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Recent Additions In 2010


Correspondence with Mister X26


Among others, added Sophisms 5.15, 5.16, 5.17, and modified Section 4 of Pure As Doves, But Dumb As Dodos


Added the ultrasound picture to Merry Christmas!


Tried to start up some correspondence with La Ville de Québec (Web site www.jihadwatch.org blocked by the City; French only)


Tried to start up some correspondence with M. Pierre Asselin (Le Soleil newspaper; French only)


Don't forget the International Vigil For Life on November 27!


Added Section 9 to The Cockroach's Soul
Continued correspondence with M. Jean-Marc Noyelle (French only)


Answered M. Jean-Marc Noyelle (French only)


Tried to start up some correspondence with Mr. Heresy Hunter
Started correspondence with M. David Jacques (French only; Festival des musiques sacrées de Québec)


Added Section 3.7 and clarified 5.3 of Why I Burned A Koran On 9/11


First draft of the Quebec City Life Chain of 2010-October-03 (Posted around 1h35 AM, then fixed later that day with much wise advice from many readers.)


Tried to start up some correspondence with Voix de faits (voixdefaits.blogspot.com) (French only)


Let's Commit Sacrileges In Church!


Why I Burned A Koran On 9/11


Correspondence with Rémy Bayle (French only)


Continuation and probably conclusion of correspondence with Monsieur X23 (French only)


Modified Error: "The Brain In A Vat" (mostly added Sections 2 and 4)


Continued correspondence with Monsieur X23 (French only)


A few minor changes to Intellectual Joust! (the old Section 3 is now Section 6.1, and added most of the new Section 3).


First time in my life I hear a priest in Quebec City do such a thing: Father Guillaume Loddé's Sermon On Abortion


Sober Thoughts On A.A.'s God
Correspondence with Alcoholics Anonymous (in English for the AA Grapevine, in French for La Vigne AA)


Added a local copy on this site of Gaston Courtois' excellent book The Art Of Being A Leader (French only)

2010-June-01 (all newsletters)

The Debate Is On


Removed "The web site www.inquisition.ca, whether in one of its parts or as a whole, must not be interpreted as accusing anybody of anything" from the Legal Consideration #3; and replaced "I absolutely don't claim I have received such a mandate from the Pope, and I have no intention of conducting an inquisition myself" by "I have not received such a mandate from the Pope" in the Legal Consideration #4.


Tried to clarify Section 6 (mostly the "Electro-Koko Test") of The Cockroach's Soul


Tried to start correspondence with Michael Huemer (University of Colorado)
Warm day today!
Modified Section 4.2 of Virtual Reality Games, and Real Vices


Minor updates to My Subjective Assessment Of Cardinal Ouellet (Added some good points in Section 3, removed one bad point in 3.3).
Continued correspondence with Monsieur X24 (French only)


Correspondence with Ms. Cassandra Veilleux (French only)
Correspondence with Mr. Martin Paquette (French only)
Correspondence with Monsieur X24 (French only)
Correspondence with Mr. Jean-Sébastien Pagé (French only)
(By the way, thanks Mr. Lagacé for sending all those lost sheep my way!)


Tried to start correspondence with Patrick Lagacé (cyberpresse.ca) (French only)
More correspondence with Monsieur X8 (2010-May-15; French only)


Added question 8 to Snippets Of Debates About Homosexual Attractions: "The Church itself teaches that we are born homosexual!"


Brief criticism of Le Christ Philosophe (Christ the Philosopher) by Frédéric Lenoir.


Streamlined printing of 2 recent flyers.


Correspondence with Monsieur X23 (French only)


Correspondence with Mme Françoise Delplanque (French only)
Correspondence with G.R.I.S. - Québec (French only)
Sent by e-mail the Open Letter to Ms. Kathleen Weil, Quebec Justice Minister


Added question 7 to Snippets Of Debates About Homosexual Attractions
Added Section 3 to Does "Homosexuality" Exist?
Personal FAQ #15: "Your web site is obsessed with sodomy/abortion/etc."
Personal FAQ #16: "You are like Don Quixote"


Personal FAQ #14: "Ouch! Potential employers end up on your web site when they search for my name in Google!"
Correspondence with Monsieur X22 (French only)
I officially request to have my name removed from Bill Whatcott's flyer

2010-April-3; religious and political newsletter

Happy Easter!
Love Sodomites! Hate Sodomy!
Newsletter to ask people to vote for their favorite flyer, Bill Whatcott's or mine


Correspondence with Mister X21 (French only)
Request for a review committee for Bill's flyer

2010-March-27; Religious and Philosophical newsletter

The Balance Of An Unbalanced Opinion


Correspondence with Ms. Kathleen Weil, Quebec Justice Minister


Got the answer from Father Berg of the FSSP


Publicity Insert


Added Section 6 to A Few Software Rules For This Web Site
Still more e-mails from Jason Ferenc


Added Section 2 and updated Section 4.4 of How To Write A Good E-Mail


"Elton John Risks Eternal Death" (for claiming Jesus Christ is a sodomite), based on Neal Horsley (Removed 2013-March-20 because it doesn't add much to the web site)


Modified (mostly by adding Section 5 and modifying 3 and 4) Say The Black, Do The Red, and sent to Father Berg


Correspondence with Mister X20 (French only)


Continued correspondence with Bruno Lagacé, and Gabriel Dumais


Error: "The Only Proof Is That There Is No Proof!"


What Is Truth?
Tried to make Legal Consideration #2 even more bloody obvious by putting my coordinates on a separate page.
Clarified the fundamental thesis of this web site.
Correspondence with Mr. Bruno Lagacé (French only).
Tightened a bit the rules in the Intellectual Joust! (bumped number of referees from 3 to 5, and added Rule 6.1.15.


THE Religion? Or THE Confusion?
Correspondence with Mr. Gabriel Dumais (French only)

2010-February-25; religious newsletter

Say The Black, Do The Red


Once again, I belabour the obvious Sociological Law Of Gravity


Correspondence with It's A Person.com


Oops, I had forgotten the 2nd most important computer accessory: The "Porta-Chapel"!. (for the Monk on the Move!) [2013-July-31: at that time, it was only a paragraph in Which Computer Should I Buy?. Several years later I'll break it out into a separate article.]


Updated Which Computer Should I Buy?
Added Various Computer Advice #12


Be afraid! Be very afraid! He's coming to QC!


Mister X11 asks that I reveal his name: Jason Ferenc
Mister X18 asks that our correspondence be censored, since he's afraid anti-Christian employers will find him with Google and refuse to hire him because he's pro-life.


Going Through All These Things Twice, by Robert Spencer.
A bit of housekeeping: started putting all intellectual property permissions in one file.


Updated Sections 4 and 5 of The Gross National Product And The Ten Commandments
Correspondence with Mr. Chris Martenson


Changed a bit The Cockroach's Soul (especially sections 5, 6 et 8)


Continued cordial correspondence with Mr. Albert Côté, who has a request to all readers of my site (see here). Basically he wants to know if people agree that I should start up another web site with the same vocation, but using a different approach. The correspondence is in French, but Albert is bilingual so you can contact him in English (his e-mail is here).


When A Scientist "Devolves" Lower Than A Monkey


I started this web site in January 2004, and pretty well finished saying what I had to say in December 2008. I don't expect to add much new material.

That doesn't mean this web site is dead, or that you shouldn't read it! It just means I've finished building my sword, and now I need to find a way to apply that sword to the neck of the Evil One (see also this picture and caption).
Silverlocks' Workshop
Machines à Coudre Réjean Bouffard

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