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General structure of the Kit

Figure 1: Overview of the structure
Figure 1: Overview of the structure

1) Overview of the  "nested circles" structure

The "Bachelor's Kit" is organized as a kind of series of nested circles. Each circle represents a subset of the material objects owned by the Bachelor. Normally, each subset has its own specific container.

Also, the subsets are ordered in decreasing order of importance, materially speaking. This doesn't mean that contemplating is less important than being properly dressed to go outside in the wintertime! It's just that if an emergency occurs, you'll be willing to lose your good Philosophy and Theology books before your sleeping bag and mattress, and you'll be willing to lose your sleeping bag and mattress before your passport and credit card, etc.

(The expression "nested circle" is just a metaphor. You could call them "Preparedness Levels" or "Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3", etc.)

2) More details on each "nested circle"

The actual contents of each "nested circle" are given in the exhaustive lists. Here I just explain roughly what each "nested circle" is used for.

2.1) Escaping

This is just a little daypack with an urban variation of what mountaineers call "The Ten Essentials". If the smoke detector wakes you up in the middle of the night, this is what you grab before heading calmly outside.

Some contents:

- important papers (passport, credit card, etc.);
- flashlight;
- some extra clothing;
- backup copy of all of your computer data;
- etc.

2.2) Camping

This is a large backpack with what you would need to live in the woods for a few days. This is what you would assemble if you had more than 30 seconds, but less than 30 minutes to abandon your apartment. An "urban" variation of this is used when traveling, for example to visit relatives, or when you start a job in a new city before you've moved your stuff into your new apartment.

Some contents:

- All the contents of the "Escaping" circle;
- inflatable mattress and sleeping bag;
- full suite of outdoor clothing;
- human-powered mobility devices (bike, dolly, backpack);
- etc.

2.3) Living

This is the normal stuff you'll find in an uncluttered apartment.


- All the contents of the "Camping" circle;
- bed, chair, microwave;
- ordinary clothes;
- etc.

2.4) Working

This is what you need to earn a living. If you are a radio show host, then this circle is pretty well empty (your "tool" is your voice). If you are an electrician, than this could be a van full of equipment, and so on.

2.5) Contemplating

Normally there shouldn't be anything in this circle, so it's mostly here to remind ourselves of why we even bother with material belongings in the first place.

Personally, I currently include a bookcase of Philosophy and Theology books in this category, but eventually all those books should be available in electronic format (and therefore not take any more place than my computer).

3) How to dynamically reconfigure this structure

In a fluid and unpredictable situation, the precise borders of this various "nested circles" can of course change. We then have to adapt, while keeping in mind what some authors call the "Rule of Three Moments" for survival priorities: we can indeed live approximately three seconds without situational awareness, three minutes without air, three hours without warmth, three days without water, three weeks without food, etc.

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