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Right-Wing Christians Against Trump's Sins

Donald Trump protecting his political career, by parading around with the «gay» flag.
Donald Trump protecting his political career,
by parading around with the "gay" flag.

1) Introduction

I'm sorry, I am writing this text on Sunday, December 20th, 2020, when I should have written it shortly after the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States in 2016. (I tried to refresh it a bit on 2023-Sept-22, because unfortunately Trump is trying to get himself elected again.)

What's this article? Basically, a brief repetition of Right-Wing Christians Against Bush's Sins, but tailored to the sins of Trump.

Why write this article now? Because Ann Barnhardt's very encouraging podcast #133 made me fear that what is obvious to me, but not yet written down on my website, might lead people into error. This possibility of scandal is worsened because of a text by Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò I copied on my site (because it contains a lot of great truths!), and which also does not put in writing the necessary reservations that we must have toward Trump.

2) Trump, the Devil Incarnate?

Of course, I am not condemning whatever good Trump has done as President of the United States. I certainly do not claim that Trump is the Devil incarnate!

In addition, I repeat everything I've already said about how to judge a politician. I myself voted for Trump (by mail) both in 2016 and 2020. However, to be more precise, I would have to say that I voted against Hillary Clinton in 2016, and against Joe Biden in 2020. I think the US Democratic Party is rotten to the core, but basically my opinion of the US Republican Party is the same. In my opinion, the "Democrat/Republican Monoparty" is finishing the destruction of the United States of America (just like the "Liberal/Conservative Monoparty" is doing in Canada). In addition, it seems entirely plausible to me that massive electoral fraud will put Joe Biden as the next president of the United States on January 20th, 2021.

3) Some sins of Donald J. Trump, as far as I know

The following list is only an overview. I should have taken note of all the hyperlinks I used to base these claims. If you find them, please send them to me.

3.1) Promotion of sodomy. Trump has always been in favor of sodomy. For example, his statement that the Supreme Court's decision legalizing pseudogamy ("gay marriage") was "settled law".

3.2) None of his main electoral promises have been fulfilled. Trump had promised Hillary Clinton would go to jail if he was elected. But soon after becoming President, he said there would be no legal action against Clinton. Trump had promised to build a wall on the southern border of the United States. Nothing. Trump had promised to drain the swamp (the corrupt bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.), but these swamp creatures instead continued to do whatever they wanted during his tenure.

3.3) Explosion of the national debt. The US dollar cannot survive the exponential increase in the national debt. I'd like to find the charts and explanations about the historic collapse of all fiat currencies, when their governments print banknotes over X percent of GNP.

3.4) Covid-19, Fauci, the "vaccine". The evil "Doctor" Fauci kept his job, when he should have been fired a long time ago. Trump did say that the military would be used to vaccinate Americans. Trump has done little to encourage people to think about Covid-19, instead of just gobbling up the propaganda. LifeSiteNews recently (2023-Sept-15) pointed to an interesting article about what Trump did during the pandemic, by Jeffrey A. Tucker from the Brownstone Institute: Megyn Kelly Asks Trump a Few Hard Questions.

3.5) Contempt for the holy institution of marriage. Trump has pretended to get married three times. His first pseudo-wife (Ivana) was divorced, and since no human power can dissolve the marriage bond, his marriage to her was nul and adulterous. His two subsequent pseudo-marriages were made with a pre-nuptial agreement, that is, a rider on the marriage contract that radically prevents this contract from existing. Indeed, such an agreement is like saying: "Since divorce is possible, and that marriage is not marriage, therefore marriage is not for life..."

3.6) His Supreme Court appointments are rotten. Trump was able to appoint two new judges, but they almost immediately began to mock Trump and all Americans. Moreover, Trump has never tried to educate citizens about the inherent limitations of any Human Court.

3.7) Planned Parenthood has not suffered financially. Yes, Trump made some pro-life noises but the taxes of American citizens continue to subsidize large-scale murder, despite his promises. Trump also recently (2023-Sept-17) started to make pro-choice declarations. See for example Dear Trump: Abortion isn't a business deal where "both sides" have valid points.

3.8) He encouraged his daughter Ivanka to apostasize Christ. Trump's daughter had to formally apostatize in writing in order to marry Jared Kuchner, whom Trump has appointed as one of his main advisers, and of course Ivanka cannot have her children baptized. Trump did the opposite of what any good Christian father should have done under the circumstances.

3.9) Trump never spoke about the solution to the problem. Most of the immense problems which are finishing the destruction of the United States of America have never been clearly exposed by Trump. Not only were these problems not identified and described, their only non-bloody solution was not discussed by Trump either. Still, it wouldn't have been very difficult.

Etc., etc.

4) Conclusion

Trump is neither the Devil Incarnate, nor the Political Hero that Mankind so badly needs. If, as it seems as I write this, Biden becomes president on January 20, 2021, the United States (and planet Earth) will be screwed. But even if a political mini-miracle happened, and Trump ended up winning the 2020 election, America (and planet Earth) would still be screwed, just a little slower. Whoever occupies the White House, Americans will continue to reap the bitter harvest of their Mass Apostasy.

I very much agree with the podcast quoted above, when it describes the events happening right now, and the motivations of people like Bill Gates, Gavin Newsom, Anthony Fauci, Mario Cuomo, François Legault, Horacio Arruda, anti-Pope Francis, etc. They don't do it for the money, and maybe don't even fully understand why they are doing what they are doing. "Seraphic evil", or the height of diabolical narcissism, has no "reason" for what it does. It is Evil as a negation of Good, any Good, because Good comes from God, and Creation comes from God. It is Destruction for the sake of Destruction, out of pure hatred. Economy, interpersonal relationships, love between husband and wife, family life, beautiful music and beautiful songs in church, everything, everything, everything. They want to destroy everything, just to destroy. And the pervasive absence of virility on Earth blocks the only remaining solution.

Trump Brags He Could Abort A Baby On Fifth Avenue And Not Lose Voters.
Trump Brags He Could Abort A Baby On Fifth Avenue And Not Lose Voters.
(Hilarious headline, but still very close to the truth,
from the political satire web site "Babylon Bee")

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