCaffree, OSB


Minor addition: definition of "taboo" in My Mother's Rotten Cottage


Small modifications to Jetchick Fake News: Paedophilia And The Canadian Muslim Forum (separated content in three with titles, added an Introduction; added, to the existing Conclusion, the last paragraph about how I will avoid such mistakes in the future).
First draft of my defense against the government's false accusations


Sorry, I don't feel like paying to update my picture, so instead I added a disclaimer.


If I Were A Priest During The Quebec Plague...


I just had to add a picture of Cutsie-Poo


Added picture of "Anima".


Some Viral Thoughts On The Chinese Plague


Correspondence with the CTRV (French only)


Minor additions:
- added hilarious (and very true) image on climate change
- My Last Political Testament (for now anyway!)


Minor additions:

- added image on freedom of speech.
- added image on disarming the People.

Also, since at least 2020-January-06, I've noticed on my web site statistics that my anglophone articles almost don't get accessed anymore. After many long years where, day after day, anglophone web surfers accessed the same articles, boom, the stats fell to almost zero. But not for the francophone side. I suspect Google shadow-banning.


Follow-up and termination of correspondence with the "prophetess" Lucie Plouffe (www.maranathajesus.net; French only, but the very appropriate song at the end is in English! ;-)


My Mother's Rotten Cottage

Sheesh... wasted days and lots of money re-learning my own advice trying to fix a sewing machine.

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