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Quebec Bishops And The Hypocrisy Olympics

And the winners are...

1) Introduction

A few days ago, my good buddy Georges Buscemi signed a courageous and excruciatingly well-documented letter called: Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, which accuses Jorge Mario Bergoglio of heresy.

Predictably, Quebec Bishops have reacted by either attacking Georges, or doing a little figure skating routine to try to avoid the topic, and letting their underlings do the mud-slinging (see for example: Some Quebec bishops uneasy with pro-life leader's anti-Francis stance).

2) Little anecdote about Canada's National March for Life

Bernard Westerveld (left) at the 2009 March.
Bernard Westerveld (left) at the 2009 March.

Here, I wish I had a picture of this anecdote, but I was caught by surprize and didn't think of taking pictures. Pastor Ben (a very pro-life Protestant) was walking with me at the National March for Life in Ottawa, when we spotted Cardinal Marc Ouellet. We went over and shook his hand, and I told him that both of us, one Catholic and one Protestant, were collaborating in Quebec City for a pro-life effort. Cardinal Ouellet's face lit up like Christmas Tree, and he shook Pastor Ben's hand even more vigorously, and explicitely congratulated him and encouraged us to continue to fight together, Catholics and Protestants together, against the scourge of abortion.

So far, so good. But Pastor Ben, like all "good" Protestants, pretty well spits on the Mother of God (at least from the point of view of us Catholics). I've had many arguments with him about this, even writing a whole article to try to change his mind (so far unsuccessfully, but keep praying, he's really Christian and really pro-life). I challenged him to a debate that would be published on the Internet, so everybody could see the weakness of his arguments, but of course he refused.

3) How to climb the podium of the Hypocrisy Olympics

Cockroaches on the kitchen floor.
Cockroaches on the kitchen floor.

Let's compare this anecdote with what is going on with Georges Buscemi, Quebec Bishops, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio:

3.1) Who is being criticized. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, whether or not he currently is the Pope, is nowhere as high in the hierarchy of creatures as the Mother of God. The Virgin Mary is higher than Angels and Men! Criticising the Virgin Mary is horribly bad! That didn't stop Cardinal Ouellet from praising and encouraging a Protestant for his pro-life work!

3.2) What is being criticized. Protestants attack the very being, the very dignity of the Virgin Mary, not her opinions. Georges Buscemi very specifically does not attack the Papacy, but the public and explicit doctrinal positions of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, mostly by just putting them side-by-side with quotes from the Bible, the Councils, and the Catechism, and showing they cannot be reconciled.

3.3) Who is criticizing. Protestants daily draw people away from the One True Church of Jesus Christ, because of the errors they teach. Georges Buscemi has been steering his organization Campagne Québec-Vie, more and more toward Organic Catholicism, as opposed to the fetid "catholicism" filled with antibiotics and genetically-modified organisms that can be found in so many dying parishes in our Province.

3.4) How it's being criticized. Protestants attack the Virgin Mary like cockroaches attack breadcrumbs on your kitchen floor: vigorously and as often as possible, until you turn the light on. Then, they run away and hide. Georges Buscemi quotes verbatim what Bergoglio has written and done, buries you under an avalanche of references, and would just love to answer your objections, either by e-mail, in a TV or radio interview, or in person.

4) Conclusion

Georges Buscemi (right) at the almost foundation of the Christ-The-King Party, Basement of the St-Irénée church, 2016-March-08.
Georges Buscemi (right) at the almost foundation of the Christ-The-King Party,
Basement of the St-Irénée church, 2016-March-08.

Speaking of cockroaches that run away when you turn on the light, why don't Quebec Bishops have a public debate against Georges Buscemi? Shouldn't a good Pastor try to bring back the lost sheep? Why do they just throw mud at him, ignore the many learned arguments of his scholarly letter, and quickly skate away effeminately?

And speaking of Protestants like Pastor Ben, I doubt he would ever do things like publicly reward a serial baby-killer, promote Islam, protect sexual predators, etc. So if I only had the choice between Pastor Ben and our current crop of figure skating Bishops in Quebec, I'd choose Pastor Ben anytime.

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