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What Is Truth?

Quid est veritas?
"Quid est veritas?" [Jn 18:38]

1) Introduction

Most people have a pretty good idea of what truth is. For example, if you ask them: "Is it true that 2+2=4?", they will say "Yes", and not "What is truth?" or something like that. But Atheists and other people infected with Post-Modernism often say things like "Truth doesn't exist", or "Nobody knows what truth is", etc.

This small article is for such people. I will try to explain what truth is, and how to prove it exists. (Actually, this article is just a more violent version of Section 3.6 of The Philosopher's Glove.)

2) Do you doubt that truth exists?

Do you doubt that truth exists? In that case, please perform the following scientific experiment. Slap yourself five times, while counting out loud to make sure you don't miss any:

	SLAP! One!

	RE-SLAP! Two!

	And WHAPPP! Three!

	POW! Four!


Now, say out loud:

"I've just savagely slapped myself five times!"

There, you've just asserted a truth, following an observation of facts!

Truth = the triple identity of words, concept and reality.

In reality, you really did slap yourself five times. You also said exactly that with your own words. And inside your head you have the concept of "myself being savagely slapped five times". Those three things correspond perfectly. That is what is commonly called "a truth".

3) Conclusion

Should we be willing to die for truths like "2+2=4" or "I've just slapped myself five times"? That is not the point. The point is truth exists, and we can know it. That being established, we can then seek the truth about more important questions!

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