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The Second Finger In The Eye Of SCOTUS

The Supreme Court of the USA, getting ready to stick its second finger in its eye with «Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization», after sticking itself with the first in «Roe v. Wade».
The Supreme Court of the USA,
getting ready to stick its second finger in its eye
with «Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization»,
after sticking itself with the first in «Roe v. Wade».

1) Introduction

On June 24, 2022, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that abortion was not a constitutional right, in a judgment called "Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization". I was quickly bombarded with emails from pro-lifers rejoicing at this, as if it was some great victory. Personally, on the contrary, I'm saddened. I find this to be another great defeat for all of mankind.

Of course, before I begin, I must repeat that I am neither a judge, nor a lawyer, nor a bishop, nor even a stable boy. I am an old fuddy-duddy, typing away on his laptop while listening to Gregorian chant.

2) Neither one nor the other: 2 + 2 does not equal 5 nor 38

In my view, the Court got it wrong in 1972 with "Roe v. Wade", and got it wrong again the day before yesterday with "Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization". That's why I don't rejoice in this judgment as a great victory. Two plus two don't equal five or thirty-eight. Two plus two equals four.

In 1972, the Court erroneously declared that parents had "the right" to murder their own children, according to the US Constitution. In 2022, the same Court stated equally erroneously that parents had just as much of a right to murder their own children, provided some human authority other than the US Constitution "gives them that right":

We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. The Constitution makes no reference to abortion [...] It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives.

The Supreme Court is only "Pontius Pilating" its hands, and kicking the hot potato down to other human instances.

You can hear me coming with my big cement shoes: some acts are inherently wrong, and no vote, no parliament, no court, no human authority can declare them good or legal or constitutional. Many articles on my website talk about this, among others Bill C-666.

3) The Catholic Church and Lawnmowers

I don't think lawn mowers work like that.
I don't think lawn mowers work like that.
[Source, Source]

One of the funny aspects of this whole affair is that several justices of the Supreme Court of the United States claim to be Catholic. They should read a bit the teachings of their own Church. If there is one teaching that the Church hammers on constantly, it's that there's a Law which has not been invented by men, a natural law, a law which we can discover by scrutinizing Nature with our Reason. What is Good? What is Evil?

God has already given an answer to this question: he did so by creating man and ordering him with wisdom and love to his final end, through the law which is inscribed in his heart (cf. Rm 2:15), the "natural law". The latter "is nothing other than the light of understanding infused in us by God, whereby we understand what must be done and what must be avoided. God gave this light and this law to man at creation"
[Veritatis Splendor, #12]

Just as we can examine a lawn mower to discover how to use it, we can also examine human nature to discover how to do good and avoid evil. Due to the nature of the lawnmower, one must not put water in the gas hole, nor put sand in the oil hole. It's not a matter of taste or imagination. Nor is it because some guru has declared it, or an ayatolah, or a priest. It's because Nature made it thusly:

Inasmuch as it is inscribed in the rational nature of the person, [Natural Law] makes itself felt to all beings endowed with reason and living in history. In order to perfect himself in his specific order, the person must do good and avoid evil, be concerned for the transmission and preservation of life, refine and develop the riches of the material world, cultivate social life, seek truth, practise good and contemplate beauty.
[Veritatis Splendor, #51]

4) Response to some atheist howls

«I'm a Democrat/Communist/Antifa, and I object!»
"I'm a Democrat/Communist/Antifa, and I object!"

Yes, I know, the appearance of words like "God" or "Natural Law" will cause the usual howls from Atheists. As usual, we must start by confronting Atheists with their own stupidity: if God does not exist, not only is abortion "legal", but anything is "legal"! If God is dead, everything is permitted.

Second, whether one is for or against abortion is irrelevant at this point in the argument. Whether an unborn baby is just a "clump of cells" or a really-real baby, doesn't depend on a vote. No human authority can transform a "clump of cells" into a baby, and conversely no court, however supreme it claims to be, can transform a baby into a "clump of cells". Reality is out there, and this reality is not under the control of human whims. It's in another jurisdiction, the divine jurisdiction.

5) Conclusion

A bunch of incompetent babies.
A bunch of incompetent babies.

Before learning to do complicated things with their hands, little babies quickly learn not to put their fingers in their own eyes. In the same way, before embarking on complicated judgments, a good judge must first learn to detect what is in his jurisdiction, and what is not.

The "adults" who make up the US Supreme Court are worse than a bunch of incompetent babies, but their incompetence pales in comparison to the moral corruption of the vast majority of "Catholic" bishops in the USA.

These bishops should enlighten the conscience of all Americans, but are themselves in deep darkness. It's hard to see clearly when your head is crammed up the gay marriage hole...

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