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Recent Additions in 2004

Note: Reverse chronological order (the more recent are toward the top).


The Birth-Control Pill: A Excellent Way Of Converting Pagans to Catholicism!


Should a Catholic Publicly Criticize Some Decisions Taken By His Superiors?

Various unimportant housekeeping details:
- Reorganization of the site to pull all non-HTML files out of "en" and "fr" folders.
- A Few Software Rules For This Web Site


Start of Interpretation Section, with TRAD macro.

2004-December-16 (Newsletter)

Formation to Christian Life (First Pastoral Letter of Cardinal Marc Ouellet)
1st Pastoral Letter of Cardinal Cram Telleuo
2nd Pastoral Letter of Cardinal Cram Telleuo


Do you speak Catholish?


Varia Section, with Software Engineering, including the Water-Computer project vision.


Please, Mr. Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Could You Leave Us One Parish?

2004-November-02 (Newsletter)

The Winnipeg Statement


What is Morality?


Three new arguments added to FAQ #6 (see bottom of file).


The Two Crutches Of Human Action: Law And Sanctions


Good Scouts Don't Have Values


Going to Heaven is Fun and Easy!


"To Act Well, We Just Need To Obey Our Conscience!"

2004-October-12 (Newsletter)

Please, Mr. Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Could You Prevent Some Of Your Subordinates From Killing My Family?

2004-October-10 (Newsletter)

The World-Famous Ethicist, And The Gravedigger Afflicted With Mongolism


The Catholic "Fundamentalist", and the Snow Shovel

2004-October-08 (Newsletter)

"Truth is what is useful to us now!"


FAQ #13) What can this web site do for you?
Spiderman vs. Atheist-Man

2004-October-05 (Newsletter)

A Twelve Step Program For Bishops (against pro-abortion politicians)


A Reading List for Pro-Choicers
The Cockroach's Soul
Abortion, and Ectopic Words
"Our Senses Deceive Us!"


Political articles that were written about twenty years ago, but which still seem relevant:

Aren't All Politicians Rotten?
Dirty Dishes and Clean Politics

2004-September-08 (Newsletter)

Homosexuality, or Heterostupidity?


The Mediatic Body of Christ

2004-August-27 (Newsletter)

How to Chase People Away From Jesus By Hugging Your Fridge


The "P-2865" Test


New Year's Resolutions: A Satanic Plot?


Update FAQ #11 What can I do to support this initiative?.


"All Philosophers Contradict Each Other!"


Minor update of the Legal Considerations (see #14 if you need cash!)

2004-August-05 (Newsletter)

The Sacrament of "Disevangelization"


Isn't believing in Science anti-scientific?

The Proofs of God's Existence: Some Preliminary Groundwork


The Catholic Church and Sex-Voodoo


Why Saint Thomas Aquinas?


Catholic Philosophers, What Have We Done With Our Baptism?


Henry Who? (About the Denzinger)


Concedo, Nego, Distinguo
FAQ for the Declaration of Common Ground (removed 2016-March-22)
Newsletters for the Declaration of Common Ground (removed 2016-March-22)


Who is the General of the Army of Mary?


Baptized without consent, or blinded unconsciously?


Updated the Imprimatur.


If Heaven is Unavoidable, Apostasy is Inevitable!


A defense of Philosophy against some arguments by Evangelical Christians


"Canonization Funerals"


Page with the most Recent Additions (you're on it!).


Abortion: Have We Done Our Homework? (Originally called "Abortion and Same-Sex Unions: Have We Done Our Homework?"


The Warmaker's Bifocals


Transubstantiation, or Trans-Protestantization?


"Should we leave our Bible in the closet when we go vote?" (Removed 2016-March-24)


Dear Agathe


The Diocesan Demolition Derby


[ILS] argues convincingly the necessity of toning down the attitude of the site, and especially its home page. We remove the sentence "We want a good and joyful inquisition in the Province of Quebec", and replace it with "The Church in Quebec should refocus itself on Jesus-Eucharist". On top of that, [ILS] goes home to pick up his digital camera during lunchtime, and wades knee-deep into snow (in his shoes!) to take SJJ's picture next to the statue of Saint Joan of Arc.


Red Tape, and the Blood of the Martyrs


Philosophy, General Science and a Door Opened to the True Religion
(Religion for Engineers, especially [WaC])


Visual overview of the situation

End of January 2004 to end of June 2004

The following texts were added, but we don't have specific dates. They are more or less ordered from the most recent to the oldest.

Electronic Petition, or Democratic Vandalism?
Papal Infallibility, and the Stupid Gods
The Quiet Revolution, and the Rowdy Pendulum
Excommunication, that Gesture of Love!
The Philosopher's Glove
100% of all religions are false ( 1%)

Open Letter to System Improvements, Inc.
Open Letter to the ACMQVQ
How to Condemn a Bad Work
The Pope's Challenge: Are you Catholic or Protestant?
The Immorality of Sexual Relations before Marriage


Official (well, as official as you can get for a web site!) approval of www.inquisition.ca by Monsignor Jean-Pierre Blais, less that 24 hours after having received our written request, of this version of the site.


www.inquisition.ca is on-line non-officially. It only contains roughly:

The FAQ (Less exhaustive than the current version)
1) You want to burn heretics and witches?
2) You agree with everything Popes have done throughout history?
3) Isn't it weird to believe everything the Catholic Church teaches?
4) What is a good inquisition?
5) What is a bad inquisition?
6) Couldn't you come up with a better word than "inquisition"?
7) Do we really need a good inquisition in the Province of Quebec?
8) How would this good inquisition proceed?
9) Why not just pray and be good Catholics?
10) How could an inquisition possibly be joyful?
11) What can I do to support this initiative?
12) What should I do if I disagree with this web site?

The list of Lost Sermons (without the sermons)
The Imprimatur (at that time only the request for it)
The Profession of Faith
The Directory of Sheep and Wolves (empty)
The full translation of the web site in French


SJJ makes presentation to [SK], [DPSC] and about six other people at the Rocher Institute, and announces he will start up a web site called www.inquisition.ca.

End of December 2003, start of January 2004

[RG] converts to Catholicism, and goes on a tear! He tells Stefan Jetchick (SJJ) about [DPSC], who knew about an upcoming 3-day meeting of the Rocher Institute on January 4th, 2004. SJJ, seeing he can't stay for more than a few hours at that meeting, writes up "How should we rebuild the Church today?" in a few hours.

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