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"Off-Site" List


Some objects belong to the "Escaping" list, but you can't "grab" these objects and stuff them in your packsack! For lack of a better name, I call them the "Off-Site" objects.

Bank account

Ideally, you have a certain amount of cash set aside, distributed between at least two different banks, that will let you live without a job for at least six months.


Ideally, you should have the following insurances:

1) Health Insurance. Here in Quebec, it's supplied by the State and paid for with our taxes, but in the USA and elsewhere things are more complicated.

2) Home Insurance (fire, theft, floods, etc.). To give you an idea, my home insurance costs me the equivalent of one pair of walking boots a year.

3) Disability Insurance. Something so your family won't have to go bankrupt if you can't care for yourself for periods longer than your cash reserves. To give you an idea, disability insurance costs me the equivalent of two aviation magazines a month.

4) If you're not a bachelor, Life Insurance. For your wife and kids, etc.

Backup copies

You data should be copied on several USB memory sticks or CD-ROMs (in case your hard drive crashes), but you also need an "off-site" copy, in case your dwelling is destroyed. My "off-site" copy is just 2 USB memory sticks in my wallet. Since I also have copies in my appartment, that means if my appartment burns down, I have copies in my wallet, and if I get mugged, I have copies in my appartment. (But if I get mugged by a pyromaniac, then I have a problem! ;-)

Of course, these copies are useless if not kept up-to-date! Also, it's probably preferable to encrypt your data and to keep the password in a safe place.

Your backup copies should contain, among others:

- Scanned pictures of your important papers (passport, birth certificate, documents related to your insurance policies, etc.).

- If you use Microsoft Outlook or an equivalent, the exported file containing your e-mail address book, your appointments, your to-do lists, etc.

- Your Internet bookmarks (most browsers let you export all your bookmarks in a file).


Your will at your notary's office.

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