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If I Were A Priest During The Quebec Plague...

Mass in the wilderness.

1) Introduction

I am not a Catholic priest, and I'll probably never be. But during the forced confinement of this Chinese Plague, I wondered what I would have done, had been a priest during the even worse crisis, that of the Quebec Plague.

2) Do what you must, and damn the torpedoes!

You showed me the way to Ars, I will show you the way to Heaven!
You showed me the way to Ars, I will show you the way to Heaven!

First, and of course, I would have done what a good Catholic priest should do. I would have tried by all means to imitate an exemplary priest, like the curé d'Ars, or Saint Damien of Molokai, or the blessed Jerzy Popieluszko, etc. Whether it be Confessions, or going to give the Last Sacraments to the dying, or saying Holy Mass every day (and let's not forget the Divine Office), my days would have been busy, plague or not.

That's an answer that sounds good in public. But I must add that a large part of my existence would have been identical to the way I currently live. Whether we're in a time of plague or not, and whether I'd be wearing a Roman collar or not, a large part of my activities would remain the same: sleeping, eating, washing, exercising, keeping your clothes clean and well-mended, washing dishes, vacuuming, paying taxes, keeping your bicycle tires inflated, etc. And even that still sounds too good! In reality, I often waste my existence, among others by daydreaming, for example: let's imagine I was a priest!

3) Follow Christ, and only the clergy who follow Christ

Can a blind man guide a blind man?
"Can a blind man guide a blind man?
Won't they both fall into a pit?" [Lk 6:39]

Normally, had I been a Catholic priest, I wouldn't have done more than that. Except we live in extraordinary times: the "pope" says to Humanity what the Snake said to Eve, our "bishop" closed our temples, after having forbidden teachings of the Church to be distributed inside, our "priests" poison the faithful while depriving them of the Sacred, etc.

If I were a Catholic priest, in this period when so many wolves are disguised as sheep (and even as bishops), I would consider it a sacred duty to set a good example for my parishioners, a good example of cautious obedience. Yes, I would want to obey the Pope and the bishops, but as long as the Pope was a true Pope, and that the bishops were Catholic bishops, and not Protestant "bishops"!

So how can we detect if a so-called "pope" is a real Pope? How can we unmask wolves dressed as "bishops"? I have already answered this question at length:

The Wolf, the Mother-Goat and the Baby-Goat

The first advantage of doing this to detect wolves, is that real sheep will not be insulted, on the contrary! If you go reread the story of the Mother-Goat and the Baby-Goat above, you can well imagine the reaction of the Mother-Goat if her little Baby-Goat firmly refuses to unlock the door until the Mother-Goat has "shown her white foot". The Mother-Goat will show her white foot eagerly and joyfully, and then the Mother-Goat will take her beloved little Baby-Goat in her arms and cover it with kisses mixed with tears of pride!

The second advantage of doing this to detect wolves is that it prevents us from intentionally causing a schism. As a priest, I would not want to tell my parishioners: "Tell your bishop to go to Hell and then follow me!" Rather, I would like to publicly ask questions to my superiors, and then cling firmly to the eternal teachings of the Catholic Church. If they decided to react by causing a schism, that would be their business.

4) Martyrdom training camp

Portable altar to say Mass otherwise than in a church.
Portable altar to say Mass otherwise than in a church.

According to my understanding of the Laws of Sociology, the current general apostasy will soon cause the collapse of both the Church and the State. The ultimate solution? Most likely martyrdom. So, if I were a Catholic priest during this Quebec Plague, I would focus on preparing for martyrdom.

How can one prepare for martyrdom? Where should you sign up to go to "Martyrdom Training Camp"? If I were a Catholic priest myself, I would know how to answer my own question. I would say to myself: "Stefan, if you are not even able to stop eating cookies or potato chips, there is no point in wanting to sign up for any Training Camp!" In other words, I would start by climbing the first step. It would seem ridiculously easy, and horribly difficult. (This absurd combination is a good clue that we have just found THE THING that we should do first!)

What is the equivalent of depriving yourself of cookies, for a priest currently entangled in the Quebec Plague? I feel like saying: "Send two Open letters, one to your bishop, and one to police chief in your town." (Make sure those letters are everywhere: your parish web site, CVQ, LifeSiteNews, etc.) Ask them politely if we can celebrate a Mass in the parking lot of our church (or the beautiful public park nearby), each parishioner "socially-distant" from all the other parishioners. Since grocery stores are open, and the people inside are closer to each other than the parishioners would be during this open air Mass, no real bishop, nor any real police officer could refuse such a request. If they refused, they would throw off their masks, and show their true wolf faces.

If I were a priest, would I then have the courage to go and celebrate this Mass anyway, if my bishop threatened to take my paycheck away from me, and if the police threatened to arrest me? This is the second step. One step at a time!

5) Conclusion

Marie-Claude on the steps of her lovely apartment, in front of a beautiful little church for rent, because it's almost always empty.
Marie-Claude on the steps of her lovely apartment,
in front of a beautiful little church for rent, because it's almost always empty.

This morning, a lady called me to offer her condolences following the death of my dear Marie-Claude. We took the opportunity to speak at length about the current situation in the Church. I told her that if a priest in the diocese decided to "strap on a pair", to stand up to our semi-Catholic "bishop", and that this "bishop" dismissed him from his duties, it wouldn't be serious. We'd have a place for him right away: Marie-Claude's apartment is now empty, and I'll pay the rent. So this lady immediately offered to pay half the rent! We laughed, seeing that with just a third parishioner, we could pay and the rent for our new priest, and his food!

If I were a priest during the Quebec Plague, I don't know when I would become a martyr, but I sure know when I would stop being a doormat for my "bishop": right away!

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