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What Is A Pro-Life Noise?

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1) Introduction

In Politics, what is the difference between a genuine pro-life action, and what you could call "pro-life noise"? More generally, when is a politician really doing something, as opposed to pretending to do something, in order to dishonestly gain votes from gullible voters? I'm not sure, but here are some of my thoughts.

2) Some examples of pro-life noises

The first example that comes to my mind is Georges W. Bush Jr. who, after he became President of the USA, enacted a law which made illegal late-term (i.e. "partial-birth") abortions. Even though Bush remained in power for eight years, and even though abortionists continued to openly practice partial-birth abortions, nobody was ever prosecuted. Despite this, Bush is still highly regarded by right-wing dodos.

The second example is Stephen Harper, current Prime Minister of Canada, who apparently cut some budgets of pro-abortion feminist groups, as well as eliminate the "Court Challenges Program" (through which taxpayers would fund sodomites and abortionists who attacked what was left of sane laws in Canada).

Apparently, those actions would seem in favor of the Culture of Life. But the context of those actions is important. Remember we are in an era where killing babies is fully "legalised". Same with sodomy, pseudogamy, etc. Basically, we have lost all the battles that can be lost! The changes have all occured, and they have all been enshrined in Canadian "laws"!

Of course Harper can cut a bit of funding here and there! That's like removing the scaffolding after a building has been built! Removing the "Culture of Death scaffolding" doesn't touch the Constitution, nor the Charter of Rights, nor the laws, nor the education system, nor the CBC, nor the rulings of the Supreme Court, etc.

3) Conclusion

Bad politicians couldn't be bothered with educating the voters. So when the electorate is divided, the calculating demagogue will not try to educate the group that is wrong. He will just chose which group is easiest to fool, and throw them a "political noise".

Things can and do get more complicated. Will a calculating demagogue sometimes actually do pro-life things, even though he's pro-choice? Why not? As long as he gains more pro-life votes than he loses pro-choice votes, his calculations are paying off. (During this lifetime!)

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