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"Everything Is Going To Be OK"?

«Everything Is Going To Be OK», official version.
"Everything Is Going To Be OK", official version.

1) Introduction

In Quebec, it is now politically correct, and perhaps even a little compulsory for social acceptability, to display the official logo of the Chinese Plague in the window of your home or store.

Apparently, at first it was a way of calming Italian children locked up in their homes, while armed soldiers patrol their streets to capture rubes who dare imagine that they have the right to walk outside freely, in their own country.

2) Are children really as stupid as their parents?

«Everything Is Going To Be OK», original version.
"Everything Is Going To Be OK", original version.

I have nothing against drawing activities that aim to keep children happy in difficult circumstances. I remember that my poor Mother had rounded up all her children to repaint the living room, when my Father had left in a hurry for Pennsylvania during flooding caused by the Susquehanna River (probably a few days after June 24, 1972) because he was worried sick about his parents of whom he was without news.

I have nothing against a certain moderate optimism either. The proverb says that "pessimists are unhappy imbecils". Why make the situation worse, and cause psychological harm to poor innocent children?

However, I wonder if children are as naive as their parents. Children are able to detect when things are going wrong. I am even willing to bet that many children, even very young children, know instinctively when their parents are telling lies.

3) Exactly how bad is it going?

NWO burqa.

One of the ways in which children (and adults) detect when they are told lies is when everything becomes very vague when they ask up to what point exactly are things going bad? I took an example above with my native Pennsylvania, I'll take another one: the Three-Mile Island nuclear accident (which occurred fairly close to our home according to my Mother). The authorities were not exactly honest and precise when the time came to give people the bad news!

Should we lie to our children, to avoid admitting to them that we're worried ourselves? I don't like that idea. Children quickly discover that certain problems in life are very serious. Even when they are very young, they quickly start asking themselves existential questions, even about death, and soon discover that it's coming for everyone. (To calm their fears, I'd bet more on a solid catechesis course than blissful optimism.)

4) Why is everything going to be OK?

It's just a mask!

Are there reasons to say "everything going to be OK"? I'd love to hear them. Putting drawings in windows to promote Blind Faith in Optimism (the new opium of the people) does not seem very practical to me. It reminds me of "Femen", those immodest women who show their breasts in public, to demonstrate against... I don't really know what. Imagine if your car had a flat tire. How would showing your breasts to your flat improve the situation? If your tire is punctured, you need to park your car in a safe and level location, take out the spare tire, the jack and the tools, etc.

When our country "has a flat tire", there is no point in "showing our breasts" to the crisis. We must use our reason to seek a solution to the problem. And to solve a problem, you must first understand it. And to understand it, you have to ask good questions:

4.1) The disease itself. Where does this virus come from? Did it appear spontaneously, or was it manufactured or modified in a laboratory? If it was made, was it accidentally or intentionally released? If it was accidentally released, was the disclosure and the severity of the accident intentionally delayed so that the virus could spread more quickly? Is the virus stable, or does it mutate over time? If so, what is the speed and severity of these mutations? Etc.

4.2) The effects of the disease on the body. What are the signs and symptoms, exactly? (I saw documents on a government website, but it looked like a weather forecast similar to: "probabilities of rain, sun, snow, wind, hail and nothing at all".) How can one be sure that someone has this disease right now? How do you determine if someone has had this disease in the past? How reliable are these tests? (frequency of false positives, false negatives, etc.) Do antibodies against this disease protect against further infection? For how long? Or does having antibodies make the disease worse if we are re-infected? (Antibody-dependent enhancement) Etc.

4.3) The effects of the disease on the population. How many people have already been infected? How many people have died from it? Of these dead, how many were young and healthy, and how many already had one foot in the grave, and the other foot on a banana peel? What is the current dissemination speed? What is the dissemination speed expected in a week, a month, a year? Is the number of deaths from influenza this year (including Covid-19) very different from that of the annual influenza cycle? Are the people who determine the cause of death pressured to attribute death to one cause rather than the other? Etc.

Coronavirus is mutating...

4.4) Treatment of the disease. Is there a cure? (all kinds of rumors are circulating, but is there a treatment that works?) Do ventilators work, or do they make the disease worse? Etc.

4.5) Masks. If a virus has a diameter of about 0.125 microns, and the holes in a typical piece of fabric are 400 microns and more in size, does it make sense to impose a non-certified mask on all citizens? Even if a tiny virus is stuck to a large droplet of saliva, which itself is stopped by any rag slapped on your face, what happens when that saliva dries? Isn't the virus able to "live" for 2-5 days? Won't it just re-mobilize and go somewhere else? Moreover, professionnals who wear real masks for serious respiratory protection must regularly submit to a "Fit Test" to detect leaks caused by a bad fit between the face and the mask. Why have I never heard of such a test during this Covid-19 affair?

I also hear a lot of claims about masks, such as "Science has proved this and Studies have proved that". I've searched, but not yet found a study called:

A quantitative, peer-reviewed randomized trial
on the effectiveness of face rags made of
unspecified types of fabric, stitched in various
undocumented configurations, with unquantified
degrees of facial fit, worn for unknown periods
in circumstances that only God knows,
and disinfected at unknown frequencies
using uncontrolled methods,
to stop viruses for which nobody currently has
a reliable and affordable detection test,
and which could therefore be just as omnipresent as
the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

(The name of that study is more serious than it appears. As the great philosopher Yogi Berra once said: "In theory, Theory and Practice are the same, but in practice, they are different". There are plenty of fancy laboratory studies out there, but the hard part is preventing normal people from contracting SARS-CoV-2. See also my opinions on masks.)

Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it, for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it.

4.6) Mitigation and protection. Are "social distancing" measures working? Are there any serious studies on their effectiveness? What about all the hand-washing?

4.7) Vaccines. Are there historical cases of vaccines that have been imposed urgently, without full clinical trials, and that have caused far more harm than good? Is it even possible to find a vaccine against something that is constantly undergoing genetic mutations? Is it rational to expect a vaccine to be some kind of Messiah?

4.8) Economic consequences. Several governments are in the process of "printing money" like there's no tomorrow (enormously increasing the national debt). Is this done intentionally to destroy the national currency, and wreck the prosperity of the people, in order to pass control to a foreign power? Who is most likely to get rich if a vaccine is imposed? Etc.

4.9) Political consequences. How can democracy survive if citizens' political assemblies are criminalized? How can a vote be reliable, if voters vote by mail, withou their identity being checked, without tracking their ballot? Is the disease really that serious, or is the crisis an excuse to impose a Police_State? Etc.

4.10) Spiritual consequences. Are malicious forces using this crisis to attack the Church, among other things by criminalizing Christianity? Since when are beer and marijuana "essential services", but not Mass and the Sacraments? Etc.

Please contact me if you have definite answers to these questions, or even just better hyperlinks, either for or against. I want to free myself from my ignorance. I'll add your hyperlinks to a few I've found so far (see below).

4) Conclusion

Personally, I try to avoid excess. If "pessimists are unhappy imbecils", optimists are happy imbecils. I'd rather be realistic, and proactive. If I had very young children, I'd feel like making them draw pretty drawings, but with wiser messages:

Everything will go better, if Mommies and Daddies stop voting for incompetent perverts!
Everything will go better, if Mommies and Daddies stop voting for incompetent perverts!

5) Appendix: A few hyperlinks

If people were told to get in cattle cars to be taken to virus protection camps, most of you would rush to get in line...

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