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I don't have time to write an article about this topic for now, but at least two people have sent me this:
We Ask for Faith: Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church in French Canada

Of course I roughly agree with this Letter. Except there are at least two big problems. First, it brags about having been signed by 29 hemen, except I can only find two: Julien Bertrand, et Vincent Benatar. French-Canada has a crying need for males dripping with virility, not faggots who hide. The fear of self-identifying publicly as a Catholic is one of the causes of the crisis!

The second problem with this Letter is "nemo dat qui non habet", you can't give what you don't have. The "catholic" Bishops of Quebec cannot transmit the Catholic Faith to us, since they don't have it (in my opinion). Asking those Bishops to give us Faith is like milking a cow to get maple syrup, or tapping a sugar maple to get some milk.


Historic moment for my web site: my first e-mail sent directly to Jesus!
Correspondence with Mrs. Lucie Plouffe (www.maranathajesus.net)
(French only, and /sarcasm)


Humble retractation time!
Jetchick Fake News: Paedophilia And The Canadian Muslim Forum
Also made corrections here and here


Another good article by Ann Barnhardt: Wherein Cardinal Burke Unwittingly Demonstrates the Mathematical Concept of Reductio Ad Absurdum
Minor updates:
First draft of the Master List (No hyperlinks yet, and nothing above "Camping")


Remembrance Day At Tim Horton's


Translated into English my old Open Letter To The Quebec Minister Of Public Security (Gun Control)


Campagne Québec-Vie is 30 years old!
Come and party with us, for Faith, Family and Life!
2019 CQV Convention in Quebec City, Oct. 26

Don't miss the Quebec Christ-the-King Days ("Journées Québécoises du Christ-Roi", JQCR), also in Quebec City, a few days before (Oct. 12 and 13 at Laval University, Grand Salon, Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins).

I'm finding it hard to write anything these days, but here are a few recent articles I've read on the Internet which I mostly agree with:
Blunt Talk and Direct Answers About Papal Infallibility, Schism, the Law of Non-Contradiction, the Holy Catholic Church, and Faith in God Made Man, Our Lord Jesus Christ
Whatcott legal update and commentary on Trudeau's blackface


Please participate in your local Life Chain (one hour of public prayer to end abortion)


Open Letter to Myrianna Castagna (attack on free speech by the Quebec Provincial Police)


Finally, the FSSP in Quebec City has a new web site! Updated three pages where I was pointing to their old web site.
Updated my comments on the FSSP Priests


After many years, I'm now far more sure that Islam is intrinsically violent, so changed this paragraph to reflect that.


Come in great numbers to the 30th Christendom Pilgrimage to Saint-Ann-Of-Beaupré, Saturday August 17, 2019.
(the ad is in French Only, but of course walking is bilingual, and the Mass at the end of the pilgrimage is in Latin, so you're safe! ;-)


As expected, all lawyers in Soviet Quebekistan have nothing negative to say about the Police-State (French only)


The Bicycle Wagon (French only)
Tried to explain why the "Hand-truck/Bike Trailer" Combo is a mistake, in Section 1 and Section 7 (French only)
Updated long-term evaluation of my current bicycle (I gave up on the rear wheel)


Excellent image added to the bottom of the page that should contain the picture of the current Pope.


Should have done this a long time ago: hyperlinks to the political parties I vote for
As I had dreaded, the "Quebec Information Access Commission" sided with the Police-State (French only)


Added picture of Bishop Gracida at bottom of this page, and changed the filename from "rene_gracida.htm" to "douze_etapes.htm" (I try hard never to change filenames, but this one was really bad: first name before last name, and no title keywords in the filename).
Also added Bishop Gracida's blog to my rudimentary blogroll


Come in great numbers to the Night Pilgrimage for Gentlemen and Young Men, for the Saint-Jean-Baptiste. (French only)

Should a lawyer attack the Rule of Law? (French only)


Yet another proof that people working for the Government of Soviet Quebekistan are dead inside (French only).


Insisted a bit more on the 2.7) Trap doors built into your hardware and software (and a half-dozen other minor updates throughout the article).


Quebec Bishops And The Hypocrisy Olympics


Notice to Appear before the Information Access Commission (French only)
Excellent article by Ann Barnhardt: The Voice of a Stranger. Of Wolves, Faithless Hirelings, and the Critical Necessity for the Smelly, Unlettered Sheep to Discern the Voice of the Good Shepherd
Web site giving a very needed other point of view on the legalization of marijuana


A group of priests, theologians, etc., publish Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, which accuses Jorge Mario Bergoglio of heresy.

I agree with that Letter, except:

- They constantly refer to him as "Pope Francis". They should just say "Jorge Mario Bergoglio".

- They carefully study the heretical words and deeds of Bergoglio, without also studying the many serious claims that he never became Pope, and still is not Pope.

- They claim Bergoglio has never taught "ex cathedra". (In a way, that's true since you have to be a real Pope to teach "ex cathedra"! But that's not the way they mean.) A problem with their claim is that if it were true, almost all the teachings of almost all the real Popes in the history of the Church would now be uncertain. A Pope could write something in the Catechism, in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, insist again and again on it, and it still would not be magisterial teaching. So the Magisterium would be essentially unable to speak!

- At the end of their Letter, they pretty well claim that if a tree falls in the forest, it hasn't really fallen until the Bishops publicly say so. I claim that if a Pope falls from the Faith of Peter, he automatically falls from the Chair of Peter also. (I also claim that, in my opinion, Bergoglio has never been the Pope.)


Minor changes:
- Added theme image of this web site to the theme song.


Added appendix on Other devices claiming to protect hearing


If you want to know what blatantly unfair "trials" you and all other Christians will soon be facing, take a look at the "Human Rights Trial" horror show against Bill Whatcott (I just sent him some money to help pay for an appeal; maybe you should too...)


Minor changes again to Women's Ordination, Or Feminist Propaganda?:
- added butcher shop picture, and replaced conclusion to show these people are not Catholics anyway.


Finally got around to replacing Douglas McManaman's article called "The Virtue of Prudence" by mine:
What Is The Virtue of Prudence (or "Goalance")?


Minor changes to Women's Ordination, Or Feminist Propaganda?:
- better picture; summarized the four arguments in the Introduction; insisted on the fact tofu stores already exist, and could be easily opened if they didn't.


Minor changes:
- Added the example of the ant


Minor changes:
- Improved racoon pictures in "It's Not A Party Until You've Puked"
- Put all CSS style names in French (some were English, some were French, for lack of paying attention).


I Exist, I Adore Jesus-Eucharist!


Put on your asbestos underpants, Ann Barnhardt writes with a flame-thrower: They Hate God


Added Personal FAQ #18
Pointed to it from another example of a monopolistic attempt (Flash)


Minor update: YouTube hyperlinks (fixed "John Wick", added 2 on police data) for The Quebec City Mosque Massacre


Correspondence with Richard Martineau (Journal de Québec; "Cardinal" McCarrick; French only)


And wham-O! The Quebec Provincial Police helps me develop my virtue of patience.


Correspondence with Mark Shouldice (a.k.a. Mark Dice)


Ann Barnhardt again with two important articles:
Canon 188, which protects the Papacy, has a canonical bodyguard: Canon 332.2
and "I don't care what that means for Papal Infallibility. Not my problem to fix."


Another excellent video by Michael Voris: The Vortex -- Ripping the Church to Pieces (His suggested attitude toward our own religious leaders seems eerily similar to mine.)
Another never-to-be-answered email to Ann Barnhardt


The Government of Soviet Quebekistan threatens to sue me! (French only, but I think in this case it's for your own good. Being able to read this would only require extensive medication afterward.)
Added picture to correspondence with Minister responsible for the new Gun Registry of Soviet Quebekistan (French only)


Just to mention an excellent little video by Michael Voris: The Vortex -- It's All Related - the Filth


Minor additions:
Added yet another image ("Make Orwell Fiction Again", which I really like, more than Trump's "Make America Great Again" which it imitates)
Yet Another Installment in the Governmental "Let's Drive Stefan Crazy" Game.


Correspondence with Le Pacte pour la transition (Climate Change; French only)
Ann Barnhardt is uncovering some deeply weird stuff about Joseph Ratzinger: Thermonuclear Substantial Error


The Most Eco-Responsible Lifestyle


Added two important paragraphs at the end of Section 6 of Loyalty To Satan, Or To The Holy See? (Satan's Ultimate Attack Plan; mini-inquisitions)


Correspondence with the Islamic Party Of Ontario
Non-Correspondence (he never answers) with Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


Correspondence with Jennifer Roback Morse (Bergoglian Red Herring)

Small improvements to the Water computer, following a spectacular spike in traffic (over thirteen thousand visits in two days) because of Hacker News (Changed the "OR-gate" implementation, repeated in several places that it was a digital computer (analog water computers are quite frequent), saved the diagrams in PNG and not in JPG for more clarity, etc.).


Correspondence with Father Mark Goring (The nature of religious obedience)


Minor additions:
Explained my "SJJ" e-mail signature.


Improved the last image of the article, but I re-read the whole thing with profit: Public Enemy #1: Religious Obscurantism
Attempted correspondence with The Three "Grands Clercs" of Saint-Zéphirin (French Only)
Added Post-Scriptum to Loyalty To Satan, Or To The Holy See? (but I removed it 2020-August-09, when I revamped that article).
Added picture taken by an unfortunate patient


Correspondence with Marissa Groguhé (La Presse -- Pro-abortion propaganda; French only)

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