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The Balance Of An Unbalanced Opinion

Jan Vermeer van Delft. Woman with a balance.
(Jan Vermeer van Delft. Woman with a balance. Source)

1) Introduction

Sometimes, I'm mistaken because sin darkens my intelligence (see None More Blind Than He Who Doesn't Want To See). Sometimes, I'm mistaken because I base good reasonings on bad sources of information (see Help! I'm Being Held Prisoner By My Sources Of Information!). Sometimes, I'm mistaken, but I knew ahead of time that I could be mistaken, since I knew my position was based on arguments that were only probable, i.e. that my position was a simple opinion (see Section 3.2 of 100% of all religions are false ( 1%)).

In this article, I'll talk about the times when I'm not really wrong, even though I don't tell all the truth.

2) I know this, I don't know that

Man's life is brief, and the quest for truth is long and difficult. Therefore, it's quite normal that before obtaining all the truth, we will find only part of the truth.

Is it bad to assert just part of the truth? In other words, to have an "unbalanced" position? In my opinion, no, under the condition that we clearly say our position is unbalanced! Partial knowledge is not evil in itself. What is bad, is partial knowledge that doesn't realize (or that doesn't want to see) that it's merely partial.

In a way, Science is solidly established on this "balanced unbalance", in other words on the humble assertion of the bare facts when we know them, and the humble admission of ignorance, when we don't [Jn 9:25].

3) Conclusion

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will illuminate me, so I'll put on my web site hyperlinks to this article, everywhere I'll realize I'm only presenting part of reality!

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