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3) Isn't it weird to believe everything the Catholic Church teaches?


Another thing I often say tongue-in-cheek is that I've never met anybody who disagreed with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Strictly speaking, a prehistoric caveman cannot "disagree" with Quantum Mechanics, because he doesn't know Modern Physics. He can be prejudiced about Quantum Mechanics, or decide to have very strong negative emotions about Modern Physics, but he can't really disagree.

So far, all of the people I've met who claimed to disagree with the teachings of the Church turned out to be ill-informed.

Perhaps you're different, in which case I'd be most grateful if you could free me from my false beliefs. If God is dead, I want to be an Atheist. If God exists, and has founded a religion, but not the Catholic religion, then I want to change religions right away! As Socrates used to say: If there is falsehood in me, then I want a physician to come and heal me, even if the medication is painful.

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