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The "Atheist Trinity": Tolerance, Equality, Ecology

Paul Sérusier. Incantation or The Sacred Forest.
"Nihil curo de ista tua stulta superstitione!"
(Paul Sérusier. Incantation or The Sacred Forest. Source)

1) Introduction

Politics isn't Religion, and a politician should not deal with religion as such. On the other hand, because a politician is responsible for the Common Good, everything which can cause harm to the Common Good should concern him or her (see among others "The Spiritual Water Table").

From what I can see, one of the most popular "religions" these days could be called the "Atheist Trinity". Under the cover of sweet-sounding words like "tolerance", "equality" and "ecology", this superstition threatens our society.

2) Short overview of the "Atheist Trinity"

Right from the start, we have to observe that it's difficult to define precisely the "Atheist Trinity", since there's no official digest of its teachings (like the CCC for Catholicism), nor a supreme authority to settle theological disagreements (like the Pope for Catholicism). I must therefore do my best, by summarizing and organizing the teachings of this "religion" disseminated mostly by the media (like the Globe and Mail and Le Devoir newspapers, or the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television channel, etc.).

Here are a few "dogmas" of the "Atheist Trinity", as they might be presented by one of its followers:

2.1) The Immaculate-Assertion. Any assertion made by an Atheist is pure of all belief. In other words, all his assertions are preserved of the stain of faith, as opposed to assertions made by Catholics, which are necessarily impure right from their conception.

2.2) The Infallibility of Tolerance. It's absolutely true that absolute truth doesn't exist. The proof is that people who claim that truth exists are responsible for the Inquisition, Crusades, Galileo, etc. Since truth leads to intolerance, we therefore have to assert that truth doesn't exist, and replace it with Tolerance.

2.3) Equalize thy neighbor as thyself. Since we have to reject all moralities based on truth (see #2.2 here above), we adopt a hedonistic "morality" of the least common denominator. For each ethical problem (abortion, divorce, homosexual attractions, etc.), we adopt the least demanding position. Not only do we adopt the least demanding position, but we prevent anybody from having higher moral standards, since that disrupts our quest for pleasure.

2.4) Adore Nature truly and substantially present in the ecological Tabernacle. At some point of time, we have to adore something. Pure Atheism is so inhuman, that it could never attract people in large numbers. So we attempt to replace Jesus by koalas, belugas and Genetically Un-modified Organisms.

Also, for some strange reason, this idolatry of natural life is usually concurrent with hatred of preborn children ("Save the whales! Harpoon a baby!").

3) What is true and good in the "Atheist Trinity"

Of course, there is a large part of truth in the "Atheist Trinity", and we must begin by listing and praising this portion of truth.

3.1) Religious intolerance causes violence. "It is a profanation and a blasphemy to declare oneself a terrorist in God's name. In such cases, God, and not only man, is exploited by a person who claims to possess the totality of God's truth [...]. To define as "martyrs" those who die while carrying out terrorist attacks distorts the concept of martyrdom, which is the witness of a person who gives himself up to death rather than deny God and His Love. Martyrdom cannot be the act of a person who kills in the name of God. No religion can tolerate terrorism and much less preach it. Rather, religions must work together to remove the causes of terrorism and promote friendship among peoples" [Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Rome, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2004, #515].

3.2) All human persons have the same dignity. "Heman and woman have the same dignity and are of equal value, not only because they are both, in their differences, created in the image of God, but even more profoundly because the dynamic of reciprocity that gives life to the "we" in the human couple, is an image of God" [Ibid., #111]. "Homosexual persons are to be fully respected in their human dignity" [Ibid., #228]. "Since something of the glory of God shines on the face of every person, the dignity of every person before God is the basis of the dignity of man before other men. Moreover, this is the ultimate foundation of the radial equality and brotherhood among all people, regardless of their race, nation, sex, origin, culture, or class" [Ibid., #144].

3.3) The environment must be safeguarded. "We cannot interfere in one area of the ecosystem without paying due attention both to the consequences of such interference in other areas, and to the well-being of future generations" [Ibid., #459]. "A correct understanding of the environment prevents the utilitarian reduction of nature to a mere object to be manipulated and exploited" [Ibid., #463]. "The climate is a good that must be protected and reminds consumers and those engaged in industrial activity to develop a greater sense of responsibility for their behavior" [Ibid., #470]. "One must avoid falling into the error of believing that only the spreading of the benefits connected with the new techniques of biotechnology can solve the urgent problems of poverty and underdevelopment that still afflict so many countries on the planet" [Ibid., #474].

Etc., etc.

4) Critique of the "Atheist Trinity"

The fundamental argument against the "Atheist Trinity" is that, despite a coating rich in noble truths (see #3 here above), it's basically bad old Atheism, with all its harmful consequences (See among others "If God Is Dead, Nothing Is Forbidden").

One of the most harmful aspects of this bad superstition is that the "Atheist Trinity" hides its Atheistic aspect, and rather puts forth its supposedly rational character (see the "Immaculate-Assertion" at #2.1 here above). Exposing this lie is relatively easy: all you need to do is question the followers of this religion concerning the rational foundation of their assertions. I've never met a follower who was able to give a logical and consistent defence of the "dogmas" of the "Atheist Trinity".

5) Conclusion

How can we fight against the social disease of the "Atheist Trinity"? Let's listen to an expert:

"God has decreed, wrote Lacordaire, that no good could be done to man otherwise than by loving him, and that insensitivity would be forever unable, either to give him light, or to inspire him virtue". And in fact, to force which tries to impose itself, one makes it a question of honor to resist, to Science which claims to always convince, one makes it a point of honor of opposing objections; but because we don't feel any humiliation to be disarmed by goodness, we easily succumb to the charm of its ways.

The Little Sister of the Poor, the Little Sister of the Assumption, the Daughter of Charity, could list numerous conversions obtained without discussion, through the mere power of a tireless and often heroic goodness.

God is there! cries out the Atheist or the sinner before this selfless dedication. I see Him, such as He defines Himself: the "Good Lord".
[CHAUTARD, Dom J. B. L'Âme de tout apostolat, Paris, Téqui, 1939, p. 129]

Our country urgently needs more good young nuns.

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