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Jetchick Fake News:
Paedophilia And The Canadian Muslim Forum

Ms. Samah Jebbari and Mr. Samer Majzoub.
Ms. Samah Jebbari and Mr. Samer Majzoub.

1) Introduction

This article is an attempt to compensate for a mistake I made, and the subsequent "fake news" that I propagated for many years on my web site. I already knew that Islam officially teaches many very bad things, like hatred of non-Muslims, paedophilia, violence against women, etc., but Ms. Samah Jebbari and Mr. Samer Majzoub did not promote paedophilia at the Quebec Provincial Parliament before my very eyes.

2) The actual mistake

A few years ago, on 2015-Aug-19, I worked for a Parliamentary Committee (which had a tongue-twisting title: "Bill 59: An Act to edict the law concerning the prevention and fight against hate speech and speech inciting to violence and making various legislative amendments to strengthen the protection of persons"). During Ms. Jebbari's testimony, I thought I understood that they were asking Quebec to change its laws to allow child marriage:

Taking into account the second part of Bill 59, which provides for the protection of individuals, the Canadian Muslim Forum welcomes the power given to courts to authorize the celebration of a marriage when one of the future spouses is a minor.
[Video, at 7 minutes 46 secondes;
Transcript, "Le jeudi 20 août 2015 - Vol. 44 N°48"]

After watching the video four years later, I saw that I was wrong. First, it was the Canadian Muslim Forum ("CME") that spoke, not the Canadian Muslim Association as I thought I remembered ("MAC, Muslim Association of Canada"). Secondly, if I understand correctly, it's not the Muslims who have changed our laws, it's us! It was Stéphanie Vallée, Minister of Justice at the time, who changed our laws. The CMF only agreed with the Minister!

10. Section 373 of the Code is amended
(1) by replacing "that the holder of parental authority or, where applicable, the guardian consented to the marriage" by "that the court authorized the solemnization of their marriage";
(2) by adding, at the end, the following paragraph:
"The minor can ask for the authorization of the court alone. The holder of parental authority or, where appropriate, the guardian must be called upon to give his opinion."

3) Conclusion

I apologize publicly for my mistakes. I guess once again I was asleep at the switch.

That being said, I was not that far off the mark, since the Police is now persecuting me because I handed out flyers critical of Islam (and other insanities promoted by our current government).

How will I avoid such mistakes in the future? By respecting my own rules! My website has been online since 2004, and this is my first retractation. Normally, I try to remain in contact with reality, but this time, I trusted my memory, without reverting to the audio-visual and textual archives, without adding hyperlinks to my sources, without doing my usual journalism work. And I paid the price for my stupidity. (Note also that I detected my error myself, simply by going back to doing my usual journalism!)

Fake News Jetchick asleep at the switch.
Fake News Jetchick asleep at the switch.
(Real photo taken today by a work colleague
at the Royal Palace Hotel, between my booth shifts.)

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