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Recent Additions In 2015


Wow, John R. T. Lamont hits another one out of the ballpark! Catholics and Islam


Minor additions to A Few Software Rules For This Web Site (mobile-friendliness and EXIF metadata)


Well, these are not "Recent Additions", since I would like to translate and cross-post these articles, or at least write something along those lines. But anyway, I've been reading these blog posts and finding them either very interesting (John Lamont's articles) or absolutely necessary for the Church (Eric's articles):

Ottawa Archbishop Prendergast Now the Tip of God's Spear in Canada: Part 1
Archbishop Prendergast Resign: Part 2 The Catholic Voting Bloc
Archbishop Prendergast Resign: Part 3 But He's A Good Bishop!
Why the Second Vatican Council Was a Good Thing and Is More Important Than Ever
John Lamont on what was wrong with Vatican II


After almost three years into his papacy, added more comments to the Post-Scriptum of The Private Jet Of Pope Francis
A few impressions after reading Father Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine.


Correspondence with Matthew Kelly (www.dynamiccatholic.com)


Correspondence with Samara Canada (Voter education)


Trudeau Junior's Death Spiral


Correspondence with Carl Lavoie (OpenMedia.org; French only)


How To Organize A Political Debate


Correspondence with Ms Annie Mathieu (Journal Le Soleil; French only)


Correspondence with Mister X32 (Laval University student, political research) (French only)


Correspondence with a few shopping centers in the Louis-Hebert federal riding (French only)


Correspondence with Bernhardt Beaudry (SDC Maguire) (French only)
Political Debate, Or Beauty Contest?


Correspondence with Ms. Héloïse Archambault (Journal de Montréal; French only)


Correspondence with the CADEUL and the AELIÉS (Laval University student associations; French only)


Sorry, I'm going to be pretty busy during these Canadian elections, since I'm a candidate again for the Christian Heritage Party (CHP).
My page on the National CHP web site
Same, but on the Local site for the Louis-Hébert riding
All the candidates in my riding


Correspondence with Kenny Piché (French only)


Following a short conference on the humility necessary for philosophers, given yesterday by Mr. Warren Murray at the meeting of the Society for Aristotelian-Thomistic Studies, made this virtue more explicit in The Philosopher's Glove (as well as more up-to-date pictures).


Correspondence with Madame X31 (French only)


Correspondence with Marc Bruno Lacroix


Continued correspondence with Bozo the Clown (French only)


Correspondence with Maxiane Vadeboncoeur (French only, fortunately for you)
I don't recommend you read this correspondence. I had thrown it away, but then I felt guilty because I've always bragged to have answered everybody, and to have never hidden the arguments of my opponents, etc.


Comme in large numbers to the 26th Christendom Pilgrimage,
at the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Sanctuary!
Departure August 8 at 6h45 in front of the Our-Lady-of-Quebec Basilica.
Poster (Zoom in with your browser to see details; French only; JPG; 373Kb)
Itinerary (Zoom in with your browser to see details; French only; JPG; 381Kb)


Correspondence with Eric Oullereau (Not interesting; it's only because I force myself to answer all e-mails, even when it's very tempting to just hit "Delete". I had to pull his initial e-mail out of the trash to answer it, when my conscience accused me). French only.


Open letter to all candidates for the Quebec provincial by-election of June 8, 2015, in the Jean-Talon riding
Started to play with an "ePub" reader for Thonnard.


Correspondence with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service, USA)


Correspondence with Fr. Gérald Lajeunesse, OMV (French only)


The CBC: Taxpayer-Funded Leftist Propaganda
Oops, forgot to tell Mr. Blanchette I'm not like the CBC!


Correspondence with Mr. Denis Blanchette, federal MP for the NDP in Louis-Hébert


Correspondence with Holy League
Correspondence with Mr. Sheldon Clare (NFA)


Added a few answers to objections in Onward Canadian Soldiers!
Rats, I couldn't get the exact domain name I wanted, but at least I got www.modern-crusade.ca!


Onward Canadian Soldiers! (Canada must declare a crusade agains the Islamic State)


Correspondence with «Catholic Tradition Watch Dogs» (French only; Yeah, I know, why did they give themselves an English name?)
More correspondence with Heresy Hunter

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