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Onward Canadian Soldiers!
Marching As To War!

Paul Henderson's goal against the Soviets in 1972.

1) Abstract

If the Canadian government continues to avoid ground warfare, it should at least enact a new law which would help canadian civilians who want to pay their own way to go fight against the Islamic State.

2) What is "the Islamic State" (or "ISIS", or "ISIL")?

According to Wikipedia, the Islamic State is also known under the acronyms of "ISIS" (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), "ISIL" (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), "Da'ish" or "DAESH" (ad-Dawlat al-Islamiyah fi al-'Iraq wa sh-Sham). It's a "radical Islamist rebel group controlling territory in Iraq and Syria, and also has operations in eastern Libya, the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, and other areas of the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia." They proclaimed themselves a world caliphate on June 29th 2014.

We know them mostly for their association with horrible images and videos that the media show us. (I personally admit having never had the courage to look at one of those videos.) Here are unfortunately a few pictures so we can know what we will talk about in the rest of this article.

Twenty one Coptic Christians have their throats slit:

Coptic Christians having their throats slit.
"[...] I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them at the necks [...]" [Koran 8:12]
"[...] those who disbelieve smite at their necks [...]" [Koran 47:4]

Women sold as sexual slaves:

Women sold as sexual slaves.
"[...] then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four [...]
or (the captives and the slaves) that your right hands possess." [Koran 4:3, but see also 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50]

People slaughtered because they disagreed with the Islamic State:

People slaughtered because they disagreed with the Islamic State. An other massacre.
"The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger [...]
is only that they shall be killed or crucified [...]" [Koran 5:33]

Amputation of the hand of a man accused of theft:

Amputation of the hand of a man accused of theft.
"Cut off (from the wrist joint) the (right) hand of the thief, male or female [...]" [Koran 5:38]
[Source for article, [Source for photo]

Suicide attacks:

Suicide attacks.
"Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange]
for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed" [Koran 9:111]

3) What is Canada doing about this now?

Faced with this wave of barbarity, what is Canada doing about this now? In a picture, Canada is doing what ice hockey fans call "The Flamingo":

The Flamingo.

For non-Canadians reading this article, ice hockey is played with a heavy puck made of hard rubber, which is slapped with long sticks, and which can reach speeds in excess of 170km/h! When a player wants to pretend to help his goaltender by blocking a shot, but without risking an injury, he stands on one foot, like a flamingo.

Hockey player doing the flamingo.
[Source: www.crowbarbenson.com]

But when a hockey player seriously wants to help his goaltender, instead of standing as far as possible from the ice, he'll get down as close to it as possible, he will "sacrifice his body", he will risk injury to really block the shot:

A true Canuck sacrificing himself to block a shot.
A true Canuck sacrificing himself to block a shot.

On October 7, 2014, the Canadian Parliament voted to allow CF-18 fighter jets to stay very far from the ground, and lob a few bombs from very far up, therefore with very few risks for Canadian crews to be injured or to be captured.

Notice also that the risks to the Islamic State are also very much reduced! Indeed, a bomber is effective when you have large targets to destroy, like weapon factories, or train stations where armies and supplies are transiting, or nuclear plants, etc. The Islamic State has mostly footsoldiers armed with kalashnikovs and rocket launchers. Not easy to swat flies with a bulldozer... on top of being very expensive!

To add insult to injury, not only did our politicians vote for Canada to do the flamingo, but the vote was fairly close, 157 against 134. Indeed, all the members of the Liberal Party of Canada (headed by the despicable Justin Trudeau) as well as all the members of the New Democratic Party of Canada (headed by the no less despicable John Mulcair) voted against. (The voting was roughly the same when a one-year extension to these air strikes was voted on 2015-March-30).

4) Ideally, what would Canada do instead?

Many excellent solutions are available for Canada, except they are either politically incorrect, or very politically incorrect!

4.1) The first obvious solution would be a referendum by the actual people involved: our Canadian soldiers. Since they are the ones putting their lives on the line, and not our Members of Parliament, then we could ask them if they prefer to do the flamingo, or go risk their lives in manly ground combat? I'll give you a hint: even if it's a suicide mission, Canadian soldiers have a tendancy to volunteer:

Canadian soldiers captured during the Dieppe suicide mission in 1942.
Canadian soldiers captured during the Dieppe suicide mission in 1942.

This solution is logical, but "unthinkable" for many of our politicians. Imagine, if those risking their lives voted in favor of massive ground combat against the Islamic State, whereas their Members of Parliament barely agree to do the flamingo! Hum, little image problem at the next elections!

Defund the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)!
Defund the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)!

4.2) The second solution, even more politically incorrect, would be to defund the CBC. For those who don't know the situation in this country, the CBC is a kind of State television and radio station, richly funded by Canadian taxpayers (over a billion dollars a year). The CBC systematically does leftist propaganda, while fiercly censoring any opinion which might make leftists look bad. (I've been myself interviewed several times by the CBC, so I know what I'm talking about.)

If Canadians found out what is really going on in the Middle East, and if they really knew what Islam teaches, they would revolt against their current political masters. Canada would declare total war against the Islamic State, exactly like Canada declared total war against the Nazis at the beginning of World War II. And as we speak, the Canadian Army could all by itself be able to anihilate the Islamic State. Except the CBC is a sacred cow in the minds of Canadian voters who are informed mostly by... the CBC!

I'll see your jihad, and I'll raise you one crusade!

4.3) The third solution, even more obvious, and even more politically incorrect, would simply be to learn from History. It's not the first time Christians in that part of the world are terrorised by Muslims. And we know the only effective means to help those Christians: the crusade. Yes, leftists of all strips would throw a spittle-flecked nutty, but the Catholic Church would be entirely justified to declare a crusade against the Islamic State, and then call upon all countries like Canada, the USA, France, etc., to participate. The Catholic Church would also be justified in re-founding military orders such as the Templars (See among others Summa Theologica, IIa-IIae, q. 188, a. 3). Except it's not with the current Pope that a Catholic religious leader will encourage the West to pull its head out of the sand...

5) Realistically, what should Canada do instead?

Apart from those three excellent solutions which are too politically incorrect to be accepted, what else is there? Private enterprise! Indeed, nothing would prevent Canada from voting a law which would help ordinary citizens to pay their own way to go fight against the Islamic State.

A law would be necessary to insure a minimum legal framework for these brigades of citizen-soldiers:

5.1) Exporting our "rotten apples" is out of the question. These citizen-soldiers would have to be good Canadian citizens, who respect our laws and pay their taxes. We don't want to export our criminals, so they will go make the situation worse by committing even more serious crimes!

5.2) Canadian laws apply abroad. A few years ago, a petition was going around to force Canadian mining companies to respect all Canadian environmental and labor laws, even when their mines are abroad. I find that idea excellent for our citizen-soldiers. They would have to commit to respect all our laws, even abroad, even (and especially) concerning the treatment of soldiers of the Islamic State, and to submit themselves ahead of time to legal proceedings, whether in civil or criminal court, if ever they didn't behave like noble knights! This is even more necessary when we remember that a war zone is one of the places most in need of laws! It's especially not at that moment that we have to fall into some legal "no-man's-land"!

5.3) No weakness for terrorist's blackmail. The citizen-soldiers would renounce in writing any aid from Canada if ever they were captured. In any way, we must never negociate with terrorists, but this would make it even easier for our politicians. If a citizen-soldier was captured, and the Islamic State asked for money in exchange for his life, the Prime Minister could say truthfully: "We won't pay a cent, because this citizen made us explicitely promise never to negotiate with terrorists!"

5.4) No tears for body bags. Just as for blackmail here above, a citizen-soldier who would be killed and who would return in a body bag could not be used by the Official Opposition as some kind of weapon against the government. The Prime Minister could simply say: "He was a good soldier. He knew was he was getting himself into. He made us promise not to cry over him, so we'll honor our promise to him, just as he honored his promise to defend Justice and Freedom."

5.5) A minimum of regulatory and diplomatic help. It's nice to want to go help persecuted Christians in the Middle East, but the citizen-soldier needs to be able to bring his rifle and ammunition with him! We'd need a few adjustments to air travel regulations, as well as a bit of diplomatic help so these citizen-soldiers could land somewhere, for example in a military base in Iraq, where our Canadian soldiers currently are (those whom we are forcing to do the flamingo!). It would also be nice to have a few tax breaks (for example, if our rifle is manufactured in Canada, why not a small tax deduction for the people who contribute to pay for it?).

5.6) A minimum of military training. On top of paying a lot of money to send expensive CF-18s to drop expensive bombs on tiny and fleeting targets, Canadians are also paying to "help train the security forces of Iraq". (Yes, those same Iraq soldiers who quickly retreated when the Islamic State crossed their northern border.) Why not keep a bit of that money to train real Canadian citizens here in Canada, so our citizen-soliders can improve their probabilities for survival and military success? Those dollars would help our economy, and not be spent on people of uncertain allegiances.

5.7) Measures to avoid misappropriation of weapons or money. One of the worst problems when trying to send aid to a foreign country is that our money will end up in the wrong hands. We do not want to build a kind of pipeline from Canada to the Islamic State, which would vacuum up money and weapons! All exported material resources would have to be strictly traced, so that they would remain in the hands of our citizen-soldiers, and they would have to be returned back in Canada at the end of military operations. Another way of making sure that money and weapons would not end up in the Islamic State would be to require that all our citizen-soldiers be absolutely incompatible with Islam.

I'm old (51 years), and my few months of training as an infantry officer in the Canadian Army go back 32 years, but if I'm wanted, I'll go!

6) Answers to a few objections

Fortunately for me, some readers of my site take the time to send me their constructive criticisms, which I always appreciate:

6.1) "Isn't your whole 'citizen-soldier and special law' rigamarole simply a poor substitute for the Canadian Army?" Yes. As I've said here above, it's the Canadian Army that should go fight against the Islamic State. But in a situation where the real Canadian Army is handcuffed by Leftist politicans, a brigade of Canadian volunteers is better than nothing. Go ask the Christians who are being massacred in the Middle East to convince yourself.

6.2) "Don't we already have jihadists right here in Canada? Shouldn't we defend ourselves here first, since it's here that we are under attack?" Yes, jihadists are already here in Canada. Yes, we continue to quickly import large quantities of muslim immigrants, to then let them teach anything in their mosques. Yes, we are heading straight toward serious social problems. Yes, we have to get politically involved to fight against an incorrect notion of "multiculturalism". But doing our civic duty here in Canada doesn't mean we shouldn't also do our civic duty abroad. Go ask the Christians who are being massacred in the Middle East to convince yourself.

6.3) "Aren't the Muslims who commit these atrocities doing it because of their poverty, their lack of jobs, droughts, climate changes, the long history of exploitation of their third-world country by the rich countries, etc.?"

6.3.1) Firstly, why not? Human behavior is often explained by several causes. For example, when I got up this morning, it was perhaps partly biological (reflex of getting up when the alarm sounds), partly selfish (Yipee! Here comes my first cup of coffee!), partly financial (if I don't show up at the office on time, I'll lose my job), partly religious (a good Catholic has to participate in the edification of society, and laziness is a capital sin), etc. I'm totally aware that the causes of the Islamic State's behavior can be "multifactorial" as scientists say. I also totally agree that we should fight against poverty, unemployment, pollution, human exploitation, etc. And of course, since I'm a Catholic, I totally agree that we must love our enemies and pray for the conversion of the Muslims soldiers of the Islamic State [Mt 5:44], forgive the people who torture and kill us [Mt 6:12], etc.

6.3.2) Secondly, many soldiers of the Islamic State are rich, educated, and left their good job in their rich native country (Australia, UK, France, USA, etc.) to come and join the Islamic State. Another way of observing the same thing is to watch TV and read newspapers in order to count the number of times you see Catholics slitting throats, selling slaves, and sexually abusing children while quoting the official teachings of the Catholic Church to justify themselves. (Answer: zero. You won't find any.) Compare that to the number of times where Muslims do these things while quoting the Koran. (Answer: it depends. If you listen to the CBC, the answer will be "zero", because the CBC systematically censors such declarations by Muslims. But if you consult more reliable sources of information, the answer will be "almost always".)

6.3.3) Thirdly, if somebody is going around a school with a gun and starts to shoot schoolchildren, our first reaction should not be to gather a committee of university professors to study the causes of his behavior! We have to act quickly to stop the aggression. Go ask the Christians who are being massacred in the Middle East to convince yourself.

6.4) "Why not imitate Mahatma Gandhi and use non-violent resistance?" Because Gandhi only works with the old British Empire, i.e. an enemy that is still under the influence of Christianity, democracy, a free press, and a sense of fair-play. If the enemy is brutal and savage, then Gandhi just gets slaughtered. Statistically, there were probably many "Gandhis" in Cambodia, when the Khmers rouges (Atheists) slaughtered over a million Cambodians. We already know there were at least twenty-one "Gandhis" in the Islamic State, and we can all see how that worked out! Finally, the Catholic Church has always taught and continues to teach the legitimacy of just wars [CCC, #2309].

6.5) "Didn't you know that the Islamic State is in fact a puppet of the CIA (or the Illuminati, or the little green men on planet Mars)?" OK, I admit I'm exaggerating a bit here with the Illuminati and the Martians, but a reader did mention the CIA, and I've also seen this kind of reaction on the Internet. The answer to this objection is a combination of two preceeding answers. Firstly, even if the Islamic State was a puppet of little green men (or the CIA, etc.), we would still need to resist the aggression. Secondly, the Islamic State is obviously being helped. If you add all the military budgets and all the soldiers of all Western countries, you get an overwhelming sum of military power, of which a tiny fraction would suffice to quickly solve the Islamic State problem once and for all. If the Islamic State still exists, it's because there is at least a certain complicity through inaction on the part of Western leftist politicans. Yes, we can imagine all kinds of conspiracy theories that are very difficult if not impossible to prove, but we can see with our own eyes the leftist politicians who are picking their noses while pretending to be powerless before the Islamic State, while giving us long sermons to convince us that Islam is the religion of peace (TM). We are therefore justified to try to get rid of our bad politicians.

6.6) "Canada has laws against mercenaries." Yes, fortunately! A mercenary is a very bad person. The word "mercenary" comes from the Latin "mercenarius" which means "hired for wages". A mercenary is a soldier who goes to war for the money. In other words, a mercenary is somebody with no moral code, somebody who doesn't distinguish between good and evil. Except I'm asking for the complete opposite of mercenaries. These guys do not get paid, they pay out of their own pocket, because they know that slaughtering Christians is a very bad thing, and that we must resist evil. And they know that resisting evil doesn't give you permission to do anything you want, on the contrary they commit to obeying all laws, as stated here above. Finally, Canada is already officially at war against the Islamic State, so going to fight against the Islamic State can't be that "anti-Canadian"!

6.7) "The war on terror has been producing more instead of less terrorists." As usual, everything depends on how you define "war on terror". If by "war on terror" you mean invading a country against the orders of the Pope and the United Nations, lobbing bombs on civilians who are just going to a marriage reception, taking selfies of yourself torturing prisoners, writing a new Constitution for this country which bases all laws on the Sharia and Islam, preventing your Christian soldiers from even handing out little coins engraved with quotes from the Bible (never mind actually trying to convert Muslims), abandoning translators who tried help your soldiers, and who are now threatened with death for being "collaborators", disrupting the whole social fabric of this country and then quickly leaving, then yes, "war on terror" will produce more, not less terrorists. (I'm sorry I don't have all the hyperlinks to all the articles, but these are all examples coming from the "war on terror" in Afghanistan and Irak by the Post-Christian USA.)

In other words, as usual, good intentions are not enough to act well. A poorly-done military intervention is like a poorly-done surgical intervention on a patient: it will do more harm than good. But all good things, when misused, cause harm. This is an urgent call for professional competence, not inaction.

7) Conclusion

The Islamic State has thrown down a challenge to the international community. If a small group of bloodthirsty gangsters can poke the international community in the eye with a stick, without being severely punished, our problems are going to get worse, not better.

Defending the Common Good cannot be done without sacrifices, or as they used to say, without "bearing one's cross".

Look again at the picture here above of the twenty-one Coptic Christians who had their throats slit. All they had to do was to pretend to convert to Islam, and their lives would have been spared. They didn't do the flamingo.

8) Post-Scriptum: My attempt to speak to my Member of Parliament

See here:

Correspondence with Mr. Denis Blanchette, federal MP for the NDP in Louis-Hébert

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